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Stay With Me

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Frank is in the hospital.. sorry it is really short..

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Gerard’s P.O.V.

Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. I sat there in the hospital laying next to Frankie in the bed (even though the nurse told me not to) silently crying. I had made the biggest mistake in the world. I had believed Mikey. The doctor had said that Frankie would be fine but what if he didn’t want me anymore. I was screwed. And when I saw him on the bathroom floor I almost had a heart attack…

I walked into my house and sat down in the kitchen eating a pop tart. My mom came downstairs and grabbed a cup of coffee.
“Hey there Hon.” She said. She looked over at me and I tried to hide my tear stained eyes behind my hair. “What’s wrong Honey?” She asked. I frowned. She got that I didn’t want to talk about it and sighed walking out of the kitchen.
“I’ll be upstairs if you want to talk about it.” She said. I sat there and thought about Frankie. Gosh, I was in love with him. Why couldn’t he be happy with just me. My phone started ringing and I picked it up.
“Hello?” I asked sniffling. I heard a panicked voice on the other end.
“Gee! Its Frank…” I froze. “He isn’t going out with me I swear! I’m going out with Mikey now! But Gee, He said he wanted to kill himself and I told him to wait in the cemetery bu-” She said. I suddenly heard a shriek from Frankie’s house. I dropped everything and ran outside. I jumped over Frankie’s fence and ran into the guest house.
“Frankie! Baby!” I yelled searching everywhere. Then I saw blood slowly running out of his bathroom. I ran into the bathroom and almost threw up. My baby was laying there drenched in his own blood. I kneeled down not caring that I was gonna get covered in blood. I took the razor out of his hand and threw it away. I took the bandana out of his back pocket and tied it around his arm to try to make it stop bleeding. I frowned and dialed 911 on my phone in tears gasping for breaths in between.
“911 what’s you problem?” A woman said. I could barely talk.
“M-My B-b-boyfriend cut himself r-real bad and h-he isn’t breathing…” I said.
“What is your address?” She asked. She sounded too peppy.
“30 C-Cemetery Drive…” I said. She said to do mouth to mouth until the ambulance got there and then hung up. I looked at Frankie and frowned crying really hard.
“I-I’m suck a fuck up…” I said before doing mouth to mouth…

I looked at Frankie’s chest go up and down. I frowned and put my arm around him laying my head on his chest. I closed my eyes and cried never wanting to let go. He had been passed out for about a week now and I haven’t left his side. I had Mikey bring comic books, my sketch pad, a copy of Romeo and Juliet, and whenever Mikey came and visited he brought me coffee. I frowned getting up and sitting in a chair in the corner taking out my sketch pad and looking at the comic that I was making Frankie for his birthday which was in like two weeks. I ripped out a clean sheet and looked over at Frankie. My hand moved quickly as I drew him smiling and happy. Just like he had been last week. When I was done I looked at the picture and frowned throwing it at the wall. I hated myself. I stood up and looked out the window crying.
“G-Gee Bear…” I heard a small weak voice whisper. I turned around and saw my baby with his eyes open. I ran over to him and lay on the bed next to him kissing him all over his face.
“Frankie, I-I’m such a fuck up…I-I’m so sorry..” I said. Frank didn’t say anything he just snuggled closer to me and took my hand in his. We sat there in silence for what seemed like hours. Just happy to be in each others arms. I would never forgive myself for what I made him do though. Never ever.
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