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Early Sunrise Over The Tour Bus

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hehe, listening to Eaery sunsets over monroeville and was inspired for the title

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*Franks POV*

My watch beepped twice saying it was 4:30 am, I sat up rubbing my eyes, I looked over at Gerards bunk. He was fast asleep and I really didn't want to have to wake him.

Sleepily I swung my legs over the side and lowered myself down, carefully as not to wake the others, I leaned over him.

His little pink lips pouted slightly in his sleep,and his long brown eyelashes brushed his cheeks, I found myself smiling at this.

I put a hand on his shoulder and shook him gently, "Gerard, wake up" I whispered, in his ear.

"hhh,mmmmmm" he groaned slightly, waking up, his greeny brown eyes fluttered open, "Frank? What time is it?" he mumbled rubbinf the sleep from his eyes.

"About half 4, wanna come watch the sun?" I said quietly, I froze when Ray shifted in his sleep, but he didn't wake up.

Gerard sat up, "Sorry, I forgot about that, where is my jacket?" he was a bit more awake now.

I looked around, his Misfits hoodie was hanging over the back of one of the chairs. I chucked it at his as he stood up.

"How you feeling?" I said, watching him from the bus door.

"I don't know, it's stupid o'clock in the morning, my brain isn't functioning, Where's the coffee?" he asked walking toward me.

"No coffee, we can go back to sleep after the sun comes up." I said smiling, cheekily.

"Seriousl-" he started, talking louder.

"shhhhh," I laughed a little and opened the door, the cold morning air hit me like a slap to the face, but it was nice after a bit, very good to wake me up.

We climbed silently to the top of the bus, the sky lightening very slightly.

We sat,side by side, on the bus roof, facing the east, waiting for the sun.

"It's so quiet." Gerard said, leaning back on his elbows.

He was right, we seemed like te only people in the world right now. No living soul was awake around us, all te bands wer fast alseep in their buses, the festival managers were all away to. From up here we could see the vast ocean of tents that covered the feild near by, they were all asleep to.

"Yeah..." I said slowly, watching some earlymorning birds flypast, singing.

The sun slowly crept up along the horizon, sending the sky into a mind blowing pinky and blue colours, the sky was almost perfectly clear. A few wispy pink coulds streaked across the sky.

I looked at Gerard. He looked so perfect in this light, the new days sun shadowed his calm expression, his eyes lit up in watching the un-chaotic world around us.

"Gerard." I said, breaking the silence, he looked at me smiling slightly, myeart crashed against my ribs.

"Yeah?"He said, leaning in closer.

I moved closer and could smell him, ciggarette and coffee(somehow) at this distance I was pretty pleased he'd had a shower the night before.

He surprised the hell out of me when he leaned in and our lips collided. He was gently, yet there was longing in his kiss. His tongue traced along my bottom lip, hitting my cold metal lipring, eating it slightly with his sweet breath. I curled my fingers into his shaggy black and red hair, wanting more of him, he put his hands against my back, pressing his warm chest onto mine.

"I love you Bert." he whispered in my ear.


DUN DUN DDDUUUUNNN O MY GOD GERARD! Ahhhhh what on earth will happen! oxoxo M
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