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Gerard: I was so glad he'd chose to come here. I didn't thing I'd see him till later maybe not at all. I'd disposed of the pill so, he couldn't get them back. I smirked at this if he'd just come back for them he would fail.
I walked infront of Frank and headed down to my bedroom(it was in the basement.) I sat on my bed and patted it I wanted himt o come and sit next to me. I knew i'd hug him though I wanted to, I needed too.

As he sat down next to me I looked at him. In my eyes he was honestly the most beautiful thing i'd seen in my life.

"Why did you take the pills Frankie?" I said it in a soft tone. I wanted him to tell me, to know everything he was thinking.

"I wanted all the emotion and pain to go away. I just couldn't take it anymore. I could've killed myself I know but...I didn't want there to ba a-anymore p-p-pain." he started to stutter as the tears ran down his cheeks. I'd never seen anyone cry this hard before.

It was horrible to watch, he was the person I loved and I couldn't do anyting. I settled for just resting my hand on his I knew it wouldn't help him, but it would help me. His touch sorted everything out, right now electric currents were going through my body.

"Frankie why do you cut yourself aswell?" I reached for the razor blade on my desk and held it in my palm. He gasped, I don't think he knew that I knew about the cutting thing. Of course I did I noticed every little change in him.

"A way to deal with things, when I feel the blood rushing out I feel like everything's okay. Like i'm alive again. I have thought about suicide but I came to that alternative instead along with the pils." I gulped I needed to help him no matter how hard it would be.

"Frank I'm sorry y'know about this morning. I want to be your friend. I think it will be great." I smiled a genuine smile at him and he flashed one back. God it was amazing and sent my heart into a sprint, it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest.

"You've got to let me help you aswell though Frankie. I'll supporrt you throught his be a friend to you." I wanted to be a lot more but I knew we couldn't. He was straight after all.
He nodded and hugged me. I hugged back and wanted this moment to last forever. This was near enough heaven for mae at the moment.

"Thank you Gee."

"It's okay." and with that I closed my eyes and just felt his body against mine.
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