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The Urge

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Christa is eager to learn more about the Healers world.

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Gerard woke up slowly and stretched his body. Suddenly his nose twitched as the aroma of coffee and bacon filled the air. He stumbled out of bed and once out of the bedroom saw Anna standing in their small kitchenette. She spoke to him without turning.

“Good morning, Gee.”

He walked over and smiled, “You're making breakfast for me?”

Anna laughed, “I do know how to cook. However it has been some time since I have done this.” She said as she used the fork to flip the bacon in the pan.

Gerard inhaled deeply, “Man that smells good.”

“The coffee is ready.” Anna told him.

He moved to the small coffee pot and poured two mugs setting one down on the counter beside her.

“Thank you.” Anna smiled, “The bacon is almost done.”

He took a sip of coffee, “So where’d you get the supplies?"

“There is a small store not far from here. I had gone intending on buying donuts for you but once there I suddenly got the urge to make you a proper breakfast.”

He looked at her closely, “You got the urge.”

Anna smiled, “Yes, being back in Colorado has brought back many memories from my girlhood. Mama let me make breakfast often.” She explained as she lifted the slices of bacon from the pan to a plate she had covered with a paper towel to absorb some of the grease.

Gerard snagged a slice of bacon before she could stop him.

“Gee, not yet. I have to make your eggs first.”

He laughed, “Sorry.”

Anna sat the plate down then as Gerard watched she spooned some of the grease from the pan leaving a small amount. Then she cracked open two eggs carefully placing them in the same pan.

“Grandma always cooked eggs in the bacon grease too.” He remembered.

Anna nodded, “This is how we did it back home.”

A knock on the door halted their conversation.

Gerard opened it to see his brother smiling.

‘Man, you can smell whatever Anna is cooking all the way down at our cabin.”

Gerard laughed as he stood back to let Mikey enter.

“Hey, Mikey.” Anna greeted him warmly. “Are you hungry?"

Mikey sat down at the small kitchen table. “Yeah, if you’ve got enough.”

Anna smiled and lied, “I have been up for hours and have already eaten so there is plenty unless your brother keeps eating the bacon before the eggs are done. How would you like yours?”

“Sunny side up.” Mikey grinned as Gerard set a cup of coffee before him.

“So what’s up?’ Gerard asked.

“This mountain air made me sleep like a log but I got up and my lazy wife won’t budge from bed so I thought I’d come talk to you.”

Anna placed the plate of eggs on the table. Then she retrieved the bacon and toast. “Enjoy.” She said.

“Sure I’m not taking your breakfast?” Mikey asked.

“I am sure.” Anna responded. “Now, while you two enjoy breakfast I am going to walk over and talk to your lazy wife.” She had sensed that Mikey wanted to talk to Gerard alone.

“Good.” Mikey said grabbing a few slices of bacon and setting them on his plate. “It’s time she gets up. Don’t forget we’re all supposed to go to Cave of the Winds this morning.” It was a plan they had discussed over dinner last night.

Anna nodded then teased, “Should I say you told me it was time for your lazy wife to get up?”

“Uh, you can leave the lazy part out.” Mikey grinned.

Anna grabbed her sweater and hat before leaving the cabin then made her way through the trees towards Mikey and Alicia’s place. She was almost there when she saw Christa walking towards her.

“Good morning.” Christa greeted her happily.

Anna saw that Christa’s cheeks were still rosy and her spirits high from last night. “Good morning.” Anna answered. “You are up early.”

Christa grinned, “I just couldn’t sleep last night.” She gave Anna a knowing look, “Too much energy but Ray definitely didn’t mind.”

Anna laughed, “Do not wear the poor man out.”

“Oh I’m sure he wouldn’t mind being worn out that way.” Christa laughed. “God, Anna I feel so good thing morning. Like I can take on the world.”

Anna moved closer and lowered her voice, “Yes but you know that will pass.”

Christa nodded, “Yeah, I know.” She wanted to share something that had happened this morning. “I got up a few hours ago just when dawn was breaking and walked down into town. As I walked along a man passed me and Anna…” She lowered her voice, “I just knew and I could tell he knew the same thing about me. He met my eyes and nodded slightly.”

Anna realized she must make sure that Christa realized something. “You must be careful. Just because you meet another bonded one or a Healer does not mean that person is trustworthy. Just as with humans they can be deceiving.”

“Oh I know.” Christa nodded. “I was just excited I could recognize he was different.”

