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Frank: I didn't want to let him go. This was close to my special place right now. I knew I had to stop holding so tightly soon though, he probably felt so awkward. I tried to pull away but Gee's grip stayed firm.

I needed to pull away, he was stronger than me but I managed to get out of his arms. His eyes were full of sadness, I could tell but he was covering it with a smile though.

Maybe I was imagining it, I was so messed up what with the pills and self harm. I didn't know what to believe. My heart told me he liked me but my head there was this little voice at the back, it was telling me 'you mean nothing to him. He's using you. Get your revenge.'

The voice wouldn't stop. I wish it would, I needed it to go.
"You okay Frank?" I looked at Gee and nodded, he'd think I was mad if I told him. They would stop soon enough though.
"Can I go and get pansy? I have a feeling I'm going to be here a while and she, makes me feel relaxed." I blushed, it was stupid that a guitar could comfort you. Pansy was amazing though she'd only been part of my life since my birthday, but she was so easy to play and everything I could have ever wanted.

"Sure lets go now." he got up and I followed. I could hear some one playing bass somewhere in the house. Who ever it was, was really good. I put my jacket back on and my fingerless gloves, while Gerard had to put on his shoes and jacket.

I waited and opened up the door as 4 inches of snow fell in. Shit it was horrible out there, still in a blizzard form. I needed pansy though so I stepped into the deep snow and started walking. I was lucky I only lived a few doors away.

It took me and Gee about 5 minutes to walk to mine, purely because of the antartic conditions and the fact ot was so deep. I knew my parents wouldn't be home so I reached my hand into the flowerpot for the spare key. It took me about 2 minutes but finally my hand came across the freezing silver key.

"Gee stay here i'll be right back down." I didn't want him to come in as I was going to get a new razor. I was planning to cut myself tonight, even if I was at Gee's I didn't do it last night. I was going insane. I put pansy in her cas grabbed a rucksack and threw a few clothes in with some boxers. I didn't know how long i'd be at Gee's especially with the snow.

I sighed as I ran to the bathroom. Knowing perfectly well where the razors were. I grabbed the first 2 I found, this was because if Gee found one i'd have a backup one. I just prayed he wouldn't find them. I shoved them into the rucksack too and zipped it up. Picking up Pansy I ran downstairs. I saw Gee leaning against the door frame. He looked like someone out of a film. He was gorgeous. I stopped staring as he looked up at me and smiled.

Right let's face the snow. We looked out another inch had accumilated in such a short time.
"Shit, we've got to get back to yours though." and with that I stepped out into the snow. Gerard slamming the door behind me. It took us a good 10 minutes to get to his. I knew we probably wouldn't be going out anytime soon.

We were both soaked once we got in, but Gee still looked like an angel. I needed to hug him again feel his body against mine. Could I use being cold as an excuse? I ran these thoughts through my head but soon pushed them away.

"C'mon Frank let's get you dry your shaking." It was true I was, and quite violently aswell.
"By the way your not going home tonight." I nodded and followed him down to his room. Who would've thought a snow storm would bring us together?
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