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Chapter #2

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More of the same. Trying escape Battery City to get to the zones. Hope you enjoy!

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Clothed in the standard all white uniform he was riding a Better Living Industries motorcycle and coming up quick. I ducked into an alley to the right. It conected with a street that ran parallel to the one I had just been on. I heard the Draculoid race past my hiding place an breathed a sigh of relief. I decided to take the other road to avoid being seen in any rearview mirrors. The city was much different at night. It looked hollow with out the peopl-as brain dead as they were- walking around in it. Battery City was so spotless, but at they same time so flawed. The only sounds I could hear were my shoes against the slightly damp pavement and a couple crickets.
I could just barely see the outline of the swing set and slide at the park. I turned right into another alley. Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into an abandoned building. I gasped.
"Calm down it's just me." Shark whispered.
"God, you startled me. Do you have to be so sneaky?" I asked. I could barely tell that he shrugged because of the lack of light. My eyes were just starting to adjust when a figure clad in all black came in.
"I'm ready," he said;then turning towards me said, "and who might you be?"
"Azure Shore, and you?"
"Hmm...How about Bunny? Yep, I'm Bunny."
"Nice to meet you Bunny. Umm... Do you mind me asking why Bunny?"
"Don't mind at all. Seems to me that most would want to pick a tougher name, so I did the oppisite, just to mix things up." Re-examining him now that I could see him bettter, it was obvious why he didn't feel a need to play up his toughness. He was completely decked out in all black heavy metal gear. The chains on his pants looked much heavier than those on mine and his hair looked like the black-haired version of the infamous and fabulous Killjoy Party Poison.
"Lets get moving. If we want to get to Zone 2 by tomorrow we need to leave now." said Shark.
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