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Winning the Game

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nano-second= second
micro-second= minute
milla-second= hour
cycle= week
minute= day
hour= year

Chapter 3

Winning the Game

As the group of 8 tromped down through several armored game sprites, and after about three nanoseconds, finally came upon the floating castle. "Okay, there's the castle, but how do we get in?" AndrAla asked. Bob was looking at glitch, and said, "We meet with someone, first." "Who else, in Mainframe is in here?" Dot asked. Suddenly, the two sensed before, landed.
"Hello, Bob, it's been a long time," G01011 said. "Who is this?" Dot asked. "I'm... I'm not sure, but she does look familiar," Bob said. "We met when you were first entering the academy, but right now, you need to make the user go Kaboom," G01011 said. "We need to get to the castle," Dot said. "Exactly, follow me," G01011 said.
The entire group started walking, and soon were underneath the castle. Once underneath the castle, G01011 pointed her golden staff towards the castle and a beam shot up to the top. "Here's your way up. Once you put the user out of his misery, we need to talk," G01011 said. Within 2 micro-seconds the user was destroyed, using the white armor, that was formed, after the energys merged together. Mike's necklace also helped delete the User. As the game cube lifted, a voice said, "Game Over!"
"Now who are you?" Enzo Matrix asked. G01011 had on a brown cloak, which covered a blue outfit, with black boots, and G01011 said, "Call me G01011, and this is Andy. Do you all remember the virus, Daemon. It attacked the
Guardians, before Megabyte was defeated, or so I heard." "Yes, that is true," Bob said. Bob now had short, metalic silver, split hair, and an outfit like the Little Enzo's "She had a brother," Andy said. "A brother?" Dot asked. Dot now had a brown commanding outfit on, with glasses and black boots. Dot also had green skin, with dark purple eyes, and short black hair, which was slightly contray to Bob's blue skin and golden eyes. "Why don't I like the sound of that?" Bob asked.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Reboot characters, Rainmaker does!
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