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If your heart stops beating

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What will happen to Frankie??

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(Gerard's POV)

When I saw him in front of me my jaw dropped. I moved closer to his bed to see a lifeless Frank lying there, so pale and looked so unwell. When I touched his cheek it was really cold, I moved his hair back and looked at his face. His face was still beautiful but there was no colour in his skin.

Mom and Mikey walked over to me and gave me a worried look, I was so shocked and scared at how he looked. He wasn’t moving or anything so I checked to see if he was breathing.

Before I had the chance a doctor came into the room with a sad expression, I could tell this wasn’t going to be good news. He moved towards us and told us to take a seat. As we did I could feel a lump form in my throat, it was hard to breath and tears were forming in my eyes, I now knew that this was going to be serious.

“Hi, I’m Dr Adams and unfortunately I have some bad news for you,” He spoke calmly to the three of us as I started to get more worried.

“Is he going to be ok?” My mom questioned.

“Well, we can’t be sure for now, as he is in a coma and...”

“W..what, b..b but he was j...just fine the other day and and,” I couldn’t finish as tears started to full down my face, I whipped them away with my sleeve looking down.

“I’m sorry but he unfortunately is . we scanned his head and found that he is bleeding in his brain, due to the violent attack he was in. He has to be operated on immediately, but there is still only a 50% 50% chance that he could live or die.”

“What?” I shouted in shock, now with tears gushing down my cheeks, this can’t be happening?

“I’m really sorry, but all we can do is operate, and it’s really important we do straight away.” he said looking at me then at my mom. “No one can be sure when or if he will wake up.”

I cried into my arms and tucked my head away, I didn’t want to hear this, I didn’t want it to be true. This can’t be happening to Frankie, after the surgery on his stomach he was getting better, how can this be?

I was so upset and mixed with thoughts, I didn’t notice the doctor had left. Suddenly I felt a hand on my back, rubbing up and down soothingly, I looked up to see my mom with a tear stained face.

I leapt into her arms and hugged her tight, Mikey was standing behind her with the same expression and sadness in his face too. I flung my arms around him as well; we were all standing together hugging each other tightly, crying, and whispering to one another that everything would be ok.

We all took a look at Frankie ,hoping that we could all see his healthier form again. I walked over to him to see him . It was still so strange that this was happening; he looked so ill and lifeless already.

“I love you,” I whispered into his ear, then placing a soft kiss to his forehead. I know the odds of him hearing me were nil, but I had to say it.

I couldn’t control myself anymore, as tears came running down my face again faster than ever, how can I pretend to act like everything will be ok, when inside I’m dying, I’ve missed him so much already with him being here and now I have the nightmare of him possibly gone forever.

Mom and Mikey came to lead me away from the bed, I didn’t want to leave him but I knew that I had to. Then the nurses came in and took him away.


We stayed and waited for the operation to be over, Mikey and Mom suggested that I have something to eat and drink, I had a coffee, but I just couldn’t eat a thing.

I didn’t want to do anything, all I wanted to do was go and hug Frankie, tell him I love him, he just has to be ok. I told him that I wouldn’t let anything happen to him and that I would be there for him, I need to be here, I can’t let him down, if anything happened to him I don’t know what I would do.

We waited in the hospital for 6 hours, Mikey was pacing up and down with a worried expression all over his face, and my mom was flicking through magazines and slinging them down trying to pass the time. I was just sitting there looking at my cold coffee in my hands, not knowing what to do, every minute felt like an hour. The time went so slow, my mind was filled with thoughts of Frankie, how I lost him and then he came back into my life, and made it worth living. What if I lose him again?

Just then, Dr Adams came in; we rushed over to him hoping to hear good news.

“What’s the news Doc? Please tell me it’s good?” My mom questioned franticly.

“Well, it’s good and bad,” he spoke. “The operation was successful and he is no longer bleeding, but he hasn’t woken up, and only time will tell when or if he does,” he said with a sympathetic tone to his voice.

“What? b..but, h..he,” I stuttered unable to get my words out. “But if that’s w...what caused his coma shouldn’t h...he wake up,” I said as my lips started to quiver.

“Not always, I’m sorry but there’s nothing else we can do now, it’s down to Frank to wake up,” he said looking at the three of us.

I saw my Mom start to tear up and Mikey doing the same beside me, I tried to stay strong but how can I. Floods of tears came down once again as the Doctor led us into Frankie’s room.

