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What Do You Want?

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Jenna learns that Elizabeth has been taken captive on the Black Pearl and somehow finds herself all alone in Cutler Beckett's office.

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I went home and managed to eat as little for dinner as possible. After that, I ran up to my room. There wasn't much to do there except work on my stitchery, which wasn't something I planned to be doing in the near future. It seemed so dull and ordinary to be working on something like stitching when there were pirates plundering and looting out there in the world outside my home.

The next two days went by quickly. On the third day, I heard a voice calling me from the parlor. Wondering what anyone could want with me, I got up from my bed and hurried downstairs. I was wearing an ordinary dress and had my hair pulled back from my face. There was no need to dress up unless I was going out.

When I reached the parlor, I quickly saw it was my father who can called me. He was sitting on the sofa with my mother. Mother was reading the bible and father was sitting up, looking very rigid and tense. My mother was always reading the bible, so that wasn't much of a shock. But my father's expression told me that something was very wrong.

Worried about what could possibly have gone wrong, I rushed to my father's side and put a hand on his arm. My bluish-green eyes searched his, "Father, what's wrong? What happened?" He couldn't speak fast enough for me. The anxiety was burning up inside me. I had always been an anxious person, but lately, it had gotten so much worse.

"It's your friend; Elizabeth," my father said, not meeting my eyes. When he said Elizabeth's name, my jaw dropped and I stood speechless for a few minutes. She was my best friend. What the hell could've happened to her? Luckily, father continued to explain, "Remember when Port Royal was attacked three nights ago?"

I remembered. Fortunately, we all lived at the edge of town. After barricading our doors and turning off the lights, we all huddled in the cellar. Surprisingly enough, we were completely left alone and nobody had been hurt. Of course, that didn't mean any of my friends had been hurt. Father said he would go out the next day and check to make sure everyone was alright. He had indeed gone out and had told me that nobody I knew had been injured or hurt. Was it possible that he had lied about Lizzy?

Needing to know what had happened, I looked over at my father with wide eyes, "What happened to Elizabeth? She's she?" I had no idea what I would do if my friend had died. I didn't think it would be possible for me to go on without her. She was my best friend, my supporter, and the only person who really knew me.

"No, she's not dead," my father trailed off. I waited for him to finish his sentence, but he didn't. That made me nervous. Biting my nails, I asked, "So what happened to her then?" Father sighed and finally met my eyes, "She was taken by the crew on the Black Pearl, the ship that was attacked. Nobody knows where she is now."

My jaw dropped. So Elizabeth was in the middle of the ocean? I immediately stood up and started pacing, "So is someone going after her? Someone's going to go get here, right?" My father gave me an uneasy look. To my irritation, he took a long sip from his tea before answering my question, "Commodore Norrington is trying to track down the Pearl at the moment."

I frowned, trying to figure out the meaning of that. Scratching my chin, I continued pacing and asked, "Are you trying to tell me that nobody is out there looking for her?" I couldn't believe that. Nobody was going after my best friend? How could that be? To my horror, my father nodded, "We must find the appropriate course to take before we send out ships looking for her."

That was too much for me. I had to know what had happened to her. Glaring at my father, I ran towards the door, shouting over my shoulder, "I'm going to speak to Commodore Norrington about this at once." My father protested, but I gave him no heed. I ran out the door and out to the streets. I would go to the docks and find James Norrington. That wouldn't be such an unpleasant task.

It took me about five minutes to reach the dock where the Dauntless, James' ship, was floating. Across from it, was an even bigger ship called "The Endeavor." It was said to be the fastest ship of the seven seas. Needing to find James at once, I ran up to the boat and started to board it when a hand reached out and stopped me. Looking up, I saw Theodore Groves.

"Groves!" I burst out, excited to see a familiar face. "They've taken Elizabeth! You know, the crew from the Black Pearl? We must go after her! Where's Commodore Norrington? I wish to speak to him immediately." Groves looked a bit taken back at my outburst. He stepped backwards and gave me just enough room to climb onto the ship.

"Miss, I don't think you should be on here," Groves told me nervously. "The commodore doesn't like it when people just come onto his ship without permission. Sorry." Groves looked across the ship. I followed his gaze and saw the commodore. No way was I going to just get off the boat. I had to let James know about Elizabeth at once.

Ignoring Groves' protests, I ran across the deck and went to stand next to the commodore. Forgetting my shyness temporarily, I tugged at his sleeve and said, "Commodore, Elizabeth's gone taken! She's your future bride. Mustn't you go after her?" I gave James a pleading look, hoping my argument would work even though I didn't like to think of Elizabeth as his future bride.

James shot me a sideways look before returning to what he was doing, "Oh, you're Elizabeth's little friend, aren't you?" I nodded and waited for him to go on. He sighed sadly and explained to me, "We cannot just go wandering off after pirates, Miss. They could be anywhere for all we know. The last thing I want is to get some of my men killed on a-"

"Sir, look!" Groves said, cutting off James' sentence. James and I both turned to follow Groves' finger. He was pointed at the Interceptor. A little rowboat, with Gillette in front, was speeding away from it. Gillette was waving frantically and pointing at the Interceptor, "They're taking over the ship!"

James' eyes widened and he started calling out orders, immediately forgetting about me, "Everyone to the Interceptor! Make haste!" Not having a clue what in the world was going on, I gave Groves a confused look and asked, "Taking over the ship? Who's taking over the ship? Isn't that James' ship?"

