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Chapter #3

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Continuing the journey! Will the killjoys escape the clutches of Better Living Industries, or fail and pay the price? Hope you enjoy it! If you've got extra time leave a comment or suggestion!

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With that we were off. We silently marched our way down the street. After a while we heard a Draculoid and we followed Shark into yet another alley. We all crouched down in a shadow, jammed up against the wall. This time it was two of them in a ebony car that bore the Better Living Industries logo on it's doors and hood. They stopped the car and put it in park. The pair got out and looked around.
Both were in uniform and one was shorter than the other. The tall guy walked over, into the alley way.
"Something is amiss. But what? Where?" The tall one said emotionlessly, in a flat tone
"No disturbances that I can detect." The short one said in the sme dead tone.
"I will search if you will not." The tall one declared. Bunny silently pulled out some sunglasses and just as quietly put 'em on. I pulled up my bandana over my mouth and nose. Shark shoke his head to say that it wouldn't be necesary, but Bunny proceeded to pull up a bandana of his own. We were ready for battle, but the thing was neither him nor I had a Lazer Gun. Shark had one holstered at his waist, but he was sure there wouldn't be a fight.
After some minimal searching the tall Draculoid seemed to think that everthing was undercontrol. He started to chat with the other. It seemed completely un-humanly though because the whole time he used the same flat, cold tone, as did the other. My legs started crampind from kneeling like that so long. Shark just sat, still as stone, waiting and watching. Bunny nervously shifted his weight to his other leg, then back to the other, then continued the cycle twice more.
The Draculoids-luckily-started slowly walking back to their car.
"On the count of three we high tail it outta hear. Understood? One...Two...Three!" All three of us sprinted out and ran as hard as we could. I didn't bother looking back. We just ran. It was incredible! I felt so free. And I felt I truly belonged with them, we were family.We ran 'til we couldn't run anymore. Sadly, we had much further to go and not long to go it in.
"How much futher?" I asked breathlessly.
"Much," Shark replied. "and that's just 'til we get to the car." We were still in Battery City, but at least we had made progress. "We're probably a little more than half-way there."'
"Hey Azure?" Bunny said.
"If your tired I could carry you." I couldn't tell whether he was smileing or grining.
"No way! I don't need anyone to carry me. I'm fine! Do you really think I can't even walk?"
"Hey, just offering. No offense intended." He said defensivly.
"Well thanks for the chivalry, but I'm just fine, thank you." We walked on for an hour, then jogged to cover more distance during the ever decreasing time. If we didn't make it out before the town woke up we'd be captured, tortured, then killed or worse. I shuddered just thinking about having to go back and sped up. After another hour of jogginng I knewthat time was running out.
"Do you think we'll make it?" I asked Shark.
"We have to, and we will. Speaking of that we should pick up the pace." I nodded and obediently sped up. "Hey guys we're a little more than three quarters of the way through. If we can run the rest of the way, we can make it." With fresh hope we ran, trying to keep a steady pace so we wouldn't run out of breath. My lungs burned and I felt a bit dizzy. My shirt clung to my back, sticky from the sweat. Fortunatly though, I didn't stink 'cause I had taken a shower before I left and put on pefume, deodorant and what-not, anticipating running but never imagining this much. My feet had long passed up sore and were now numb, meanwhile my heartbeat was through the roof.
Then I saw the dreaded sign. The sky had the faintest hint of light.
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