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"By the way your not going home tonight." I made this a demand he'd have to follow. My heart was leaping and skipping beats. I knew it was only as friends, but i'd get to know the boy I loved tonight. Tomorrow would be the last day of school, but I had a feeling it would be cancelled. The snow would be too deep, and I had a feeling with christmas only a week away, my parents wouldn't be home.

Every christmas for the past 2 years we'd spent it without them. Just me and Mikey. I might aswell just be his legal guardian. The thought had come to me a few times but I soon shrugged it off. I loved my parents but I also hated them. It's hard to explain, it's like you love someone but you know your not important to them. Therefore you hate them and everything they do.

I felt the usual stinging in my eyes before I cried. I couldn't let Frank see me cry. I knew he knew who I was, but it was still awkward. My eye sight went blury and I knew I wouldn't be able to stop myself now. I felt something warm trickle down my cheek and it kind of hurt because, my cheeks were so cold.

"Gee what's wrong?" his voice was soft, and caring. Amazing aswell just like him. I started to walk away from him and he just stood there. I wanted to explain down in my room. Mikey was looking forward to a christmas with mom and dad this year. That wasn't going to happen now. This brought more tears to my eyes and when I got to my room I broke down.

Should I follow him? I wanted to but maybe he needed time alone. Gee was fine till we got back to his. Maybe he didn't want me here. I'd never been here before and I was thirsty, but I didn't know where the drinks were.

Instead I heard someone playing bass again. I didn't know who it was, or maybe it was a CD. That's when I remembered Mikey. Gerard's younger brother he lived with Gee aswell of course. I felt slightly stupid, as to not remember I guess I was just so focused on Gee though.

I walked up the stairs with pansy and followed the sound of bass. I'd never been up here and there was about 5 rooms. Why did they need them all? The bass playing of who I persumed to be Mikey was coming from a room, with a black door. I knocked and the playing stopped.

"Who is it?" Mikey probably didn't know who I was. I was in a dilema now run off, or tell him.

"Ummm...Fran..." The door unlocked before I could finish the sentence off.

"So you and Gee are finally friends?" he faded out near the end of the sentence and went red. Did Gee talk about me before?

"Yeah in a way I suppose we are. Oh and was that you playing bass?, you sounded amazing." Mikey went a deeper shade of red and nodded. Why was he so shy? I knew that maybe he wasn't of meant to have said anything about, me and Gee 'finally being friends' but still why?

"Well Mikey, can I put my guitar in here?" I had a feeling pansy would be safer in here, then in Gee's room. I didn't want him to get angry and take it out on pansy.

"Yeah sure, but who or what is pansy." I giggled and realised that i'd never met Mikes before. Yes i'm calling him Mikes now.

"She's my guitar." realisation swept across Mikes face and he smiled.

"You play well? Because Gee can sing and I can play bass."

"Yeah I'm alright." I knew I was pretty good. I had been playing guitar since I was about 5.

"Hahah well maybe we can create a band." I laughed and thought about it. That wouldn't be a half bad idea. I looked at Mikey and his face was serious.

"You really think we could do it?" he nodded and I handed him pansy before walking downstairs my head confused about the whole idea.

I'd trashed half my room. I was now settled on my bed crying again. Why was I such a gay at times. I knew I was but it doesn't mean I have to act it. Frank hadn't followed me, I was happy about that. I didn't want to take my anger out on him. I still hadn't forgiven myself about the couple of incidents before.

I fucking needed him now though. I wanted Frank's arms to be around me, to say it will all be okay even if it wasn't. I could believe a perfect lie. I grabbed the picture of my parents off my desk. I looked at it, that was before I got old enough to look after Mikey. They thought 13 was fucking old enough.

Tears dropped onto the glass covering.

"Darling were going to be gone for a few months were be back for christmas." my mom kissed my forehead. I knew they were doing this, so we had a better life. I didn't see why they couldn't take me and Mikey with them though. He was only 12 and needed his parents there. So did I.

"Okay mommy, i'm going to miss you and daddy." she kissed my forehead and smiled at me. Mikey was sat on the stairs unaware that our parents wouldn't be coming back after they left for work today. I knew in a way he understood, but it was still a lot to take in. Even for me it was.

"Donna get in the car now or we'll miss the flight to england." Dad shouted from the car, he was angry. Mom ran outside without a second look. It showed how much she loved us at that very moment.

I hit the wall and my fist went straight through it. It wasn't a soilid wall that's why. I looked over at Mikey and ran over to him, before placing my hand lightly on his shoulder. He seemed to flinch away from my touch but I kept my hand there. Before pulling him into a hug. We both then broke down.

"Gee, never go like mom and dad." I composed myself a bit before I though I could actually speak.
"I promise Mikey." and I closed my eys just holding my little brother.

I threw the picture over at my wardrobe and it shattered. They never were home that christmas. They said they couldn't get away. They shattered mine and Mikey's childhood. We couldn't be like normal children, I tried to let Mikey be one but he insisted to stay at home and help with the housework, or help me cook. I loved him for that more than he would ever know.

I hate the ending myself but it started with an alright scene.

I quickly got up and wrote down that line. I would write a new song soon and I think i'd just found my inspiration. My parents had shattered my dreams, life everything. One thing they hadn't shattered though ME.
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