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Fresh Start

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I tried to make this longer, as there will be no update tomorrow becuase it's my moms birthday :3 hope you enjoy it :3 x

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Fresh Start
Why was he sorry, in my books he'd done nothing wrong. I was the instigator of all the trouble.
"Why are you apologizing Frank it's all my fault." I looked at the floor. I felt so bad, guilty like all this could've been avoided. If only I didn't care about my fucking 'rep'

"Well I shouldn't be such a freak, or get you into trouble. It just gets me into more shit." his mouth scruched up, he looked like he was thinking. All I knew though is that is was majorly cute.

I got back to reality as I relized what he just said. He thought he was a freak? No he was beautiful and a angel.
"Frank your can't help being a freak." I couldn't tell him I didn't think he was a freak. I would have to tonight I was going to go, as far to the truth as possible.

"Thanks Gee really makes me feel good." hid eyes shot onto me, afraid what my reaction would be to him calling me Gee.
"Haha it's Gerard to you. At the moment." I mumbles the last bit under my breath. I was so lucky he didn't hear it.
"Sorry, you just naturally want to call you Gee." He giggled and my heart jumped. It was amazing. Time had passed so quickly and the next thing I knew we, were outside his home. What if his parents were home, he was bound to have told them. About halloween school, everything.

"Frank are your parents home?" I heard the panic in my voice, I don't think Frankie knew me well enough to catch it though.

"No their on a buisness trip again." his face suddenly looked saddened. I knew what it felt like to have no parents, because you've lost them through buisness. Frank was an only child though, well at least it seemed that way.

"Gerard." he emphasised my name "go on in." he smiled in a friendly way and I returned it.

I stepped into a hallway, it was warm and felt homely. On the walls were pictures of Frank as a baby. Then his school photos starting at reception, going all the way to his current one, were going up the stairs.

We both stood there in a awkward scilence, I thought it was anyway.

"You wanna take your shoes and bag off?"
"Sure." I unlaced my converse and threw my nike bag down. I really didn't care what damage was done to that bag. Frank carefully hung his Misfit bag up, I guessed it meant a lot to him. So did mine though so I understood.

Frank didn't bother to undo his converse and just slipped them off, it was easier for him. They weren't high tops.

"Do you want to go to my room, and sort this ouu or on the couch?" I knew the right answer was the couch. I wanted to know him more though. None of his personality slipped through in this part of his house.

"Your room." I smiled and Frank nodded and went to the stairs. Leading the way to his room.

He had chose my bedroom? I was confused by this decision surely after the amount of times he'd called me fag he thought I was one. It was true though but no one knew.

I led the way up to my room, Gee following behind me. My room was at the end of the hallway(which was covered in my baby photos). I was cringing almost the whole time I walked up the stairs. To my suprise Gee didn't say anything I thought he would've.

I reached my bedroom hestitating for a few seconds. He wouldn't like it, it was covered in Iron Maiden and Misifit posters, and other random bands. One of the walls was black and the rest were red. In a way it would prove to him I was more emo. Shit i'd forgotten to put pansy away this morning.

I grabbed the door handle opened it, and walked in. An audiable gasp was heard from Gerard from behind me but I ignored it. He hated it, and this wouldn't be any better for trying to make amends with him.

I sat down on my bed and he looked at me. I wanted him to come and sit on my bed but it was his choice. It would be easier if he sat next to me. Pansy was in the way at the moment though. I picked her up and put her next to me so there was space on my bed.

Gee smiled and sat at the end of my bed. Fucking hell he was gorgeous. I couldn't think of that now though this was serious. He was trying to make amends and I had to respect that.

"Right so Gerard, why do you hate me so much?" I wasn't going to beat around the bush. "I mean it no lying all the truth, and whatever we say never leaves this room. Agreed?" he nodded so I took that as a yes. I was going to tell him as much as he needed to know. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Frank I don't hate you, i'm jealous of you." he blushed and the words sunk in. He was jealous of me. Gee had everything, girls falling all over him, popularity and good looks. Just everything, and he was jealous of me. I was short and had no one.

