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Lets Play Pretend

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I lied :3 yes there is an update I just couldn't help myself (: enjoy (:

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Lets Play Pretend
"Wake up sleepy head." the voice sounded impatient but still angelic. "Oi fucker wake up or I'll hit a pillow on your head." I stuck up my middle finger and groaned. It was way to early, it had to be I only felt like i'd been asleep, for a few minutes.
"Well you asked for it!" heard the angel say.

Something hit me over the head and again and again. I sat up and looked at Gee, he smiled and my heart fluttered.

"Yeay your awake." he said in such a childish way it made me giggle. God I must look like shit. I ran my hand through my knotty hair and looked at Gee. He was perfection even in the morning. If I was honest I wasn't a morning person.

"Right so what, do you do in the mornings. To get yourself ready." I smiled and stretched. Probably emphasising it to much.

"Well I, wash my face, straighten my fringe and spike the back up. Then I put some eye liner and a bit of eye shadow on. After that I then get changed, slip my converse on grab my bag and get out the door." his mouth dropped for empahsis and I just laughed.

I got off the floor and realised my back was so stiff. Man I couldn't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight.
"You okay Frankie?" he must've noticed the way I was stretching my back out.

"Yeah just my backs a bit stiff, it will all be good soon." why did he care so much, we were only just friends maybe not even that.

I went to my wardrobe and grabbed my hot pink straightners out.

"Nice." Gerard winked at me and I blushed. Shit I hoped he hadn't seen that. I know he was only winking at the straightners, and it wasn't meant to be suductive. I thought it was though.

I sat down in front of my mirror(which was on my desk) and plugged in my straightners. I waited till the beeped and ran them over my fringe a couple of times.

"I used to straighten my hair till well y'know I became popular."

I just shrugged, I wish the real Gee would come back. It'd be awesome. It was never going to happen though. I was wisjhing for something that would never come true no matter how much I tried.

I finished and unplugged the straightners then going into the bathroom. Yeah I hadn't washed my face this morning but oh well. I spiked up the back of my hair and then brushed my teeth.

"Gee you don't have a toothbrush do you?" he shook his head.
"Look in that cupboard and there should be one in a package." He went over to the cupboard and starting sorting through. He turned to me with the toothbrudh that was still in the packaging. and i handed him the toothpaste before walking out.

It was weird having Gee in my house considering, we were mortal enemies. Key word here being 'were'. I grabbed my eyeliner and ran it along the bottom of my eye a few times. Perfect. I then grabbed my reddish pink eyeshadow and applied it to my eyelids and underneath.

"Gee your clothes are still in here." I shouted, I knew he would hear me.

"I know Frankie i'll be right through." I nodded but I don't know why though he couldn't see me. This made me blush as it made me think I was stupid, in a way I was.

I grabbed my trousers that were underneath Gee's and slipped them on. So there I was standing with no top infront of my mirror. I was so ugly, my skin was pale and I was skinny. I hated it.

"Ummm Frank can I have my clothes." My cheeks went madly red and I couldn't believe he'd seen me like that when he walked out of, the room.

Wow! Frankie's body was amazing. I could've stared all day, and when I came back to the bathroom I wanted more. I got changed in a daze, i'd never seen Frankie like that before never. In P.E he always got changed in the toilets.

I went back to Frankie's room as soon as I was dressed. It was nearly time to go now and he looked better than ever. I don't know what it was but something about him was different again.

"Frankie your ear, have you stretched it?" I sounded curious it hadn't been this morning.

"Yeah just stretched it to 2mm." I smiled it looked good on him, I just hoped he wouldn't go too big.

"I like it, just don't go to big it will look stupid otherwise." I spoke my thoughts, not caring what he thought.

"I'm only going up to 6mm Gee, promise." he said the last bit like a chile would to their mom. It was cute on him though.

"C'mon lets go." I looked at the clock on Frankie's wall, lessons started in 10 minutes.
"Okay." as he ran past me our hands brushed together and my stomach went into a swarm of wasps. Yes it was that bad.

I walked down after him and pulled on my converse, before tying both of them up. Frankie just slipped his on and grabbed his bag.
"Oh wait I need my fingerless gloves today and my skeleton hoodie." he sprinted upstairs why would he need them?

As he walked down the stairs he was trying to put his jacket on while his fingerless gloves were in his bag.

"And why do you need them." I asked him.

"Because look, it's snowing." I looked out the window, not expecting to see anything but there coming down in big flakes was snow.

"Shit I didn't expect that." I smiled what if we had a white christmas it was only a week away. My eyes lit up at the thought, i'd only seen white christmas' on t.v before.

"C'mon lets...wait a minute." My heart skipped a beat what was wrong. His eyes dropped to the floor. It hurt to see him like this, some major was wrong and I couldn't just let this slip.

This hurt. I knew everything as soon as I walked out the door would go back to normal. My head started to hurt and I wanted to release all this emotion from my body. I couldn't though not while he was here. I would really give him an excuse to call me emo then.

"Frankie what's wrong?" I gulped and tried to hold back the tears in my eyes.

"Your going to hate me again as soon as we walk out of the front door." realisation hit him and he nodded. He was such a...dick!!!!

"Well go now then forget that anything ever happend forget what you told me and I told you." I shouted at him and let tears run down my face he nodded and walked outside.

I waited a couple of minutes, grabbed my keys anf followed.

It was horrible but I had to do it. Not for long though, tonight he was going to come round mine. That's if he was actually going to tak to me. I'd probably hurt him more then ever now.

I'm sorry Frankie I thought and walked in the snow, letting the flakes land where ever theey wanted and not care. Maybe I was just a player I played with people emotions I don't know wither way, I was so sorry.

Behind me I could hear Frank's heavy breathing and footsteps. This was comforting to me and I blocked the whole world out just listening to him. I brought my blazer sleeve up to my nose. It felt too tight so I was going to smell it. I realized I had Frank's. Oh well it smelt of him.

His smell was cigarettes mostly and coffee. I reached in the pocked and my hand came across something sharp. I think it had cut me as I could feel the warmness of blood trickle down my finger.

I brought what it was out of the pocked and realized it was a razor. Well at least he couldn't do himself harm today I thought and sighed. He'd find a way if he was desparate, I remember doing the same.
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