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Be My Teddy Bear

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Frank is sick :(

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Frankie’s P.O.V.

Ray, Bob, Mikey, Alicia, Jamia, Gee and I were hanging out in the park. I had my head in Gee’s lap writing a song as he talked to Ray and Bob stroking his fingers threw my hair. It had been two days since Gee and I made up. I listened to them talk about superheroes.
“My favorite superhero is Superman.” Bob said. I sat up and stared at him rolling my eyes.
“Oh come on. Seriously?” I said. He frowned and nodded. “He is a real sucky superhero. I mean you always know what happens. He saves the day and gets the girl. And everything is just perfect.” I said. Bob put his arms up in defeat as I lay my head back in Gee’s lap.
“Fine. Then the Hulk is my favorite.” Bob said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because he is really buff and green.” He stated in a serious voice. That made us all laugh. Gee took my notebook and read the lyrics. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and sat up.
“Frank, why don’t we go back to your house and hang out there.” Mikey said to me. I smiled and nodded.
“Okey Dokey. Lets go.” I said standing up. Everyone stood up and Gee took my hand in his as we started walking back to my house. Ray and Bob were walking next to each other arguing about if Ninjas or Pirates were cooler. Bob said Pirates and Ray said Ninjas. And Mikey had his arms around both of the girls talking about…unicorns. I smiled up at Gee and he kissed my cheek.
“Frankie, what happened between you and Bert?” He asked. I looked down and sighed. “You don’t need to tell me if you don’t want to…” He said. I shook my head.
“No, its fine.” I said quietly. My thoughts going back to last summer. “He came to California to visit his family during the summer…”

I walked threw the park with my best friends Carly and Blake. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was walking. I was more focused on listening to Blake’s horrible blond joke.
“So there are two blonds and they went shopping. They walk back to their car and they realized that they left the keys in the car. So they try to open the doors with a hanger for hours. Then one of them looks up in to the sky and sees a big black rain cloud. She turns to the other and says ‘We need to put the roof up so our convertible doesn’t get wet’…” He said. Carly and I laughed and I suddenly bumped into someone. I frowned.
“Sorry!” I said. I looked up and saw a boy around my age with black hair and piercing blue eyes. He was staring at me and smiled a bit.
“Its okay. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was walking either.” He said standing up and helping me up. He held out his hand. “I’m Bert.” He said. I smiled and blushed shaking his hand.
“I’m Frank.” I said getting butterflies in my stomach.

“And then a couple days after that we became like best friends. And then one day he he…” I said coking a bit on my words with tears threatening to fall. Gee put an arm around my shoulder.
“What did he do baby? You can tell me.” He said frowning. I looked him in the eyes and then back down.
“We went to a party and everything was going fine. But I told him that I didn’t want to drink or do drugs or anything stupid like that. And he put something in my drink and took advantage of me. When I woke up the next morning I didn’t remember much from the party but I remembered some of it. And Bert was laying next to me. That was the last time I saw him.” We reached my house and Gee stopped walking and pulled me into a hug. I hugged him tightly not wanting to let go.
“I’m gonna kill him for doing that to you.” He muttered under his breath. I pulled away from the hug and put my hand on Gee’s baby soft cheek.
“Gee, that’s in the past. And I have you now to protect me.” I said. He smiled a bit and leaned in to kiss me.
“Guys, come on.” Mikey whined at us. Ruining the moment. I took Gee’s hand in mine again and we walked threw the backyard and over to the guest house. I opened the door and we all walked in.
“Frank, you are so lucky that your parents let you live in the guest house.” Jamia said looking around. I smiled at her.
“Thanks Jay.” I said. She smiled at the nickname I gave her.
“Lets watch a movie.” Alicia said. I walked over to the cabinet next to the TV and opened it.
“What movie?” I asked looking at the mass load of movies I had. She walked over and looked at them.
“Wall-E!” She said grabbing the movie and grinning. We all laughed and I smiled.
“I fucking love that movie!” I said.
“I know right!” She said turning on the TV. The Psycho theme song blasted out and I jumped into Gee’s arms shaking a bit and clinging onto him for dear life. I guess I never took the movie out. Alicia took it out and everyone looked at me all weird except for Mikey and Gee. Gee held onto me and kissed the tip of my nose.
“Its okay baby.” He said sitting down on the beanbag with me in his lap. Mikey smirked at me and he sat next to Alicia when the movie started. He had a crush on her. The other day when we were hanging out he told me how much he likes her. And at some points some stuff seemed very stockerish but it was also really sweet. I smiled and rested my head on Gee’s chest and watched the movie. Truth was that I didn’t feel good but I didn’t think it was anything to worry about. About halfway threw the movie I had the worst headache in the world and I could barely keep my eyes open cause they kind of hurt.
“I’m going upstairs.” I said to Gee but it sounded all like mushed together. I stood up and passed Alicia as I walked upstairs into my room and plopped on my bed.

Gerard’s P.O.V.

Frankie mumbled something and got up walking upstairs. I raised my eyebrow and looked at him. Alicia passed Frank as she walked down from the bathroom. She walked over to me frowning and kneeling down.
“Hey Gee, I think you should go check on him. He didn’t look too good.” She said. I stood up worried and ran upstairs. I opened his door and saw him laying on his bed. I frowned and walked over to his bed laying down next to him and taking his hand in mine.
“Frankie baby whats wrong?” I asked worried.
“I don’t feel good.” He said really quietly. I frowned pulling him closer to me and kissing his forehead.
“Do you need anything?” I asked putting my arm around him. He snuggled into me and shook his head.
“Just stay here and be my teddy bear.” He said. Even though he didn’t feel well he sounded adorable when he said that he wanted me to be his teddy bear. I smiled and held him close.
“I wont ever leave you baby.” I said 100% sure that I never would.
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