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Sweet Transvestite

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Just a school day where Frank gets a slutty partner in History and gives Alicia advice about Mikey

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Frank’s P.O.V.

Even though I felt like crap still. I went to school. It was Friday and I had a test. Not that I cared but my dad cared a lot about my grades. Which is why whenever my report card came he would throw a fit and beat me up. Of course he only hurt me when my mom wasn’t home. And I never told anyone about him. I just make excuses to my mom when she saw me with black eyes and cuts. I got dressed. I put on blue skinny‘s, a white shirt, a red hoodie, and white converse. I grabbed my backpack and walked out and met Gee and Mikey at the end of the block. I walked over to them and Gee frowned hugging me.
“You sure you wanna go to school?” He asked worried. I nodded and coughed a bit.
“Ew! Germs!” Mikey said shielding himself. I laughed a bit and pulled him into a hug.
“I wub you Mikey!” I said. He shrieked and pulled away from the hug starting to walk to school. Gee smiled and laughed. I smiled a bit and jumped on Gee’s back as we walked to school.
“Baby, if you wanna go home during the middle of the day come find me.” He said. I smiled a bit.
“Okey Dokey.” I said dreading going to school.
“I love you so much Frankie, it kills me to see you like this. I wish I could help.” He said. I kissed his cheek and sniffled.
“Gee Bear. Just being with you makes me feel 10 times better.” I said. Gee smiled and I laughed a bit as I saw Mikey trip over something. Gee looked over at him and tried to hold back laughter.
“You okay Mikes?” He said letting a little nervous laugh come out. I loved his laugh. And his smile. And every fucking thing about him. Mikey mumbled something and nodded as he continued to walk.

(Lunch Time)

“RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!” The bell went off and it was finally lunch time. I grabbed Mikey’s hand and pulled him out of Biology and over to the cafeteria.
“Wow, for someone who is really short and sick you are really strong.” Mikey said struggling to get his hand out of my grasp. I laughed a little and pulled him over to the big tree where we met up with everyone. I let go of his hand and he leaned against the tree. I lay down on the grass and we waited for the others to come. We were a bit early.
“So Frank, wanna play the question game?” Mikey asked. I rolled my eyes.
“Sure Mikey. Ask away.” I said. Mikey loved asking me the most random shit questions. That was his idea of fun. The others started walking towards us.
“Black or red?”
“Um, Red.”
“Misfits or Black Flag?”
“Black Flag.”
“Night or day?”
“Night.” The other were here now and Ray, Bob, and Jamia sat down next to each other. Alicia sat next to Mikey and Gee sat behind me and I put my head in his lap. He smiled and stroked his finger threw my hair.
“Have you ever dressed up in drag?” Mikey asked. Everyone stopped talking and looked at me. I smirked.
“Hell yeah!” I said. They all stared at me a bit weirded out.
“Care to explain?” Mikey said.
“Well, my friends Carly and Blake made me go to a Rocky Horror screening with them and they made me go dressed up as Dr. Frank N. Furter.” I said. They all burst into laughter and I smirked.
“I’m just a sweet Transvestite from transsexual Transylvania!” I sang really loud causing them to laugh even harder and getting a couple of weird faces from other students. I smirked and took Gee’s sketch pad from him. He grabbed it back though before I could see it.
“I wanna see.” I whined giving him puppy dog eyes. He shielded his eyes and smiled.
“You have to wait for your birthday. it’s a surprise.” He said.
“I hate surprises.” I pouted. Gee laughed a little and bent down kissing my forehead.
“it’s a pretty epic surprise that it worth waiting for though baby.” He said. I smiled at him a little.
“Fine. It better be epic though.” I said.
“When is your birthday?” Bob asked. I looked over at him showing him my tattoo on my knuckles.
“Halloween.” I said. The rest of lunch we talked about going trick-or-treating and then going back to the Way household for a giant sleepover. When Gee said that Alicia and Jamia could sleepover also, Mikey’s face was priceless.

(Last Period)

Ew. History. I. Hate. History. And Mrs. Troy was a bitch. No wonder everyone hated History. And to make it worse today we were starting a project on Medieval Times. She was picking the partners. Mikey and Alicia were in this class with me (I had every class with Mikey.) but I knew I would end up with either Ted (The “Popular football” Guy) or Kelli (The “Plastic” Barbie.) Mrs. Collins started to read out the partners.
“Michael and Alicia….” She read out first. I turned to Mikey and saw him get as red as a tomato and Alicia blush shyly and play with her hair. Lucky ducks. “Ted and Penelope…” She read out every partnership and I had gotten exactly who I didn’t want. “And Frank and Kelli.” Fuck. My Life. “Now sit with your partners and get to know them a bit for the last ten minutes.” She said. Kelli stood up and walked over to me. She was wearing a white shirt that was clearly too small and so were here shorts. And she had on red heels. Ew. She looked like a slut. She was a slut. She sat next to me and held out her hand a bit too overly happy for my liking.
“Hi! I’m Kelli!” She said sounding exactly liked Barbie. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “Think of me as the Barbie you’ll never get to play with.” She said trying too hard to sound seductive. I coughed and she quickly backed away.
“I’m Frank and I like my personal space.” I said mimicking her peppy attitude. I heard Alicia and Mikey (who were sitting at the desk behind us.) laugh a little. When the bell rang I jumped out of my seat and was about to walk out when Alicia stopped me and held me back. She turned to Mikey.
“Hey Mikes, I’ll meet up with you at your locker in a second. I just need to talk to Frank for a minute.” She said. Why did she want to talk to me? Mikey nodded clearly upset and waved to us before walking towards his locker (But really just watched us from across the hall making sure we didn’t see him also too far to actually hear what we were saying) and Alicia turned to me.
“Frank listen I need some advice. I like someone a lot but I don’t think he likes me and I don’t know what to do.” She said. I smiled.
“I know who your talking about and he does like you. A lot actually.” I said. She smiled. “And if I were you I would go find him and tell him how you feel. Because even though I haven’t known him as long as you have I know that he will never tell you cause he thinks you don’t like him. He doesn’t want to ruin your friendship.” I said. She smiled and hugged me tightly.
“Thank you Frank. I’m gonna go tell him right now.” She said kissing me on the cheek before running towards Mikey’s locker. I smiled and walked towards my locker where Gee was most likely waiting for me. Only to find he wasn’t. Had he left without me?
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