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Chapter three-Everyone's Heart Doesn't Beat the Same

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Mikey and Gee talk(:

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We're still hudddled close together. I was enjoying the feeling of comfort and safety until anxiety crept over me as I thought of the reaction I would get from my brother. What if he got mad or upset? What if it made him hate me like it made Dad hate me?
"I-If I told you sometthing, something big, would you.. Can you promise me you won't be mad?"
"Gee?" worry inched across his face "Tell me what's wrong"
"Mikey I'm gay" I blurted out.
Seeing his expression turn my anxiety to remorse. I don't know what to do, Mikey is just looking at me with vague emotions on his face.
"Ah Jeez, I've fucked up again, umm i'll just leave" i said, forcing the tears back and got up from the couch.
Cold fingers wrapped around my wrist and Mikey tugged me back down onto the couch next to him.
"Gee," He started, looking me straight in the eye so I wouldn't drop my contact "I already knew that."
"What!? How could you already know that when I just admitted it to myself last year!"
"Gee" he laughed "I'm not stupid"
"How long have you known!?" I asked, still in shock of Mikey's knowledge, the kid was smart, but this was beyond it.
"But I only.. 'came out'.. last year. How did you know before I did!?"
"I must know you too well then, Gee." He smirked.
"Mikey, how did you know?"
"It's not like you didn't make it obvious"
I frowned, I couldn't think of one thing I had done to make Mikey think that I was gay.
"Gee, you never liked girls or asked them out or anything and when they would ask you, you would turn them down" He said, virtually reading my mind.
"Why didn't you ask me if I was gay or not then?"
"I didn't want to offend you or anything" It was understandable considering that I myself was avoiding my sexual interest for years.
"So you're alright with me then?"
"Absolutely, 100 percent. Why wouldn't I be?"
"I just thought because you... froze when I told you.."
He took my hand again and smiled.
"It's just the sudden realality of my theories coming true"
"Oh, I-I thought you were mad at me. I thought you were gunna tell me to leave or something"
Mikey looked at me in utter disbelief.
"Ask you to leave? You only just got here! Trust me Gerard, I havn't seen you in two year, I won't be asking you to leave anytime soon, we have A LOT to talk about..."

I smiled at my brother, he always had a way to make you feel like you're the only person in the world. He gives you the sensation of feeling wanted, no more like needed. He always knew how to make everything seem less uphill.

"..But we have a lot of time too, and you really need a rest now Gee, you look like you havn't slept in days"
"That's just a nice way of telling me that I look like shit." I mumbled with amusement.
Mikey shugged his shoulders. "Just trying to help" he smiled at me.
"Lets go" He said as he stood up and picked my bag up.
"Umm, Mikes? Where will I be sleeping?"
Mikey spun around to face me.
"In your room, Gerard.. Where else?" He said to me as though if I had just asked if the sky was blue.
"M-My room is still here?"
He let out a sigh and shook his head.
"Enough with the absurd questions, Gee."
"Sorry, just not used to this"
"Used to what?"
"Um, well, love and care"
"Hah, a bit cheesy, Gee." He said and winked. "What would you expect from your own brother?"
He handed me my bag.
"I trust you know your way to your room, or are you still in your thick-headed mode?"
Poking my tounge out at him, I walked down the hall and too the door leading to my bedroom.
My bedroom was in the basement under the stairs and Mikey and Mom's were upstairs. I liked having mine down here. It feels like I'm in my own little world. I opened the door, excited to return to my sanctuary.

The door creaked open and I stepped inside. I shut it gentally behind me, not wanting to wake Mom. I made my way down the stairs and switched on the light at the bottom. The light flickered on almost immediatly, which was odd because it hadn't been used for some time.
I looked around my room. The band posters, the art supplies, the cds, it all welcomed me as I stared, letting a smile apear upon my lips. My eyes moved to the bed, it was neatly made, which was odd seeing as I left in such a rush and didn't bother making it.
the overall darkness of the room made me feel at home. I dumped my bag at the end of the bed and kicked my shoes off, then falling backwards onto the bed. The familiar comfort that the bed posessed washed over me and I instantly fell asleep, above the covers and fully dressed.

But I couldn't care less.


Heellooo(: sorry if this chapter isn't very good, but Frank comes in on the next one and it will get a LOT more interesting haha. I re-read through the first chapters and realised that there are quite a few spelling errors, Im sorry I sometimes only have time to write at night so i was pretty tired, ill get better soon though and so will this story(: Thank you so so so much for reading and thank you so so so so so so so much to the people who reviewed and rated, it means so much to me(: thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx . I will post more tomorrow(:

Ohh and sorry that this chapter is so short. They do get longer(: xx
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