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"The Search"

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One of the ONLY pov chapters of this story.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-01-21 - Updated: 2011-01-22 - 569 words

Mikey fell to the floor, crying. Kerri tried to comfort him while I hugged Natalie. I was in shock. Ray and Chloe went off in the woods to try to find him. Mikey checked all security and the city. I went alone to the highway. Natalie and Kerri stayed in the kitchen with the staff incase of another buglary. Frank tried all the roads. I slammed on the gas when I saw Gee in the back of someone's car. I tried to follow them, but they were fast.

Frank POV-
I saw Charlotte racing after a car, but I didnt chase them. I honestly didnt have enough gas. So I got out of my car and sprinted through every store until my lungs hurt. I didnt find him and it sucked. I called everyone, with no answer. This started to get freaky.

Chloe POV-
Ray kept his arms around me the whole time. I felt kind of protected. We yelled for his name. Ofcourse, no answer. I sighed loudly. This was getting boring and I could tell Ray felt the same way. I looked up and it was turning night. "Shit" I said, not gazing away from the sky. All of a sudden, Ray took his arms off me. When I looked over at him, he was gone. I looked around and saw a mugger. Before I could scream, I blacked out.

Mikey POV-
I saw some guy driving a blue car with black body bags in the back. As strange as that was, I couldnt find the strength to run after it. It was probably a deer or something. I ran back to the Olive Garden to check in on Kerri and Natalie. Thankfully, they were safe. I embraced them into a hug, hoping they wouldnt cry at the fact that I didnt find anything. To my suprise, neither did anyone else and they werent crying. I tried calling Chloe and Ray, but no answer. I assumed they didnt get any service in the woods. Frank came in sweating like a pig. We got him some water and we sat down at a booth. He tried calling Charlotte, but she left her phone here by accident.

Charlotte POV-
The cops werent chasing us. It was Halloween and they were probably all drunk. The car sped towards the woods and I couldnt see them. I've had enough of this I thought. So, I hoped outta the car. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?!" I yelled. I turned around quickly, hearing a noise coming from a bush. My good friend Tyson Ritter came out. "What are you doing out here late at night? Don't you know muggers come out this time?" he said scarily. "Oh uh..trying to find Gee." I said, taking a step back. "Oh you dont have to worry about that..he's in good hands" Tyson replied, smirking evily. "What do you know about his disappearence? I replied, backing against my car. "Only that I know where he is, and that he is the reason for Addie's death." he replied, getting closer. I gulped as my head started to hurt. I started seeing things about Addie and Gee, in some sort of chamber. My vision started to get blurry. When I looked up at Tyson, it was obvious he could see my pain. "So long and goodnight sweetheart." he said, tying me up as I passed out.
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