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Who's Next After Megabyte

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Daemon's gone, Megabyte has gone into a strange depression, after "the hunt" began, and now a new enemy is going to appear, following G01011!

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Note: For those who are confused by computer language, I am also putting in the times.

Nano-second= second
Micro-second= minute
milla-second= hour
Second= day
Cycle= week
Minute= year
Hour= century

My first completed Reboot Fanfiction, so it may have one or two bugs left, but I got as many out as I could see. And now on with the show!

Chapter 1

The Problem with Megabyte

"The second's seem to go by faster. Ever since he found out that, his sister, Hexadecimal died, Megabyte has gone into some sort of, uncommonly among viruses, depression, which is making it easy to live, in one way, but hard in another. Will life in Mainframe ever be the same?" "What are you writing?" a long haired woman, with green hair and peach skin, asked. The boy turned swiftly around, and said, "AndrAla? I thought you were with Bob and Dot." "Are you kidding? Phong told me to let them be," AndrAla said. "Oh, well, it's a story about the peace of this world. I just wonder how long it'll last?" Enzo asked. "Try not to worry too much," Matrix said, "After all, that would be giving Megabyte the advantage." Matrix was a gangster-like form of an older Enzo. "Yes, he's right, Enzo," AndrAla said. Enzo had on
a blue outfit, with black boots, and a yellow belt and yellow shoulder guards. Suddenly a voice said, "Enzo, AndrAla, why don't you two take Frisket for his evening walk?" "Oh, Phong,
it's you!" AndrAla said. "Enzo, you've done enough writing for one day, my son, right?" Phong asked. The Enzos and AndrAla stopped what they were doing, and walked out. Phong was a box on wheels, with an E. T. shaped head, with glasses on, and he watched the three of them leave the Principle Office.
Three nanoseconds later, they were heading east towards where Hexadecimal had lived. Enzo was now a cadet. After a while, a loud voice said, "Warning! Incoming Game!"

Disclaimer: I do not own any Reboot characters, they belong to Rainmaker!
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