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Ichor and Candlelight, a Mortal Instruments Romance

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This is a Mortal Instruments romance story. I'm waiting for Ficwad to put that category up. I hope you like it! (A Malec (Magnus and Alec) story)

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Okay, I am doing a Mortal Instruments romance story. I just want to see how many people are interested. If you haven't read the Mortal Instruments (by Cassandra Clare), they are my all-time favorite books (they booted Harry Potter from the top of my list, which is really saying something), and are a great read. You also probably won't quote understand the story if you haven't read the books. Sorry for your luck. If Ficwad ever puts ip the new category, I'll move this story. If not, I apologize for the mixup. Now I'll stop babbling an let you get reading... :) r+r!!??!?!

   I crouched low behind the dumpster, seraph blade in hand. My witchlight, which hung around my neck on a silver chain, cast an eerie glow through the alley. For a human, it wouldn't have been enough to see by, but for Nephilim? It was plenty. In fact, at the moment, it was too much. I could feel it drawing the demons to me like moths to a flame.

   "At least they're coming after me instead of Jace, or Izzy, or..." I stopped, not letting myself finish the sentence. If anything happened to... No. I couldn't allow it.

   My eyes scanned the alley, coming to rest on the building in which I knew Jace was lying in wait. I was the bait, despite Isabelle's protests, and Jace would strike on my signal.

   They appeared out of nowhere. Two Ravager demon's- grub-like, with a scorpion tail and lots of teeth, all headed right for me. I waited until the Ravagers were almost on top of me before screaming, "Now!" and leaping high into the air.

   Jace burst out of the building through the window that he had conveniently shattered as I caught a lamp post and hung on for dear life. One Ravager leapt up and snapped at my leg, narrowly missing. I swung back and forth, taunting him, keeping him busy, while Jace slipped his blade into the other demon's blackened heart. I watched, impressed, as the demon collapsed into nothing.

   I dropped down from the post, plunging my seraph blade deep into the Ravager's back. He, too, disappeared.

   I glanced up at Jace, who was beaming at me. He was breathing heavily, ad his already tight shirt, the usual Shadowhunter black, was soaked with sweat, rain, and ichor. It clung to him, not leaving much to the imagination. He was sexy, in a word.

   "Nice job, Alec," Jace said, still smiling. I grinned back, adrenaline still rushing trough my system.

   "Let's go home so I can wash the ichor out of my hair," I laughed, starting towards the building where Jace's jacked-up flying vamp-cycle was waiting. Before I knew it, something had swept me off my feet. My head hit the ground, and everything went black.
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