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I'm's so overused

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Sorry it's so short but it took me ages to write and the next chapters going to be mega long :3 I hope you enjoy it though :3 leave reviews on what you think :3 x

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I was self consiously rubbing my arm. It still stung from last night, I don't think i'd use plastic again. It hurt so fucking much, like my skin was being torn as I used the jagged edge last night.

I had to use it though, there were no clean razors and we had no scissors in the house. I cried maybe tonight would be the night, that I made amends with Gee. I wasn't going to forgive him that easy though. He had really hurt me.

We weren't meant to smoke at school, but i grabbed my cigarettes out of my pocket, and lit it up. I inhaled the smaoke all the way to my lungs, feeling the burning sensation going down my throat. This relaxed me yes, I knew it was extremely bad for me. I just couldn't quit though I'd tried in the past. I didn't have much will power if I was honest.

I heard the bell go and looked at Gerard as he got up. His movements were so fluid and natural. He was really amazing. I stubbed my cigarette out on the grass and got up. I didn't care if I was late, I just couldn't wait for after school.

Picking up my misfit bag off the floor, I noticed that Gerard had been looking at me most of lunch. It hadn't sunk in until now. I blushed. No Frank it's not what you think. It's just beacause he's coming round yours tonight. I had to think this to stop my mind going crazy. With all the thoughts of Gee crowding my head I waked to lesson.

He still wasn't here. I'd seen him at lunch so I knew he hadn't gone home. I looked around the class nervously maybe i'd missed him? I gave out a short snort and laughed, I wouldn't miss him. I kept my head down and started mumbling I'm Not Okay under my breath, this song always made me feel better.

"Heyy sorry i'm late." I looked up it was about 5 minutes into the lesson. What had took him so long? I looked around there were 4 seats left in the class. Shit. My heart started to race I wanted him to sit next to me. It was the last lesson and I was planning to semi, walk home with him.

He looked around the classroom and his eyes settled on the seat next to me. Maybe he thought...No I wanted him to sit next to me. I looked at him, I don't know wheather he could feel the weight of my stare on hi back, but he looked at me. I rooled my eyes to the chair next to me. He understood and came walking towards me and sat down on the chair. I was good with getting things what I wanted.

He sat down and I gave him a smile. We were at the back so no one was going to see. I was happy about this, even though I wanted to be his friend I still cared about popularity...or did I?!

My head was so confused it wanted one thing, but my heart wanted another. I let out a sigh why could they never get on and just agree. Frank gave me a questioning look and I just gave him a weak smile. It was a start I suppose. Why did he care about me so much, because that's what it seemed.

That lesson I was in a world of just me and Frank. Yeah I knew it was just a day dream, but it wasn't illegal to do that. In my head I kept on seeing myself and Frank kissing, over and over again till our lips got tired.

The bell went and tore me from my fantasy. Fucking hell bell go at the wrog time, I had just got the the juicy bit. I bit my lip, I knew nothing would happen but, I could wish.

Frank picked up his bag and looked at me. I knew what he was getting at, were we walking home together. That lesson I had come to a conclusion. Yes I would walk home with Frank. I knew what it would probably do to my 'rep' but I could sacrafice a little for him. I did love him after all but no one knew that, except Mikey.

Frank started to walk away and I coughed, he wasn't going off without me.
"Missing someone?" I gave a shocked face like he's forgotten me and I felt utterly shocked! I laughed and so did he. It was like bells amazing.

"Oh, your walking with me?" his voice sounded utterly stunned. This was also the first time since halloween he'd talked to me properly. I liked it no hint of anger in his seductive voice.

"Of course." I smiled and got next to him and then we both walked out of the classroom, smiling and in scilence. One that wasn't awkward.

Once we got out of the school gates the scilence started to get awkward, as we both knew what I was going round his for. To talk things over.

"Look Gerard I'm sorry." I'm sorry such an overused phrase that can mean so much to you.
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