Groves nodded, "It is." He gave me a funny look when I said "James" instead of "Commodore Norrington" like I should have. Oops. Luckily, he didn't comment on it. Instead, he continued to explain, "Jack Sparrow, the pirate who threatened your friend the other day, and William Turner are taking over the ship. Apparently, William Turner let Jack out of jail in hopes that he could save Elizabeth."

I could tell Groves disapproved of this, but personally, I thought it was a smart idea. I would do anything at this point to get my dear friend back. Groves looked at me out of the corner of his eye and pointed to a small building a little ways away from the dock, "Why don't you go in there for now? Commodore Norrington should be less busy in a few minutes, but right now, he must figure out what William Turner and Jack Sparrow are up to."

Not really having a choice and certainly not wanting to upset James, I nodded to Groves. I ran back across the boat, slipped over the side of the ship, and dropped onto the deck. Watching The Dauntless out of the corner of my eyes (and perhaps James as well), I made my way through the bustling crowds and over to the building.

Once I was in front of the door, I looked at the building nervously. What exactly was this building and where was I? Standing anxiously in front of the door, I tried to decide whether to knock or not and whether to go in at all. With a sigh, I decided to go in. Looking around apprehensively as if I was doing something bad, I pulled the door open and slipped inside.

As I pulled the door shut, I looked around at my surroundings. The room I was in was dark. There was a man sitting in a fancy chair behind a desk with lots of assorted papers on it. When I entered, the man looked up and fixed me with a blue gaze. I recognized him instantly: it was Cutler Beckett! My heart immediately gave a flip flop and I gave him a nervous smile.

Cutler's eyes narrowed at me and he raised an eyebrow, "What are you doing here? This is an office where people work." He said that as if I were a stupid child and couldn't figure out that it was an office for myself. Stammering, I said, "Um...I was going to speak to Commodore Norrington, but he was busy, so Liuetenant Groves told me to come here."

Beckett thought about this and sighed, "Fine then. I'm not exactly sure when my office became a waiting room though." Shaking his head, he went back to his letters. I stood in the doorway awkwardly, unsure of what to do. There were chairs sitting in the corners of the room, but I didn't care sit in one of them because I didn't want to upset Cutler.

He looked up at me standing in the doorway and raised an eyebrow, "Well? Don't just stand there. Sit down." I nodded and sat in the velvet chair nearest to the door. Beckett waited until I sat down before returning to his papers. I sat there, unable to take my eyes off him. His skin was an ivory color, his cold blue eyes were gorgeous, and those full lips were irresistable.

Beckett jerked his head back up and gave me another dirty look. He stood up from his chair and fixed me with his eyes, "What? You want something, I can see that. You keep staring at me." Oops, he had caught me staring. I blushed a deep shade of burgundy and looked down at the floor to hide my blush. Stammering, I said, "N-no, Sir."

Rolling his eyes, Beckett came to stand in from of me. He tilted his head at me, "What do you want? Do you want me?" He raised his eyebrows curiously and added, "Keep in mind that I don't pay." I could care less about pay, but his second question made my head spin. Of course I wanted him. But I couldn't just go and say that now, could I? Finally, I nodded slightly.

"So you want to be my fuck toy then?" Beckett asked rather boldly, coming to stand even close in front of me. I could breath in his sweet scent now and it only made me want him more. Feeling kind of stiff and strange, I nodded again. Beckett's eyes widened, telling me that he didn't expect me to say yes to that question.

"Yes, you do want to?" he asked in surprise, peering at me with those blue eyes. Finally, I was able to speak, "Yes." Beckett gave me another incredulous look and replied, "Very well then. I could use something to release my tension. I won't be gentle though." He raised an eyebrow at me, giving me another chance to say no. I merely shrugged.

Deciding that he had given me enough warnings, Beckett shut all the windows and locked the door with an ominious click. He returned to me and stood in front of me. I looked up at him with wide eyes, hardly believing what was happening here. Beckett gave me a small smile, "Well? What are you waiting for then? Do what you want to do."

I had never done anything like this before. My mom had always told me that sex before marriage was evil. I didn't exactly believe that, but her rule had pretty much meant that I never had had a chance to have sex before. Now that I was given the chance, I felt a bit awkward and nervous. Rising to my feet, I took the edges of Beckett's gray jacket and removed it.

"Just put it on the chair," Beckett said, pointing to one of the chairs that he had told me to sit in earlier. I nodded and draped the jacket over it. Next, I moved my hands to the buttons on his gray vest. I slowly started unbuttoning them. I didn't dare meet his eyes as I slid the buttons apart. Beckett made no move and just watched me. I slipped off his vest and laid it next to his jacket. Next, was the white shirt that went underneath it all. My hands slipped under his shirt and pulled it up over his head. The only sound in the room was that of my nervous, quick breathing. I laid Cutler's shirt down and then hesitated.

Before I could think about taking off his pants, Cutler made a spinning motion with his hands, "Turn around." I did as I was told and wondered what he was doing. A minute later, I felt his hands flying over the strings that held my dress on. Only a second later, the dress dropped from my body. Before I could turn around, Cutler slipped my dressing gown off my head, leaving me completely naked.

I had never been completely naked before in front of a man. I instantly felt fat and worthless. A hand on my shoulder spun me around. I blushed as Cutler looked up and down my body. He made no comment. I couldn't decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing. At least he hadn't said I had an ugly body. That would've been hard.

Beckett unbuckled his pants and removed them along with his shoes. He folded my dress up and drapped it over one of the chairs by the door. Looking down at me, he pointed at the floor, "Lay down." I immediately did as I was commanded and lay on my back on the ground. My breath came quickly and my heart beat rapidly. I was about to have my first sexual experience ever. I hoped it wasn't overrated.
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