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Ronin Warrior Game

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Nano-second= second
Micro-second= minute
Milla-second= hour
Second= day
Cycle= week
Minute= year
Hour= century

Chapter 2

Ronin Warrior Game

As the purple game cube fell to the ground, it had fallen in an area, where Enzo, Frisket, the red and yellow dog, Matrix, and AndrAla were. Bob, Dot, Mike the TV, a television on legs, and #6, a numeral on legs, had also gotten in the game. "So, Bob, what game are we in?" #6 asked. "Hey alphanumeric, a giant castle in the sky. It's gigantic, huge, and strange, a U. F. O. Unreal..." Enzo said. "Don't get excited," Matrix said. "It's called Ronin Warrior The idea is to kill the user, save the planet, and protect two humans," Bob said, looking at Glitch, the keytool. "So, where's the user?" Dot asked. "He's at the final leval, waiting," Bob said, "One will have an object that will protect us, and destroy evil." "Alright everyone, Frisket, Reboot," Dot said.
As everyone hit their icons, five of them wore suits of armor. Enzo Matrix wore red, Enzo wore orange, AndrAla wore green, Bob wore dark blue, and Dot wore light blue. Mike the TV wore a necklace, and #6 had a laptop in his hand. Frisket now looked like a large black and white tiger. #6 said, "Hey, this has a map." Suddenly Mike started rambling, and at the same time, Bob looked up. Dot asked, "Bob, what's wrong?" "Nothing wrong, I don't think, just something strange," Bob said. "Well, what is it?" #6 asked. "Not sure, I've only caught this sense around guardians, and usually strong ones at that," Bob said. "Well, if it is here, maybe he can help, let's go," Dot said. "Yeah, you're right.
Mike, six, let's go," Bob said.
The group of 8 tromped down into a city-like area.
Bob was right, because there was someone there. Someone who had a black doughnut-like, golden icon on her chest. She also had long, green hair, purple skin, blue eyes, a wide, metal, cone, armored hat, and a monk's white outfit, with a golden staff. A boy was standing nearby her, and he had short red hair, with a red and blue Karate looking outfit on, with peach colored skin. "Guardians, huh? They might be able to lend a hand," the woman said, "Let's go, Andy." "Of course, G01011," the boy said.

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