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But does anyone notice? but does anyone care?

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But does anyone notice? But does anyone care?
Gerard was infront of me, it took all my self control to not just hug him. Aplologize for my actions. I knew it was for the best though.

I pulled my hoodie sleeves over my hands and curled them into fists. Snowing who would've thought it. In a way snow was just as good as rain, you couldn't tell if someone was crying. This was me now.

At the moment I couldn't care less, what my makeup would look like when I got to school, or how wind blown my hair would look. I was being torn emotionally and that hurt more.

I'd cut when I got to school, let everything out of me. I needed to or I might just crumble. Everything Gee told me last night was amazing. He was everything and more I could've ever asked for. That's why I probably got my hopes up thinking we'd be friends.

It was never going to happen. I took in a deep breath as I walked into school. It was going to be like any other day. Keeping my head down as I walked past Gerard I could've sworn he'd said sorry. I wasn't sure though.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled it hoping Frankie would hear it one he'd walked past. I honestly felt so bad. I wanted to be there for him. I looked at his face and it had tear marks down it.

Not only did this hurt it fucking killed me. Maybe it was all my fault everything.

Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? these were the thoughts running through my mind. Death. It seemed like an easy way out one I could cope with. Nothing could hurt you when you were dead.

I locked the bathroom door and sat on the toilet. I knew it was empty and the bell had just gone. I wouldn't be disturbed.

I took off my bag and hoodie and reached inside my blazer. My fingers didn't come across the blade. Where the fuck was it. I kicked the toilet dorr in pure frustration. I smelt the blazer, it smelt like sweat, coffee and cigarettes. Only one person could pull that smell off. Gerard.

I leant on the side of the cubicle and slipped down, bringing my knees up under my chin. I wrapped my amrs over the top of my knees, so my nose was resting on his blazer.

I closed my eyes and slowly cried myself to sleep. Yes I know I was in the toilets but it was better than suicide.

"Frank Iero...Frank Iero? Is he not here today?" the tacher had called out his name twice and had no response. I thought I might've missed him, he wasn't here though.

Where was he? I was tapping my foot I needed to find him.
"Miss I need to go to the bathroom." I had a feeling he'd be there, I didn't know what state he's be in though.

I got out the class room and ran. The snow was like a blizzard outside and we at least had an inch. I didn't care I needed to get to him.

I woke up and remembered where I was. It took me a minute but I remembered in my bag. Pills

I'd lost my breath damn smoking. I was about a minute sprinting form one set of toilets. There were four in total what if he wasn't in the first ones I looked in. I stopped and looked up. Snow was getting in my eyes I didn't care. I needed to find my angel.

I grabbed the pills i'd have to dry swallow them. That was okay though I just wanted to not feel anything. I kew the pills would do it.

I slipped the oxycontin in my mouth. It was only 20mg but I knew if I too 3 I could die so I took 2 would be enought to do what I needed.

Sooner rather than later I slipped off into a peaceful oblivion.


This was my last chance, the boys toilets on the other side of the school. I walked in and didn't expect to see anything. That's before I saw a arm underneath the door. By fucking god what had he done. I walked over and dropped to my knees.
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