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Mikey and Liz have evening plans.

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Liz stood in the kitchen staring at the calendar. One week. In one week she would become Mrs. Mikey Way. How had the time gone so fast? It seemed like it was just yesterday Mikey was in front of her on one knee, asking her to marry him. And now, the wedding was next Friday.

Everything was finished. They had flowers that were going to be delivered to the church early Friday, and Emily and Christa were going to make sure they were put where they needed to be. Jamia and Katlin were going to be at the reception hall to set things up before the wedding. They were going to put the favors on the tables and the names on the first two tables.

Her job that day was to relax and get ready to be married.

She was still staring at the calendar when two arms wrapped around her from behind. “One week.”

She smiled and leaned back into Mikey’s chest. “I know. I still can’t believe it’s here already.”

“You aren’t getting cold feet are you?”

Liz turned around in Mikey’s arms and wrapped hers around his neck. “Of course not. I can’t wait to become Mrs. Mikey Way.”

He smiled at her and leaned down to give her a passionate kiss. Things started to heat up and Mikey walked them back to the counter and lifted Liz up onto it, all without breaking the kiss. She ran her hands through his hair and let her hand start to travel down to his shirt.


Liz tore her lips away from Mikey and looked over his shoulder to see Gerard standing there with his hand over his eyes. She chuckled.

“You can look Gee, no one’s naked.”

Gerard shifted his fingers so he could see through them, and then lowered his hand. “I still don’t need to see my little brother in certain positions, if you know what I mean.”

Liz’s mouth dropped open and Gerard started to laugh. She reached over to grab a pot holder and threw it at his head.

“Hey, be careful huh? I’m sensitive.”

“Ha ha, Gee you’re so funny.”

Liz looked over to see Emily walk into the kitchen. Tonight was Liz’s bachelorette party and Mikey’s bachelor party. Liz had finished getting ready before Emily so she’d been waiting downstairs for her.

“Wow,” Emily said, looking at Liz. “You and Mikey got into a pretty heated make out session didn’t you?”

Liz furrowed her eyebrows. “How’d you know?”

Emily pointed at Mikey. “Because he’s wearing your lipstick.”

Mikey ran over to the mirror in the kitchen. “Aww man,” he said, wiping at his mouth, trying to remove all the pink tint from his lips. Liz and Emily just laughed at him and Liz jumped off the counter.

“Let’s go Em. I’ll re-apply my lipstick in the car. You boys behave tonight. Oh, and enjoy your strippers.” Liz winked and blew a kiss at Mikey before running out the door with Emily.


“You guys are the best friends ever. I love you all.”

Liz was sitting in the back of a limo with Emily, Christa, Jamia, and Katlin. They had just left their last club and were on their way to take everyone home. The bachelorette party had been a smash. First they’d gone to Jamia’s house where they played games and opened presents. Liz had gotten so much lingerie she could wear something new for every day of her honeymoon and still not have used everything.

Then the male stripper arrived and provided some entertainment for an hour, making sure to give Liz a special lap dance. After he left, the night of club hopping and drinking had begun. It had all been a whirlwind and Liz was drunk and tired. She’d had fun, but she was ready to go home to Mikey.

Liz opened her eyes to realize that only she and Emily were left in the limo.

“Where’d everyone go?” she slurred.

“We dropped them off already sweetie. You sorta passed out.”

“Aww, I didn’t get to say goodbye to them. Or thank them. Or hug them.”

Emily laughed at her. “I forget how affectionate you are when you’re drunk.”

Liz just smiled and laid her head back against the seat. They arrived home a short time later. Emily helped Liz out of the car, tipped the limo driver and thanked him for the night. Liz just leaned against Emily as they walked up to the house. When they opened the door, they noticed the living room light was on, but nothing else.

“MMM, where’s Mikey? Gee’s car was out front so I know they’re home.”

“They’re probably upstairs. Let me help you.”

Liz shook her head. “No, I’m ok.”

Emily just looked at her. “Are you sure?”

Liz nodded. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Thank you for tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yup. Night soon-to-be Mrs. Way.”

Liz smiled and made her way, very slowly, up the stairs. When she finally reached the top, she stood there and looked around, clearing her mind slightly so she could get to her room.

She started walking down the hallway to the first door, quietly opening the door as she did. She saw Mikey laying in the bed asleep and walked in, closing the door behind her. She took off her jeans, shirt and bra and pulled one of his shirts out of a drawer and put it on.

She was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. She crawled onto the bed and curled up next to Mikey. She felt him pull her close to him.

“Did you have a good night?”

“MMM, I did, but I missed you.”

“I missed you too baby.”

She smiled and snuggled closer to him, drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

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