"Why though, you have everything Gerard, friends, girls everything. I have no-one or nothing." I put my thoughts into more reasonable terms.

"Yeah but Frank, you can be yourself. You don't have to care about impressing every one. Or doing things just so you can be accpted again." he winced, did he mean about all the stuff he done to me?

"Gerard, i'd rather have friends. Only if they'd accept me for who I am though." I smiled that's why I had no friends. I wasn't willing to change.

"Yeah see no one would accept me for who I am. No one knows who I am." his voice started to break and everything inside me was throbbing. I wanted to reach out and give him a hug.

"I might, so who's the real Gerard? Tell me please." It was more a demand then an option. Gerard sighed and got up and started to pace. He done this for about 3 minutes before he sat on the bed again.

"It never leaves this room right?" I nodded. "well I love the misfits absolutely love them. Scream is my favourite song by them. I love singing and writing my own songs. I draw and people say I'm good at it but I don't know. Comic books are amazing and I love them. One day I hope to write my own comics. My room is covered in band posters and my black skinnys are my favourite trousers. Along with my Misfits tee and Iron Maiden one. There that's me."

I let it all sink in. He was me literally everything I liked he did. Why did he have to not be himself. It would be amazing if he was. I would be his best friend. In my head I kept running through a life with that Gerard at school.

"Frank you okay? I know i'm a lot different and you..."

"Shush." I cut him off I needed it to be quiet.

"Gerard, why have you changed yourself?"

"Because Frankie i'd have no friends if I was myself." That hurt, he'd have me but who was I kidding. I would never be enough for him even if we were friends.

"You would you'd have me." My voice was obviously full of sadness.

"No Frankie I didn't mean it like that." he'd called me Frankie again. I though maybe the first time was by accident but obviously not. It sent butterflies through my stomach. Maybe he did mean all that he was saying.

"Okay Gee, I believe you." I smiled and that was it we hit it right off.

For what seemed like hours we talked about comics, music, clothes and even family. I told him about how my parents are always on buisness trips. How the come home for a week after about 3 weeks away. I was shocked to hear his parents were the sort of the same. Except Gee's had been away for 3 months.

"Gee it's getting late, you better go home. I'm sorry that, I didn't make you dinner I suppose I was just having a good time talking to you." he smiled and I smiled back. I honestly had, had a great time.

"Oh yeah shit." I looked over at the clock it was 11:30.

"Mikey's going to be wondering where I am. Can I borrow your phone?" I reached into my pockets and handed him my phone.

"Thanks Frankie." he dialed the number in and put the phone to his ear. There were a lot of I'm sorry and yeah I know it's late, but I'm still walking home.

No he wasn't walking home especially in New Jersey at this time of night. He'd be killed.

"Gerard stay here tonight, tell Mikey that your be safe here." he nodded and tol Mikey exactly what I said, then hung up.

"Thanks Frankie, I owe you." I smiled and went over to my dresser. I was smaller than Gee, not saying that he was fat, because he wasn't. I was just short and majorly skinny, even though I ate like a horse.

I grabbed some grey sweat pants and a baggy Iron Maiden top that was to big for me out of the drawer.

"Here Gee catch." I threw the clothes and told him where the bathroom was. While he was gone I got changed into my skeleton all in one pyjamas. I laid my school uniform over the chair to my desk and laid Gee's on the top.

"Thanks Frankie."

"No problem, now you have my bed and i'll get some sheets and sleep on the floor." he nodded and I went to grab the double duvet and pillows form my parents bed.

I dragged them back, and set my little camp up. In my bed was Gee looking as angelic as ever. He realy was amazing, if only he'd be like this at school.

"Night Gee, have a nice sleep."

"You too Frankie, see you in the morning. By the way I still have a million questions for you."

With that I giggled and let sleep overcome my body.
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