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Chapter #4

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The sun is comming up and the town is waking up. Will the killjoys make it out in time?

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We had to get out. NOW. We couldn't not make it out. We just couldn't! Straight ahead I saw the boundary wall. Everything started to have a pinkish tint. Sunrise meant death.
"GO! GO! GO! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" Shark hollored at us. He pulled his bandana up and Bunny and I did the same. Shark's hand went down to his holstered Lazer Gun.
"Is it guarded?" I shouted (he wouldn't have been able to hear me otherwise).
"Hell yeah! There changing shifts in 6 minutes or so. We have 7 minutes to get there." replied Shark.
"Can we make it?" I nervously asked.
"We don't have much of a choice, princess." Bunny said gravely. We all sprinted. Our feet pounded the concrete harder than our hearts pounded in our ribcages. The early morning air seared my lungs. My feet were so sore that each stride was torture. I was sure that any second my legs would give out and I'd hit the pavement.
There was a chain link fence I hadn't seen. How did I miss it? I jumped and hit the fence hard, scrambling up and over. I hit the ground running. The three of us made a backwards v shap as we ran: Shark ahead, Buny and I following. The wall was getting closer and the Sun was chasing us and gaining. Shark veered to the left and we followed. The ground was a dusty orange sand here, which made breathing much more difficult. Now that we were closer to the wall it was clear it would be immpossible to climb.
"This way." Shark said, directing us towards an oven sized hole in the wall. We all dove into the wall. Bunny, me, than Shark, who sealed the hole behind him.
"Okay... here's the plan. There's a couple shrubs and trees about 30 feet from here. We get there, get in the car, and floor it. I'm driving. Understand?" We nodded. "Bunny open the door on the signal. 3...2...1 GO!" We barreled through the hole towards the grove. I heard it seal behind Shark.
We crashed into the bushes and hopped into the car. The engine roared to life and true to his word he floored it.
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