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Brother Virus

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nano-second= Second
micro-second= Minute
milla-second= Hour
second= Day
cycle= week
minute= year

Chapter 4

Brother Virus

"Listen, the virus doesn't care about control," G01011 said. "Then what does he care about?" Enzo, Dot's younger brother, asked. "The complete destruction of all gaurdians," G01011 said. Everyone including Mike stood thunderstruck. "At first, we thought it attacked viruses, but then we realized, that it used their drained power, to kill the guardians, that were at the now destroyed systems, that fell," Andy said. "That might explain why Megabyte has been acting so strange," Dot said.
"I take it this Megabyte is a virus?" G01011 asked. "How long has this been going on?" Andy asked. "We're not sure. His sister gave her life to destroy Daemon, and then he started to go on a hunt, but got into a depression. Now he hasn't left his sector in seconds," AndrAla said. G01011 and Andy looked at each other, and said "Uh, oh!"
Later, at the Principal Office, Phong asked, "G01011, where do you think it's headed?" G01011 pulled up a window, and said, "We've gotten a reading from a codemaster about that. The areas marked in red, have already been hit by the virus, before we arrived here. The red area was in a complete doughnut circle. "Alphanumeric," Enzo said. "Then it's heading straight for us," Dot said. "Listen well, the codemasters, sprites and even the guardians, that caused some problems are all teaming up, and sending out spies in groups of no more than three, to search for help, and it looks to me, like the
next game drop, will start the war," G01011 said.

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