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The Big Day

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I think the title says it all

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The day had finally arrived. She almost couldn't believe that it was actually happening. Liz stared at herself in the mirror in her wedding dress, trying to calm herself down. It wasn't that she was nervous about getting married, she wasn't. She was excited and anxious. There was still half an hour before the wedding started and she just wanted to be married already. Her hair was pulled back in an easy swift up do with red crystal beads placed all over her head. Her veil was sitting on the table since she wasn't going to put that on until it was time to go. Her red and white satin pumps fit comfortably so she wouldn't be in pain as she was standing at the altar.
"Wow, you're breathtaking." Liz turned around to see Frank standing in the doorway.
"Thank you Frankie. You look pretty dapper yourself. What are you doing back here? Is everything ok?"
"Yeah yeah, everything is fine," he assured her. "I just wanted to come and say how happy I am for you and Mikey. And to tell you that I don't think he could have found anyone better for him. I've never seen him as happy as he is with you. But you don't just make him happy; you make all of us happy. You important to all of us and I'm glad your going to become a part of our family."
Liz's eyes began to water as he finished talking. "Frankie, I don't even know what to say. That's one of the sweetest things that has ever been said to me." She went over to hug Frank. "You all are so important to me too. Thank you for letting me become a part of your family."
Frank just squeezed her tight before he let her go. "Ok, what do you say we get ready to get this show on the road? I know Mikey's anxious to see you."
She smiled. "I'm anxious to see him too. Tell him I love him would you?"
Frank let out a small laugh. "Sure, I'll tell him, but I'm pretty sure he already knows it." He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and walked out the door.
Liz sat down at the vanity and took a deep breath. What Frank had said hit her hard because it was true. She was becoming a part of the family she loved. Not just Mikey and Gerard's family, but Frank, Jamia, Ray, Christa, Bob and Katlin's family. People who were sometimes closer than an actual family. She felt a tear fall down her cheek and brought up her hand to wipe it away.
“Oh no, there will be none of that until the wedding or you’ll ruin your make-up.”
Liz turned around to see Emily standing in the doorway. “It was just one tear. It didn’t mess anything up.”
Emily walked overt to where Liz was sitting and knelt down in front of her. “Here. I have your something new and blue.”
“Oh you do? Good, I didn’t know what I was going to do about that. The something old and borrowed are these pair of earrings Christa let me borrow. They were her mom’s so they’re old too. So, what’s my new and blue?”
Emily pulled a blue garter from the purse she had in her hand and waved it in front of her.
“Aww Em, thank you. I totally forgot about a garter. How could I forget a garter?”
“Probably because I knew that I would be taking care of it and didn’t remind you of one. Now, do you need some help putting this on?”
Liz nodded. “Yeah, I can’t pull my dress up, hold it, and put the garter on all at once. Would you mind?”
Emily shook her head. “Of course not.” Liz pulled her dress up and lifted her left leg so Emily could slide the garter up to her thigh. “Mikey’s gonna have fun taking that off.”
They started laughing at the thought of what Mikey would do when he had to take the garter off her leg. They were still laughing when Christa, Jamia and Katlin walked in.
“Liz,” Jamia said. “Everything is in place and everyone is ready. It’s time for you to get married. You’re dad is waiting outside.”
Liz looked at all four of them. “You guys, thank you. For everything and for being here today.”
Katlin laughed. “Where else do you think we’d be silly? You’re like our sister. Of course we’re here.”
Liz smiled at that and stood up. She went over to where her veil was laying on the table and picked it up. “Would someone help me put this on?”
Christa walked over and took the veil from Liz and proceeded to place it on top of her hair, putting in bobby pins to hold it in place. Liz then grabbed her bouquet from a chair by the table, stood up, and walked out with the rest of the girls. Her dad was waiting for her by the doors leading into the chapel. He smiled as she approached.
“You look absolutely breath taking Elizabeth.”
“Thank you daddy.”
He shook his head a little bit. “I can’t believe my little girl is getting married.”
She smiled at him. “I know, I can hardly believe it myself.” She leaned in to give him a hug, and then she heard the music start. The girls all lined up in the order that they would be walking down the aisle: Emily, Jamia, Christa and Katlin. Liz and her father stood to the side so that no one would see her as the doors opened to let the rest of the girls make their way to the front. As soon as Katlin had entered the chapel, the doors closed and Liz and her dad moved to stand in front of them, waiting for them to open. Suddenly, the music stopped and the wedding march started. Liz looked over at her dad and smiled.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
“I am.”
And then the doors opened.

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