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Don't Push Me

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I put my index annd middle finger on his wrist trying to find his pulse. It was there beating slowly to the rhythm of his heart. It soothed me as I closed my eyes and let the tears fall. I shook him I needed him to wake up, I didn't know what state he'd be in though.

Frankie was still in, the tiny cubicle and I was outside. I had to get in. I couldn't though. A million things went through my head. I should just leave him, he hates me. What if he has taken drugs though? That was the next and last thought. He'd get kicked out of school. Maybe even arrested. I rested hu head in the palms of my hands. What was I meant to do? I was one person, one who couldn't decide between the chasm of right and wrong.

My heart said one thing but my mind another. For fucking sake everyone told you all of this shit about following your heart, but what if your mind didn't agree with it? This is what I was stuck with now.

I thought about how i'd need to get back to class, they'd send someone to find me soo, or i'd be in detention. I had to go back anyway my bag was in there, not that i cared if I was honest. It was a stupid bag, it meant nothing.

"Fuck I feel shit." what the hell. I looked around no one was there. That was before I realised it was Frankie. My angel was awake. Should I go now? Surely if he saw me, that would lead to, lots of questions. I sighed and got up. He'd be okay I told myself, as I walked out of the bathroom.

The bitter air greeted me as I got outside, clearing my head and making me feel fresh. It was still like a blizzard, you couldn't see your own hand at arms length. There was at least 2 inches on the floor. Great snow, all my happiness had disappeared. Frank had sounded like a baby when he realised it was snowing. It was a rareity though.

I sprinted to class I was unevitabley going to get a detention now. I suppose it was worth it just to see Frankie wake up, not be dead. Had he tried to kill himself? I slowed down, was that what he was trying to do. I suddenly felt angry I didn't know where it came from but it was flowing through me.

I stormed into the classroom and slammed the door. Why would that little motherfucker want to kill himself. He was fucking amazing. I sat down and ignored the heavy stares from everyone.

"Heyy dude what's wrong."

"Fuck off Matt, just leave me alone." I put hatred and venom into every word. I knew he could tell by the way his face looked. It was shock and he was angry, trying to hide it.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that again, if I remember correctly I got you your popularity. I can take it away again just like that." When he said that he clicked his fingers I smirked. I couldn't care less at the moment. How much more shit could things get.

"Fine Matt, take my fucking popularity away. Tell the school any rumour you fucking want, remember though I know your dirty little secret." It was the fact I knew he was having sex with Jess when she had a boyfriend.

"You wouldn't?" he was challeging me? In this mood. I could do anything I just needed to hit someone. I stood up and went close to Matt's face.

"Oh I would, just like this. Heyy Zac do you know your girlfriend yeah well she's sleeping with Matt. Don't thank me for telling you." I smiled sarcastically and laughed. He had nothing against me, ad he knew that.

"Your going to die." With that he lunged at me knocking us both to the floor. I couldn't care if he killed me or not, all I knew is for some reason I was laughing.

"Go on kill me, you dirty little prick." I spat in his face and he punched me.

"Boys break it up now." Miss was shouting at us, i'd never seen her this angry before. Oh well there's a first time for everything.

"Frank nice of you to join us." Frank was here? I looked around to see if I could see him, but I recieved another heavy blow to my cheek.

Adrenaline rushed through me. Why did Frank have this affect on me. I wan't complaining now though. I got on top of Matt, and punched him a couple of times before getting off. He had a bloody nose but I seemed to be okay, just going to have a black eye probably.

I looked over at Frank, his eyes were blood shot and he seemed a bit out of it. Probably the aftermath of the pills he had taken. I walked towards him I tried not to sound angry but venom filled every word.

"Frank your coming around mine tonight and explaining everything. Which you will do. Now stay at school and fucking behave. I saw you earlier so give me the pills." he reached into his pocked reluctantly and handed me the pills. OxyContin. One of the most addictive drugs there is. I nodded and walked out into the corridoors, and then sprinted into the blizzard that would be my comfort and inspiration for a new song.

He'd seen me? Why the fuck did I give my drugs over to him. I was going to his tonight. I don't know maybe it was the authority in his voice. Why did he care anyway? Matt was getting sent out the class now. I wanted to go and find Gerard. Make him understand I guess that was tonight. I was thinking it would probably be more personal compared to last night. I sighed and sat down.

I had a head ache and was still a bit out of it from the drugs. They didn't have seemed to work that well. Maybe it was because I dry swallowd I don't know. Or my body was just too used to them.

The rest of that lesson passed in a blur. I had walked into the classroom that lesson to see Matt and Gee fighting. If I was honest Matt deserved it. Gee got away with a black eye if he was unlucky but Matt at least had a broken nose. This made me smile I was glad Gee was okay, maybe he'd go back to music loving comic book reading Gee?

I shrugged to myself and let the snow greet me. It wasn't just snowing now, there was a bitter wind and it hurt. On the floor was 2-3 inches of snow and it was still falling so heavy. Would they send us home? I boody well hoped so. I needed time to clear myself up, and think abotu what was going to happen at Gee's tonight.

I walked into art for them to tell us we were going home. What a fucking waste. I considered things for a moment and decided to go straight ot Gee's. I'm suire he wouldn't mind and if he did then oh well. I brought my arm up to my nose and smelled. Gee's smell comforted me, it was nice.

I started to walk freezing, and trying to see where I was going you couldn't see a 'cm' in front of you. It was horrible. All I knew is that maybe this snow was going to cause a lot more havoc then people wanted it too.

I passed my house and continued walking till I got to Gee's. I took a deep breath and walked up the path. I knew he's be pissed at me but I had to face him. I knocked and waited for an answer. I could hear music so I knew someone was in.

I knocked harder and the music stopped so I knocked again. They say third time lucky right. I guess that was right as Gee opened up the door. I looked down, I couldn't look in his eyes.

"Come on in Frank, we have a lot to talk about." I nodded and walked in. This night was going to be hard and personal I could tell already.
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