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And this was only the beginning.

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Shoes and Soda.

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I looked up and smiled at Ray, 'What was that for?' I asked.

'Just felt like it' He smiled back

'It was nice' I said.

I'd never seen Ray in that way before, but after that I was started to, I didn't know whether it was wrong of me too, but I just did. We walked back down to the basement and everyone looked over.
The paranoia washed over me, did one of them know? Then they went back to what they were doing, what would it matter if they did anyway. I was standing in the corner of the room, Ray had gone over to his guitar and Frank, Emma walked over to me.

'Evie, what happened, you look like your gonna burst with happiness'

Emma was my best friend, had been for longer than I could remember, she knew when something had happened without me even saying anything.

'Ray kissed me' I whispered making sure noone else could hear me.

Em kept her voice low too 'Awwww Evsss! thats adorable! so what you gonna do from here?'

'I dunno Em, I haven't really thought about it, suppose i'll just see what happens'

'Aww man' Emma couldn't wipe the big cheesey grin off her face, she was sure to give it away.

Just then the door knocked, 'Hello Mrs Way, Is Gerard in?'

'Yes Gia, they're in the basement, carry on down'

Great, me and Em went and stood over by Ari.
I glanced at all the guys and they gave me a look to assure me they'd keep shut.

'Heyyy babee' Gerard said hugging her.

I could feel not only my anger growing but everyone elses.

Becca was trailing behind Gia, she stood in the corner, messing with her ipod, I saw Gerard look over at her 'Hey becca, sit down if you like'
She smiled and took a seat on the couch, 'be back in a minute' Gerard said.

He and Gia ran upto her room, I didn't even wanna know what they were gonna do.
I walked over and sat next to Becca, I felt bad for her.

'Hey becca, you alright?' I asked.
She put down her ipod.

'Erm yeah thanks you?' She replied.

'Yeh im good' I think this was the first time i'd ever heard her speak.

'I feel kinda bad just coming over, you guys don't mind do you? I didn't really have a choice' Becca said, Gia had obviously forced her.

'Nahh its cool' Mikey replied 'Maybe we can all get to know you, you seem cool'

'Thanks' She said shyly.

'What you listening to?' Mikey asked.

'Misfits' She replied.

'Oh my god I love Misfits!' Mikey practically yelled.

Beccas eyes grew wider and before I knew it she and Mikey were sat having a full blown conversation.

I sat on the floor with Ari, 'Do you think she knows?' Ari asked me.

'I dunno, I'm so tempted to ask, but it's whether she'll tell Gia' I said

'I know, we need to be sly about it' Ari replied, 'but i like her a whole lot more than Gia'

Ari's P.O.V

Frank whistled, 'Ari, come here!'

I got up and walked over to him, he grabbed my hand, 'I have a plan!' He said excitedly.

'Ohh Iero! I can't wait, your plans are always very cunning'

He leaned to my ear and began to whisper.

I looked at him, 'I'm impressed Frankie, this ought to be fun'

We heard Gerard and Gia heading back down, Frank took his shoes off and I started to leave the basement, 'I'm going to get drinks!' I shouted, shoving past Gia on my way up the stairs causing her to grunt.

I went to the kitchen and poured 9 glasses of soda, put them on a tray and headed back down. When i entered the basement, I looked down to see Franks shoe ahead of me, as I walked forward, Gia was also infront of me. As I walked quicker, I 'tripped' over Frankies shoe, the tray of Soda flew into the air and landed on Gia, and Frank was just aside to catch me as i fell. I fell on him and we both sniggered.

'What the fuck!' Gia yelled 'I'm soaked, you fucking did that on purpose! You fucking bitch!'

'Wow Gia, it was obviously an accident, don't talk to her like that shes my cousin' Gerard said.

Everybody else stood with their jaws on the floor.

'Fuck this I'm going home! C'mon Becca!' Gia yelled as she walked off.

Becca turned and waved at us all. We all smiled.
Gerard ran after Gia as she stormed out of the Way household.

Me and Frankie high fived each other and collapsed into fits of giggles.

Revenge was sweet, and this was only the beginning.
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