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Christa speaks to Anna about her desire to strengthen their bond.

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Anna quietly slipped from the bed then stood a moment looking down at Gerard. Moonlight spilled through the windows and she smiled looking down on his face. In sleep he looked so peaceful and she longed to brush the hair from his eyes but she kept herself from reaching out. He needed his sleep but she on the other hand needed to think. She watched a moment to make sure he was still asleep then crept from the room.

Without bothering to slip on shoes she walked out the door of their cabin and stood a moment listening to the sounds of the night. Even at this late hour the lights of the town below them were still shown brightly through the canopy of trees but the streets had become quiet. She walked down the stairs and moved towards the line of pine trees. Claire’s news today was still fresh in her mind and she just wanted to sit alone and think. Moving further down the hill into the trees she found a spot and sat down. From here she knew she was not visible from any of the cabins.
Anna sat crossed legged on the ground near the base of a large pine tree. She loved the smell of the tree and the mountain air. Her soul had missed Colorado. With her eyes closed she took a deep breath then sighed. She knew immediately she was not alone.


“Hello, Christa.” She said opening her eyes.

Christa took a few steps closer. “I saw you come out of your cabin and head this way. I was wondering if we could talk.”

Anna smiled, “Of course. But why are you awake at this hour?”

Christa lowered herself to the ground next to Anna, “Couldn’t sleep and Ray is snoring.”

“Is something troubling you?”

“Well not really troubling but I did want to speak to you alone.”

Anna turned her body slightly to face Christa then waited.

“Uh I talked to Claire earlier when we were in town.”

“She shared with you that she is concerned about me?”

“Yeah and I understood how she feels.” Christa absently picked up a pine needle and rolled it between her fingers, “I mean so many things have changed so quickly in her life and she’s just afraid that she will lose the closeness that you two share.”

“That will never happen. Just because she can not always be at my side does not mean we will lose our closeness. I believe the pregnancy has caused her emotions to fluctuate.”

Christa nodded, “Oh for sure it has. I get that is part of why she’s so worried.” She looked down, “But I told not to worry because I would be honored if I could handle some of the things she has done for you in the past.”

Anna sighed, “I can handle these things for myself.”

“But you really aren’t supposed to, are you? Claire explained the situation about you being the child of a Pure to me.”

“Thank you for offering but I can handle things.’ Anna said softly.

Christa looked up, “Don’t you trust me?”

The question surprised Anna, “Of course I trust you but you have a life of your own that does not need to be complicated by me.”

“I don’t look at it like that at all. Anna, I cherish the fact you have let me into your world. Since you allowed me into that world I have given it a lot of thought. I believe the Healers and mortals were meant to live together but that jealousy on the part of mortals ruined that chance.”


“Yes, we mortals were jealous of all the Healers possess. Not just the immortality but all of your gifts. I believe that jealousy caused the mortals to vilify the Healers.”

Anna smiled sadly, “Yes, once Healers became the vampire myth.”

Christa nodded, “Yes but I understand this and I am so honored to be one of those who knows the truth. I want to help you if I can. I was able to spot the Healer’s mark in a window downtown.” She said with pride then continued on to explain to Anna how Claire had told her about the marking and how she’d felt something when her eyes had fallen on the mark.

Anna lowered her head a moment lost in thought. Finally she spoke, “You do have a unique gift.”

Christa smiled, “I really want to do this Anna.” She paused then added softly, “But I do understand that our bond needs to be stronger.”

“Christa I think perhaps it would be best to leave things between us as they are.”

Disappointment flooded Christa, “Oh okay.”

Anna heard that disappointment in her voice, “Why do you want to complicate your life like this?”

“Because I care about you.” Christa said honestly, “I would trust you with my life and there really aren’t a whole lot of people I can honestly say that about. I just know in my heart we are going to be friends for the rest of my life and if during that time I could help you it would make me feel special.”

“You are already a very special woman.” Anna said softly.

Christa shrugged, “Not really. I’m actually pretty normal but being part of your world has made me feel special.”

Anna sat quietly considering Christa’s words.

Christa continued to plead her case, “And it would help lessen Claire’s concerns. With all that has changed in her life and a baby on the way I really believe if you allow me to do this it will help her too.”

“You understand what strengthening our bond means?’ Anna questioned.

Christa nodded, “Yes I understand and it is what I want. I want to be able to be able to gauge your moods and anticipate your needs.”

“And can you say from deep in your heart that what I am does not frighten you?” Anna watched her closely in the moonlight.

“I am not frightened of you. I know you are good.”

“But you have witnessed first hand how difficult the bond can be for humans. You have seen how Claire struggles even now with her feelings about me. She is married to a man she loves and is going to be a mother yet still the bond she and I share calls to her. Why would you want to subject yourself to the same thing?”

Christa thought a moment before answering, “Because it just feels right. I feel like it is what I should do. I can’t explain it any more than that.”

“We already share a bond is it not enough?”

Christa shook her head, “I know it can be much stronger. Claire and I discussed how if the bond was made stronger I would easily recognize your kind. I want to walk through this world with my eyes open seeing all that is there.”

Anna laughed softly, “So you and Claire discussed that too?”

“I told her I wanted to do this for you and for her.”