Anna hoped she truly understood.

“Oh and I saw Claire this morning. She was sitting out on her porch and we talked. She’s very happy you are allowing me to do this.”

“Allowing seems the wrong word.” Anna said softly. “It is I who should thank you.”

Christa linked arms with her. “Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

Anna tried not to laugh at Christa euphoria. “It is cloudy and will rain soon.”

Nothing could bring down Christa’s mood, “Yes but you can smell the rain coming and it’s wonderful.”

Anna giggled softly, “No we can smell the rain. As of yet the others can not.”

Christa titled her head, “Really?”

“Heightened sense of smell.” Anna explained.

“Well I love it.” Christa grinned. “So where are you going?”

“To wake up Alicia. Mikey is having breakfast with Gee at our cabin.”

“Oh can I come too?” Christa asked.

“Of course.” Anna answered enjoying the feeling of friendship she shared with Christa.

Mikey took a bit of bacon and sighed, “Man this is good. Wish my wife would get up and make me breakfast.”

Gerard grinned, “Yeah I’m fuckin’ lucky to have Anna.”

“So have you guys made any plans for the time off?”

Taking a sip of coffee Gerard decided to tell Mikey his plan even though he hadn’t discussed it with Anna yet. “I want to go and meet her uncle.”

“Oh, where’s he live?” Mikey asked.

“Vermont.” Gerard answered.

“How come you want to do that?”

“He is Anna’s only living relative.” Gerard answered realizing in a way that was the truth, “And you know they’ve had some arguments lately. I know that bothers Anna so I was thinking maybe I could help smooth things over.”

Mikey took a sip of his coffee then asked, “Gonna tell him you want to marry Anna?"

That was precisely what Gerard wanted to do. He knew they had to get permission to marry and he wanted to get the process started. “Yeah”

Mikey took a bit of toast then sat back, “You know I have to admit at first I was worried that you and Anna were moving too fast but the more I see you two together I just know you are right for each other.”

“Nothing in my life has ever been more right then being with her.” Gerard said softly. “She saved my life.”

Mikey believed he understood, “Yeah, you had become pretty lost.”

Gerard smiled and nodded.

Mikey had left the door open so Christa and Anna went inside without knocking. Alicia was still in bed. The looked at each other then both went in and sat down on the bed one on each side of the sleeping woman.

“Alicia” Christa whispered, “Time to get up.”

Anna giggled, “Wake up.”

Alicia opened one eyes, “Go away.”

Both women laughed, “Nope, we’re here to get you out of bed.” Christa said. “Daylight is burning.”

“I’m tired.” Alicia whined. “I couldn’t sleep last night. Too many people wandering around in the dark.”

“What?’ Anna asked casting a quick glance in Christa’s direction.

Alicia opened her other eye slowly, “I tried to sleep but couldn’t. So I sat on the porch and I saw you guys and Gee wandering around. What the hell we’re you doing?”

Christa answered quickly, ‘Oh Anna and I were just talking. You could have joined us.”

Alicia narrowed her eyes, “So why was Gee standing at the top of the hill watching you guys?”

Anna realized that from where Gee was standing Alicia had indeed seen him. “Oh he was trying to scare us.” Anna said with a fake laugh. “But we knew he was there.”

Alicia moaned, “You all are weird. Running around in the dark.” She tried to pull the blanket over her head but Christa grabbed it. “Oh no you don’t. This trip was all your idea. So get up and let’s get going.”

“But I’m tired.” Alicia whined.

“Too bad.” Christa answered. “We got things to do. I was thinking after Cave of the Winds we should go into Old Colorado City. Supposed to be lots of great shops there.” She added knowing the appeal of shopping would interest Alicia.

“Lots of shops?” Alicia grinned, “Well I suppose I should get up now. Hey, where’s my husband?”

“Over at my cabin having breakfast with Gee.” Anna answered.

“I want breakfast.” Alicia frowned.

“Well I am sure they have finished by now but I can always make more.” Anna offered, “I have eggs and bacon.”

“Yum.” Alicia sat up.

Anna felt ridiculously happy. “I know Christa you go see what Bob, Claire, Frank and Jamia are doing. I can make breakfast for everyone.”

Christa smiled feeling Anna’s happiness. “Will do.” She said getting off the bed.

Once she was gone Anna stood, “Oh and the coffee is already made.”

“Okay now I’m def getting up.” Alicia said throwing back the covers. She looked over at Anna, “See this trip was a good idea, wasn’t it?”

