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Disclaimer. Please read before reading other chapters.

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Kevin, Krypto - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-05-17 - Updated: 2006-05-18 - 393 words


All Chaos Chronicles characters, unless otherwise stated, are mine. All characters in the DC Universe, including Krypto and the Justice League, belong to Warner Bros. and DC Comics. Other than fan fiction, their copyright laws protect all characters herein and hereafter (some fan fiction is subject to exclusion from this law).

Please note that this fan fiction piece and all others in the series are written in script format. Please remember that if in some description of a character or object you don't know exactly what I'm talking about (and trust me, there will be some of those), keep in mind that I will, more than likely, explain things.

Note that this fan fic requires some knowledge of the Justice League Unlimited members and Krypto characters. The Krypto characters all have descriptions written out for them, but no JLU members (except for Superman, because he's one of the main characters) have character descriptions. I will do my best to describe them all, but it takes too much effort to do so with such a tremendous amount of characters at my disposal. Also note that all Krypto and JLU characters don't appear until mid-Part 1.

The following is the guide key for my script format -

[CD] = Character Description
[OD] = Object Description
[A] = Action (basically, a paragraph of things happening)
[AD] = Action Description
[S] = Scene
[SC] = Scene Change
[N] = Narrator (not everyone in the fan fiction talks while still appearing)
[MD] = Move Description (you'll see how it's used)

This is my first experience with creative writing, so note that there may be some spelling mistakes (even though this is done on Microsoft Word), and some repetitive language.

Special recognition goes to - X-626 (for the use of one of his characters as a key role), Comickook, catfan1, Isaac6356, and all other members of that have helped inspire me or assist in my production of my overall ideas or complete key (which stores all information of character, object, action, and move descriptions). I'd also like to thank Wikipedia for pointing me out to (awesome sight that actually lets me use script format). Plus, thank any others that I might've missed.

Chaos Chronicles is a four-part series, and each one has several chapters (50+), each of which takes up about 13-17 pages in Microsoft Word on size 12 font. Yes, it's a long ride.

Let's finally begin!
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