“We will take good care of him, and of course you are welcome to see him whenever you want and talk to him as much as you can,” he said.

“But will he hear us?” I quickly said.

“Well, you just never know in these situations.” He replies.“Again, I’m ever so sorry Mrs Way,” he said then left the room.

“Gerard, they did the best they can and the surgery was successful, I’m sure Frank will wake up,” Mikey said doing his best to force a smile.

I looked over to Frankie then over to Mikey, “What if he doesn’t?” I gulped.

Mikey looked at me and gave me an apologetic look, before grabbing me around my waist into a cosy embrace, I lay my head on his shoulder as my tears rolled down and dropped onto his jumper.
He pulled back and stood up; Mom came over and gave us both a hug, soaking our tops in her tears as we did the same.

“Gerard, I know this is hard but we have to think positive,” My Mom said as she took me by the shoulders, she wiped my tears away and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “We just have to hope for the best, I know Frankie wouldn’t want you to be like this,” She said trying her best to give me a comforting smile.

“I will try mom,” I sniffled as she got her coat on.

“Are we going?” Mikey questioned, looking up at our Mom.

“I think it’s best if we do, it’s really late, and I think we should all get some sleep,”

I was about to question this but then I looked over at Frankie, I knew it was the right thing to do, even though I wanted to stay here with Frankie, I knew it would make me feel better if I got some sleep and stopped worrying for that short period of time. I walked over to Frankie and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you Frankie, please wake up soon,” I said looking at his lifeless body. “I need you,” I whispered, brushing my fingers on his cheek, and then leaving the room with Mikey and Mom.


I had been to see Frankie, everyday all week, and had talked to him as much as I could, just like the doctor had said. Though he still hasn’t woken up, I had gotten more worried, we all have. He had started to grow a bit of stubble and looked a little less pale, though just seeing him like that, no life, no smile, nothing.

I didn’t go to school all last week, and these last two days I couldn’t step foot in the hospital either. Seeing Franks lifeless form, limp arms and...stop it Gerard. I’ve got to stop thinking about him like that. I need to think of the healthy, happy Frank, I have to believe he can make it.

When the Doctor said it was up to Frankie, my Frankie. I just collapsed in tears, just like how I am now. Squished into the pillows on my bed. He has to make it, I couldn’t live without him, he has made my life worth living. Frank has made my life more meaningful and happy. I don’t know how I could manage without him.
Frankie doesn’t deserve this, after everything he has been through and now this, when he was just starting to get used to this life and being happy when he was settling in, into his life, our life.

Now he is in there, I feel so bad for not being there but I don’t know if I have the strength to face him, in his state and in mine. I don’t want to be bursting into tears when he wakes up, but I know that I need to see him, I can’t stay here like an emotional wreck.
I have to be strong for Frank; I need to be there when he does...if he does wake up.

No stop that Gerard, Man. He will make it, this cannot happen to Frankie he needs me and I need him.

Mikey and Mom have been with me, comforting me, I know they are upset about Frank, but nowhere as near as me. Mikey has been having a couple of days off school like me, but for now I just need to be alone. I need to think positive, and I need to think of Frankie in his healthier form. He will be like that soon. He just has to.

I buried my head and tried not think about it too much, but it was just so hard. I just want Frankie with me, to hold him and never let him go. I wanted to know that he would be ok. I snuggled into the quilt and turned my bedside lamp off.
I fluffed my pillow and came across Frankie’s teddy. I remember when I put that there ages ago when he left. I remember the night I cried like this, but that can’t compare to how I feel now. It had been there all this time, I can’t believe I completely forgotten about it.

I need to go see Frank, it’s been two days now I have to be strong and face him, it’s hard, but it’s something I have to do, for Frankie and for me.

I held onto his teddy, which gave me a little comfort. I wish I had given him this earlier when I was sure that he wasn’t going to d... no I can’t say that. He won’t, he just can’t. I just wish I had remembered to give this to him before. I’m going to take this to him tomorrow, I defiantly will. I thought determinedly.

I just wish this was all a nightmare and he was here with me now, but things like that don’t happen to people like me.

A/N: PS: thanks again, and i know it's depressing, but at least i wasn't cruel enough to leave you with a clifhanger again XD There will be more good stuff to come :) and for Frankie well.......more next time XD hehe
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