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Chapter 5

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*Frank's POV*

"Gerard, you can't be serious. Just take the night off, we can explain everything to them later."

"Yeah, just this one night, they can find someone to fill in for us!" I yelled after him as Bob and I tried to find Gerard.
He was demanding that we did the show tonight.

"I'm fine!" he called from the top of the bus. He'd been hiding up there for the past 3 hours.

"Fucking hell, mate, get down from there!" Bob shouted, Mikey and ray had gone to the other side of the festival grounds to look for him.

Gerard sat, legs crossed near the front of the tour bus roof, "I want to do tonight's show." he called down.

"Then you'll have to get down, we can't do it with our singer on the roof." Bob shouted back up.

I got out my phone and called Mikey,

"Hey, it's Brian, Mikey's just getting drinks, have you found him yet?" the voice on the other line said.

"hey, yeah, nice to know he is out looking hard for his brother, yeah we found him, he's on the roof." I replied.

"THE ROOF! GET HIM DOWN!" Brian yelled, I could hear Mikey and Ray in the background.

"Give me the phone!" Mikey shouted, half concern half anger in his voice.

"Mikey, calm down, he's fine, he's just sat on the bus roof." I tried to calm the now hysterical Mikey Way down as they came back to the bus.

I looked up to Gerard, he didn't look drunk OR high, he just seemed... lost in his head. He was staring off in the distance somewhere. I follwed his gaze and he had been staring at The Used tour bus.

He had been looking for him .

Not taking my eyes off of my best friend (well, one of) I gave my phone to Bob, leaving him to deal with the yelling Mikey. I walked around to the back of the bus and climbed the small metal ladder up to the roof.

"Hey, Gee." I said as I stood on the cold metal, "Can I come join you." I was trying to act as casual as possible, I had to be sure he wasn't on anything right now. He nodded and patted the space next to him.

Jesus, I didn't realise how high it is up here, and I don't do heights. I crossed my legs, sitting next to him, out of the corner of my eye I looked to see if he had any empty bottles or foil around him.


He held out a hand in front of me, it was shaking really badly and looked me dead in the eye.

"2 days," he said, "2 days and I've had nothing." a very faint smile crossed his lips.

I tried my hardest to return it but I couldn't, he'd done this before, said he'd stopped, not had anything for a few days, then gone on a giant binge then almost kill himself.

"Good," I took a deep breath, "You sure you want to play tonight, it isn't too late to call it o-"

"GERARD!" Mikey and Brain yelled at the same time, making us both jump out of our skins.

"What!" he shouted down.

"Come down." Brian replied.

"I'm fine thanks."

"Is Frank up there with you?"

"Yeah, I am." I replied.

"I don't want go back." Gerard said quietly, resting his head on my short shoulder.

"You don't have to, just go along with it... for now. I know," I said, sitting up a little " How about, just before dawn we come up here and watch the sun rise, that would be so cool. The others dont have to know about it. Our little thing."

His eyes had a little sparkle in them and a grin spread across his face, "Everyday?"


He nodded slowly, "Okay." He stood up and slowly made his way to the ladder. I watched his head bobbed out of view and I made my way back also, taking one last look at the Bus he'd spent most of the afternoon staring at.

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