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Chapter 12

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Bert's fucking up Gerard, and Frank can't stand it.

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Frank’s POV
We were going to be on stage in 6 minutes and Gerard was nowhere to be seen. No one had seen him since the big fight and I was really starting to worry.
“Five minutes everybody! Where the fuck is Gerard?” Our manager yelled.
Ray walked in. “I don’t know! We can’t find him anywhere!”
“He better not be doing anything stupid.” Mikey rolled his eyes.
“Last time I saw he was making out with Bert on the sidewalk.” Bob said.
Everyone’s eyes widened and simultaneously yelled, “What?!”
I could not fucking believe him; he couldn’t forgive me but he can forgive a piece of shit like Bert after he fucking raped him? I've never felt so hurt. Tears threatened to fall but my feelings switched back to anger as I saw Gerard and Bert walk into the room stumbling over each other and laughing.
“Hey guys sorry I'm late” My stomach twisted up in a knot when I saw that his eyes were bloodshot and heavy.
Mikey didn’t look at him. “Whatever just put on your stage clothes, we have 3 minutes.”
“See you after the show, babe.” Bert said as he kissed him and walked out of the room.
Jealousy and rage surged through my veins. Were they a fucking couple now or something? I watched him fall down and laugh as he struggled to put his boots on. He was obviously drunk or high or something. “Gerard, you can’t go on stage like this. What will the fans think?”
“What? Why? I'm not drunk or anything... I’m just a little stoned”
But before I could say anything we were all pushed on stage; show time. The crowd’s screams were deafening as we started playing our first song. How could he do this? 6 years of being sober and he just throws it away like its nothing. And how could he forgive Bert and not me? He actually physically hurt him for fuck’s sake! Bert disgusts me.
I couldn’t get the image of Bert kissing Gerard out of my head. Play; pause; rewind; play. It wouldn’t stop, it was taunting me. I want it to be me that Gerard kisses, ever so badly. We shouldn’t have gone on tour with The Used in the first place. God our tour manager was a fucking idiot. And although I was mad as hell that Gerard was drinking again and getting high, I'm just glad that he hasn’t gotten into any hardcore drugs like cocaine. Or at least I hope he hasn’t.
For being stoned, Gerard was actually doing a good job hiding it from the audience. They just seemed to assume it was his regular stage weirdness. But Mikey sure noticed, he walked towards me after our third song ended. “Dude is he high?”
I sighed. “Yeah”
“I can’t fucking believe him.” He clenched his teeth.
I didn’t respond. I just wanted to ignore everyone. I wanted to be oblivious to the fact that Gerard was high, that Gerard was with Bert, and I really wish that god damn image of Gerard and Bert kissing would get out of my head! It’s driving me crazy!
Besides the fact that Gerard was tripping over himself on stage, today’s show is pretty boring and I know just how to spice it up. I casually walk over to Gerard while he’s singing and rest my head on his shoulder. The crowd goes wild, begging for more. I start rubbing my face up and down his arm and side before fully deciding how I was going to make this show memorable. I smirked at the though of what I was about to do and went for it. I grabbed the side of his head, pulling him toward me and licking his face from his chin to his hairline. The taste of him made me shiver; although he was covered in sweat and the taste on my tongue should have been filthy and salty, it tastes almost sweet.
The crowd’s screams were deafening as I backed away from Gerard, our eyes met and a fire lit inside my heart. The way he looked at me just made me feel so alive. I’d say I blushed but its so god damn hot in here I couldn’t tell. But when I looked back into his eyes I couldn’t say I saw the same reaction, he had more of a look of guilt or… fear. Oh god I hope he doesn’t think I'm trying to make another move on him like I did last night! Shit! I never fucking think before I act! Fuck…
The rest of the show went by slow; I didn’t go near Gerard again after I licked him but I could still taste him on my tongue. As we walked backstage I kept my head down, I won’t be able to make eye contact with Gerard. But I immediately looked up when I heard Bert’s voice and anger sparked. He walked up to Gerard and slipped his hands into Gerard’s back pockets. I was frozen on the spot, just watching.
“You look hot when you’re sweaty”
Gerard giggled and nervously glanced away. “Thanks, I guess…”
Bert lifted his head as if to whisper in Gerard’s ear but still spoke at a normal volume. “Let’s go back to my bus and have a party in the back room. What do you say?”
I interjected “Wait, you can’t go on their bus. We’re heading to the next city”
Bert spoke. “So? We’re all going to the same place.”
I looked over at Gerard, pleading with my eyes, begging that he would tell Bert that he didn’t want to stay on his bus for the night. But he looked away from me, not responding. I wish I could have come up with an excuse for Gerard to have to stay on our bus but my mind went blank as I watched Bert shove his fucking tongue down Gerard’s throat.
Bert noticed me staring. “Why don’t you take a fucking picture?” He rolled his eyes. “Head over to my bus, I’ll meet you there.” Bert slapped Gerard’s ass as he was walking away. My body grew hot and I felt infuriated as Bert walked over to me. “Back the fuck off, got it?” His eyes pierced into me.
My mouth went dry, “What do you mean?”
His nostrils flared, the look in his eyes was murderous. Like Charles Manson or some shit. It terrified me. “You know god damn well what. Don’t touch him onstage or off, he’s mine. If you even look at him I’ll slit your fucking throat! Now get out of my way, I have to go fuck my boyfriend.” He then stormed away, knocking my shoulder as he passed.
My stomach twisted into a knot. Gerard couldn’t stay with him… I was going to break them up even if it killed me.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry it took me so long to update, Ive been trying to juggle school, babysitting, and this story LOL. I promise the next chapter will be better. Party on The Used bus! :)
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