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Guys with tattoos

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Letters and Lockers.

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Beep Beep Beep Beep
I stretched my arm and whacked my alarm clock. I groaned and dragged myself out of bed, I wasn't a morning person at all.

'Ariii, you up?' Mikey shouted

'Yes' I grunted, now Mikey was someone who was a morning person, damn him for being so happy at this hour.

I went and took a shower and then dried my hair, my hair fell naturally into curls, I considered straightening it but didn't think I'd have time. I got dressed into black skinnies, blue converse and a grey hoodie. I picked up my bag making sure my sharpie was in there, I never went anywhere without it, and went downstair to be greeted by a very eager Mikey.

'Lets go lets go lets go' He yelled.

'Woah Mikes whats the hurry?' I asked still half asleep.

'We have French first, c'monnnnnnn' He said.

I didn't understand why he was so eager, French with Ms. Clay was far from interesting.

We got in Gerards car and waited for him to come out. When we were on route to school we picked Frankie up on the way, he climbed in the back next to me.

'ARIIIIII' he yelled.


Frankie eyed me suspiciously and I looked down, he had an elastic band in his hand.
And Mikey was sat infront of him, oh dear, before I knew it he'd flung the band off the back of Mikeys head.

'OWWW FRANK YOU ASSHOLE!' Mikey shouted.

Well atleast his eagerness had gone now.

I let out a small giggle, hoping Mikey didn't hear. When we got to school, the bell went straight away, me Mikey and Frank walked to French to find Em standing outside waiting.

'Hi Guys' She said. We all said hello back and went in the class to our usual seats on the back table.

We were doing speaking today in pairs, practising for the oral exam.

'Right, so you oral exams in two weeks, so we need to be getting this spot on! so in your pairs!' Ms. Clay said.

Frank giggled as soon as she said the word oral.

'Yes Mr. Iero, we all understand that you have realised the word oral has more than one meaning, now get on with it' Ms Clay said.

'God Frankkkk, your so immature, grow up' I said to him.

'You know you were dying to laugh too' He replied.

We got out the dictionary and looked up all the rude and funny words and made sentences from them, we needed something to pass the time as we both knew we wern't gonna pass this subject.

Mikey and Emma were deep in French conversation, they were both really good at it, However Mikey looked eager to say something. Then he said, 'J'adore Tu Emma' and Emmas jaw dropped.

I snatched the dictionary from Frank, Mikey had probably said it infront of us as he knew we were both shit at French, I flipped through the pages J'adore Tu: I love you


I wrote Frank a note, and he looked at them at put his hand over his mouth, I smiled at him, it was cute.

I decided to make another conversation so they wouldn't know I'd heard. I rolled up Franks sleeve and studied his tattoos, they were amazing.

'I love guys with tattoos' I said.

'Ooo was that a hint Ari?' He replied

'Oh shit, I didn't realise i'd said that out loud'

'But you do right?'

'Yeah, especially yours Frankie' I traced my finger up his arm, 'hey can i draw one on you' I said, he giggled and nodded.
I grabbed my sharpie out of my bag and found a space on his arm and wrote i love Ari :)

'I love it, I might never wash it off' Frank said.

'Its permanent marker anyway' I said bobbing my tongue out.

'Anyway we need more Gia revenge' Frank suggested

'Ooo yes!' I said rubbing my hands together, 'how about a note through her locker'

Frank grabbed some paper and wrote in block capital letters:
Hello Gia,
We all know what you've done
And don't worry, we're still watching you
And we will get you,
bit by bit, we'll take everything you have away,
you disgusting bitch,
your going to hell.

Frank signed the bottom with just a kiss. No name, well obviously not.

He raised his hand 'Can I go to the toilet?'

Ms Clay nodded 'me too?' I asked

She nodded again and shooed us out, I think she was just glad to get rid of us.

We ran down the corridor to the lockers, I stood by the corridor on watch out while Frank slipped the letter through the slits in Gias locker.
As soon as we got back to class the bell rang so we grabbed our bags and left, as we walked down the corridor we saw Gia, about to open her locker.
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