Anna turned her attention back to the lights of town twinkling through the trees while considering Christa’s words.

“Anna, please.” Christa said softy, “I truly want this. When we bonded it was such an incredible feeling. I felt more alive then I’ve ever felt.”

“A dead woman makes you feel alive.” Anna whispered sadly.

Christa moved slightly closer to her, “No, please don’t ever call yourself that. That is wrong. You have so much life and goodness in you.”

“There is also darkness.” Anna said without turning.

“Everyone has some darkness.”

“You need to consider this.” Anna said softly, “You need to understand the stronger the bond the more you are pulled into my world and what you will see.”

“I want to be pulled into your world.” Christa said. She reached out and touched Anna’s arm, “I have thought about it.”

Anna turned to face her. “I just do not understand why.”

“Because for some reason I can’t explain it just feels right. Like all my life I knew there was so much more in the world that I didn’t understand but felt was there. I want this, Anna.”

“You should consider this further.”

“I can think about it for days but I know my feelings won’t change. Please Anna I won’t disappoint you.”

“Disappoint me?" Anna repeated in surprise, “I never thought that you would. My reluctance to do this is because I care about you.”

“And I care about you.” Christa whispered.

Anna reached out and touched her cheek gently. “You remember how you reacted before?”

A light blush covered Christa’s cheeks. “Yes.”

“And you do not regret that?”

“At first I was shocked but I realized that when I kissed you it was simply out of the love I felt for you. That love doesn’t change how I feel about Ray or anyone else in my life.” She paused, “But it is a feeling that I know isn’t wrong and it belongs only to me.”

Still Anna resisted.

“Please, let me do this for you and Claire….and for myself.” She spoke the words from deep within her heart.

Anna stared into her eyes, “Then come.” She beckoned softly.

Christa scooted over so that she and Anna were sitting looking directly into each other’s eyes. Around them the sounds of the night filled the air and a cool breeze caressed their bodies.

“You are sure?” Anna whispered as her fingertips caressed Christa’s cheek.

“Very sure.” Christa whispered.

“I wish you to take from me first.” Anna said.

Christa nodded.

Slowly Anna raised her arm and bit into the skin above her wrist. She heard the sharp intake of breath from Christa. She tapped into her emotions and felt her excitement building. As the blood beaded to the surface she held out her arm.

Christa gently reached out and smiled before lowering her lips to the wound. As Anna’s blood filled her mouth she felt her whole body respond. Her mind and senses immediately became heightened. What she realized made her pause.

“Do not be concerned.” Anna whispered. She too knew that Gerard was standing not far from them.

Christa continued on letting Anna’s blood nourish her body and soul. When Anna finally pulled her arm away she cried out softly not wanting the feeling to end.

Anna licked her arm to stop the flow of blood then smiled. Christa’s eyes were wide and her heart was racing. She moved into Anna’s arms and kissed her neck.

Brushing back Christa’s hair Anna dropped a light kiss on her shoulder then moved her lips up Christa’s neck. Christa clung to her in anticipation. As Anna sank her fangs into her skin Christa moaned loudly while she caressed Anna’s back trying to pull her even closer.

Anna drank from Christa taking her time enjoying what the woman had willingly offered her. Her own arms encircled Christa’s body gently caressing her back. When it was time to stop she did so reluctantly. Christa’s blood held a special essence that Anna did not understand but that called to her. Quickly she licked the wound then kissed the spot before sitting back.

Christa’s heart was still racing. She looked into Anna’s eyes and as before could not stop herself from pressing her lips to Anna’s. The kiss was pure. She then laid her head on Anna’s shoulder as Anna held her tightly.

“You should go back now.” Anna whispered softly in her ear.

Christa nodded, “Yes.” She started to stand but stopped, “Thank you.”

“Thank you.” Anna said gently. “Sleep well.”

Gerard stood still shielded by a tree as Christa walked by. He then turned back to see that Anna had once again gone back to looking down at the town.

“I feel your excitement.” Anna said without turning.

Gerard moved from behind the tree walking slowly towards her. “You knew I was there the whole time?”

“Of course. Once Christa took my blood she felt it too.”

“Oh.” He stood looking down at Anna. “I woke up because you were gone.” He tried to think but right now desire was washing over him in waves. Watching Anna and Christa together had ignited overwhelming lust he was trying to hide.

Anna could feel that lust because she too felt it. As Gerard’s eyes grew wide she pulled off her gown then laid her nude body down on the cold, hard ground littered with pine needles. She felt no discomfort other than the heat of desire that needed to be quenched.

Gerard licked his lips as his eyes roamed every inch of her body. The moonlight cast an eerie glow making it seem like they had suddenly entered another world.

“Gee, I need.” Anna called out to him as her hands came up to cup her breasts.

He quickly pushed down his sweat pants and fell to the ground beside her. “I need too, Sugar.’ He said before his lips crashed down on hers. When his tongue teased her lips and they opened he felt her still extended fangs and he lost control. Moving his body over hers he looked down into her eyes. In the darkness they flashed and he moaned.

“Oh Sugar, I want you so much.”

“I am yours.” Anna said softly. “All I have I give to you.”

Gerard lowered his lips to hers as he thrust inside her. “I love you.” He whispered against her lips. “Always.”
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