Anna smiled warmly, ‘It was a wonderful idea.”

Alicia dressed quickly while Anna waited for her. As they started back towards Anna’s cabin Christa joined them.

“I hope you have enough because they all want breakfast.”

“I do.” Anna said happily. In her mind she was thinking how nice all of this truly was. Everything she had wanted, a loving relationship with Gee, being accepted by the others had come true.

“You both are awfully chipper this morning.” Alicia said as they walked down the path.

“It is a beautiful day.” Christa nodded.

Alicia frowned looking up at the gathering clouds, ‘Looks like it will rain.”

Anna laughed, “It almost always rains here each day. But after the rain the air will be so sweet.”

Rolling her eyes Alicia glanced at them both, “Hell you two are high on mountain air or something.”

Christa looked into Anna’s eyes, “Yes, definitely.”

Anna found herself humming as she fried the eggs. Gerard smiled and as she stood in front of the stove he stood behind her encircling her waist with his arms. “Sugar you are awful happy this morning.”

“I am.” She leaned back her head to whisper in his ear, “Very, very happy.”

As Anna sat down the plate of eggs everyone started to dig in.

“Wait Frank.” Anna said. “I have special eggs for you.” She returned holding a smaller plate she sat down before him. “Those are fried in bacon grease these are not.”

Frank was touched she’d made eggs especially for his diet, “Thanks, Anna.”

While the others enjoyed breakfast Mikey, Gee and Anna stood out on the porch drinking coffee.

“Oh here comes the rain.” Mikey said as the first drops fell to the ground.

“So what exactly is our plan for today?” Anna asked.

Mikey answered, “Well we were all supposed to go to Cave of the Winds but Claire doesn’t feel up to it.”

“I noticed she’s only eating toast.” Gerard said. “Bob said she has a touch of morning sickness he thinks.”

Anna smiled, “Yes that is probably true. I will stay here with her while the rest of you go.”

“You sure, Sugar?’ Gerard asked. He had really hoped Anna would accompany him.

Anna nodded. “Yes, actually the idea of going into a cave does not thrill me.”

“Me either.” Bob said joining them with Claire at his side.

Claire wanted to spend some time with Anna alone. “But you are going to go.” She said kissing his cheek, “And then you can tell me what I missed.”

He looked into her eyes, “You sure you don’t want me to stay with you?”

She shook her head, “No I will be fine. If I felt better I would go. The brochure makes it look very interesting. I do not want you to miss out.”

In the end everyone but Anna, Claire and Christa soon left for the cave. Christa told Ray she wanted to stay behind and help Anna clean up after breakfast and that she had been to Cave of the Winds on vacation as a child so she didn’t mind missing it.

Once the dishes were done the women sat down at the table enjoying another cup of coffee while Claire chose to have water.

Christa spoke first. “So while we have a chance I would like to ask more questions.”

Claire and Anna exchanged an amused glance. Both understood that the blood bond was strong in Christa this morning.

“What is it you wish to know?” Anna asked.

“Does the synthetic blood have a name?”

Anna shook her head, “No and you need to understand that there are many Healers who find it repulsive. They believe only true blood should be used.”

Christa laughed, “Oh that’s sorta funny. Not that part about it being repulsive to them but that true blood to you really means true blood. On the TV show True Blood is the synthetic blood that is used.”

“Yes.” Anna said understanding the reference, “By vampires.”

Christa sighed, “Except there are no such thing as vampires. I am so happy I understand the truth.”

Anna spoke softly, “Christa I understand your enthusiasm but you must promise me to take care. As I have said before not all Healers or those bound to them are good. Some can be quite evil. You must always be careful.”

Christa nodded, “I promise.”

Claire who had been silent until now spoke, “I am feeling better and since we have time I could go with Christa into town. You are running low, Anna. I could assist Christa in replenishing your supply.”

“Oh that is not necessary.” Anna said quickly. She was still hesitant of Christa taking on this responsibility.

“I would love the chance to learn from Claire.” Christa said softly.

Anna could see that both women thought it was a good idea. She sighed, “I shall wait here.”

“Great.” Christa said getting up from the table. “I’ll just grab my purse and be right back.”

Anna waited until she was gone to speak, “Please watch her closely. While I appreciate her enthusiasm I realize she is going into this not completely understanding that there is always a certain amount of danger.”

Claire nodded, “Yes, I realize that too. I will watch her closely.”
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