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Chapter four-Your Playground Eyes

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Frank goes over to Mikey's house.

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Loud, irritating beeping jolted me awake from my sleep. My alarm clock had saved me, once again from my dreaded nightmares. But this one was not like the rest. It seems that each night they become more and more graphic and realistic but this one was different...

i stumbled aimlessly through a graveyard, not know how or why I ended up here.
The feeling of an eternity of emptyness ran through my veins as I shuffled through the foggy grounds. i felt in my heart that I wasn't here by coincidence. I started to freak out, mixed emotions washing over me. I was scared, I usually liked going to cemeteries but this one just seemed to give up a non peacefull vibe, like the atmosphere carried dread and regret.
The bitter cold air stinging my skin as it whipped past me in an overpowering gust of wind, forcing me to tumble over backwards and smacked my head hard, i closed my eyes tight until the pain stopped, when i opened my eyes i wasn't in the grave yard anymore, I was in a room. It was making me feel uncomfortable. I started panicking again as i looked around me. The room wasn't big, white stone floor and white walls. A navy blue door stood at the far right coner. 'Anything to get out of here, ANYWHERE is better than here' I thought to myself and started running to the door, only to see it moving further and further away with each step i took.
I covered my mouth with my hand and began to wimper silently, starting to feel claustrophobic. I started hyperventalating, trying to scream out for someone to help but no words left me throat. I colasped onto the floor, noticing something.. it had turning red. I stood up, my distressed feelings distracted by curiosity. I looked at my once black clothes, they were stained red too.
I stiffened as realisation came to me. The floor was slowly pooling over me, already past my ankles and heading for my knees. The sight of blood made me nauseous and i stumbled around not knowing how i was going to escape.
"Don't worry, Frankie" breathed a voice, not the sort I would have expected in a place like this, No this voice was gental and kind, it almost relaxed me.
I looked around seeing no one around, I wanted to hear the voice again. I wanted to die hearing that voice. I wanted to know that it wasn't my mind playing tricks on me.
The blood now at my ribs i diverted my attention and focus to try and find the sorce of the voice.
"Please, Help me, please" I begged in my mind, seeing as my voice no longer remained
"I'm here," The voice whispered into my ear again.
The blood was past my head now and I was stuggling to stay afloat.
And as my last seconds drifted away, I knew not to be scared.

I wasn't alone.

Someone was there, someone will look after me

Each night I was having nightmares, I didn't even bother telling Mom anymore, she would just get me "help" which really meant wasting time and money on me talking to someone who I'm just going to lie to anyway.

I got out of bed and groaned as i turned the alarm off, slamming my fist on it so hard that I'm sure it would break, not that that would be a problem.
I stepped lazily into my bathroom and looked into the mirror. I smiled at my reflection, I didn't look how I looked most mornings. My face wasn't as ashened and my eyes still had the sort of bright flicker to them, I looked a lot better than usual. I liked this change, usually i hate staring into the mirror, all i see is a short, thin teenager with scruffy dyed black hair with a fringe going over his eyeliner overload eyes. I didn't care too much, i mean you are your own sight, I really cannot be fucked thinking about what others think of me.

I pulled my tight black skinny jeans over my slim legs and threw on the first tshirt i could find when i heard Dad call my name.


I smiled as i ran down the stairs into the kitchen where my dad held the phone out for me. I took it and returned to my room.

Hey Frank, it's Mikey
"Hey man, what's up?"
Um.. heaps Mikey laughed
Long story, do you want to come over?
"Ah, yeah sure. Be at yours in 20 minutes"
Kay, see you soon
"Yup, Bye"
I hung the phone back on the hook in the kitchen.
"Who was that?" My mom asked as she sat at the table drinking coffee.
"Mikey, I'm going to go over to his"
"But its only 9"
"Yeah, but he wants to talk or something"
"Oh, alright, but be home before 8"
"Mhm" I said and left the room to go get ready.
I atmepted taming my hair by straightening it which made it do what i wanted it to do a bit more. Re-applying my eyeliner from last night I picked up my phone and walked out the door.
Mikey only lived a few blocks from me so it was a short walk. I love having my best friend so close, it makes me feel safe and like im always welcome somewhere, but thats just the impression mikey pulls off.

I rounded the corner and started my way down Cemetery Drive and then up the path leading to Mikey's home.

I knocked twice on the door and It swung open..


Frank stood at the door wearing his usual skinny jeans and converse.
"Hey!" He said, giving my a short wave.
"FRANK!" I called and hugged him.
"What, were you expecting someone else?" He joked, dramatically acting offended.
"Of course not"
He laughed as I lead him into my room.
I hopped onto my bed and he sat down next to me, making himself comfortable.
"So," He started, looking at me. "What's up?"
"Well, you know my brother-"
"Wait wait wait, you have a brother!?" He asked, sitting up more.
"Some best friend you are, Frank" I laughed
"Hey, you can't talk much," He smiled at me. "Go on"
"My brother- the one that went with my dad when he and mom separated?"
"Ohhhh," Frank said, suddenly coming into realisation.
"Yeah, well he came home today!"
"Really!? Wow, that's great Mikes. I will have to meet him,"
"Yeah, well he's asleep in his room right now"
"How long has it been since you last saw him?"
It was one of the things i loved most about Frank, you didn't feel like you needed to hide anything and you can trust him with anything, knowing that he won't judge or see you any different than he did before.
"About two years"
"Two years! Woah, why did he co-" A loud scream came from downstairs which cut Frank off.

He looked at me in alarm and we jumped up and ran down the stairs where we could hear soft sobs.. Frank was the first to find the sorce...

Frank's P.O.V

A room which I have never been in before was open, letting the light cascade into it, showing stairs. That was the general direction of the noise.
"Down there, Mikey" I said, pointing to the door.
"Gerard's room?" He said quietly, more to himself than to me.
I presume that 'Gerard' is the name of his brother.
I can only remember Mikey telling me about him once before. I only became friends with him a year ago and I could tell that it upset him to talk about it and i regretted pestering him to tell me why he was down. He had told me that he missed his brother, but other than that I had never heard Mikey speak of another sibling and I wouldn't dare bring it up again. The pain and hurt in his eyes was too much to bare. I didn't want to upset the only good friend I had.

I let Mikey go down the stairs. Incase it was something that I wasn't aloud to see, I waited at the top of the stairs and watched Mikey go down. Mikey's face relaxed and he gave a soft smile. He looked up at me and gestured me to come down. I ran down the stairs and saw Ms Way in a tight embrace with a tall teenage boy. Ms Way's tear stained face resting on his shoulder as Gerard held her. He nodded at me and I smiled. He was tall, not as tall as Mikey though, and had jet black hair the was scruffy and flicked over his face. He had deep Hazel eyes that were underlined with black eyeliner. He had pale skin, flawless. A soft smile spreading over his lips while he was hugging his mother, still not taking his eyes from Mikey and I. He looked so perfect..
Wait.. What!? Did I just describe another guy as perfect. I frowned to myself. Blocking out the butterflies that rose in my stomach, must have been something i ate....
I felt me cheeks redden.. Hmm its hot down here.. Yeah, Im just feeling hot..
Ah Jeez who am I kidding?
His beautiful eyes locking onto mine was what was causing this...
No, no, no I'm straight! I've had girlfriends before. Plus Gerard is Mikey's older brother, it would be wrong on so many levels if I was gay for him

Which is good... because I'm not...

Am I?

No! I'm not.
But why do I want to be closer to him, why do I want to hear his voice, I bet it's a angelic as his eyes, the eyes that I'm getting lost in at this very moment...

Oh god, what have I gotten myself into...
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