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Chapter 13

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What happens in the back room of The Used's bus, stays in the back room of The Used's bus.

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Gerard’s POV
I sat on the couch in the back room of Bert’s bus waiting for Bert. I let my head fall in my hands. I didn’t know why but I felt sick to my stomach; like the feeling an animal get’s when they can feel a storm coming. A storm would be a terrible thing to come for me at this point in my life, because storms bring floods; and I can’t swim. Although I know I wouldn’t drown in actual water, I would drown in a sea of emotions; and that’s what I felt was going to happen. I’m making such a mistake. Everything I do is a mistake; I'm a mistake.
I don’t want to be here, I have to get back to my own bus! Just as I stood up to haul ass out of the room, Bert walked in and I immediately forgot why I wanted to leave in the first place. Why was this happening to me?
He smirked, “Sit down.”
I did as he said and sat down as he left the room and came back with a small tin box, closing the door behind him; sauntering his way over to me. He slung the box on to one of the other seats and straddled my lap, grabbing the sides of my face and kissing me forcefully; possibly bruising my lips. Although my mouth was kissing Bert, my full attention was on the tin box that seemed to be glowing from across the room. I remembered from all these years just exactly what Bert kept in that box. His box of fun; or in other words, his box of drugs. A real rock star’s dream lived there in that box. Everything from uppers to downers, xanax to ketamine, coke to heroin.
Bert guarded this box with his life and only a few people got the honor of actually seeing it. The only other time I saw it was 4 years ago when Bert grabbed some pills out of it when he thought I wasn’t looking. I later asked his band mates about it and they told me all about the magical little box. So I now get the glory of seeing it; and I know for a fact that when Bert brings out this box, it means a party. A party to hell that is. He only means to have fun but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Bert moves his lips to my neck and slowly slid his tongue down towards my chest. My breath sped up in pace as he began to bite at my skin, leaving dark pink marks. I brought my hands up to his chest and ran my hands down his body and stopped just as I reached his waistband, leaving them there. He then kissed my lips and stood up, making his way toward the box which I feared and also craved.
But of all the times I’ve done drugs, I knew exactly what they did to him. They made him crazy and violent. And if we were about to do what I think we were going to do, then I feared that it would end up just like last night. Although the pain had subsided, I didn’t think I could handle any more.
I snapped out of my thoughts as I felt Bert’s hand on my thigh. “Hey babe, are you okay?”
I swallowed hard. “Yeah I’m fine, I just…” My eyes narrowed as he reached into the small metal box and pulled out the infamous little bag of white powder.
“I know you’re scared because of what happened last night but I promise not to hurt you again, we only have to do a little… It just enhances the experience.” He said this as his hand slightly brushes across my crotch. “And I’ll be gentle…” He reached back into the box to now pull out a razorblade, short straw, and a mirror. He then continued by setting up the druggies’ contraption on a pillow and cutting out a line. We took turns snorting lines until we were both high enough and felt electrified.
Bert scooted closer to me, wrapping his arms around my neck and kissing me gently. It was a very sentimental kiss, much more filled with emotion than any we’ve shared before. His tongue danced in my mouth as his hands explored my body; my skin was hot to his touch. He took off his shirt before he proceeded with kissing every inch of my exposed skin. The way he was making me feel right now should not be happening, I felt as if I wanted to love him. These feelings of want were taking over my mind. And frankly, it was confusing the shit out of me.
My heart was violently pounding against my ribs, my body was sweating and my hands were shaking. And at the speed my mind was running right now, I couldn’t tell if it was from the drugs or the amazing things Bert was doing with his tongue right now. Not bothering to unbutton my shirt, Bert ripped it open; buttons flying all over the room. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards him almost violently. I flinched slightly as his hands gripped in their previous places from the night before, his kiss was gentle but his touch was rough.
“Easy…” I started, but I knew the second I said it that I didn’t mean it. At the level that my senses were heightened, his hard hands were like a release.
“Don’t tell me what to do. I know what you want and I'm going to give it to you.” He snarled.
His words brought fear and excitement rushing through my veins. We reclined backwards as he straddled my waist. I bit my lip and stared at him from under my eyelashes trying to hint that I wanted him to kiss me again.
“God damn you’re hot.” He breathed.
His hands began to undo my belt while simultaneously palming me through my jeans. I moaned out, my head tossing back with pleasure. He pulls my pants off and then undoes his own. He is now on top of me, both of our erections rubbing with only our boxers keeping us from being completely naked.
He kissed me once more before peeling off my boxers painfully slow. He kissed a sensitive spot on my pelvis causing me to squeak. He laughed “You’re too cute.” He then rid himself of his boxers and continued to kiss parts of my lower region, trying to find another sensitive spot. He selfishly teased me by kissing every part except the part of me that was begging for attention the most.
“Bert… I need you… Touch me!” I gasped.
He took me into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip for a good 5 seconds before flipping me over. I steadied myself on my elbows and my breathing picked up in anticipation as I heard him open a condom and put it on. He ran his fingers through my hair and began to slide them down my spine, stopping at my waist and gripping me tightly.
“You ready?” He whispered.
My body shook. “Mmm yes.”
I drew in a quick breath as he slowly eased himself inside of me. It was painful, yes. But Bert’s demeanor made it feel warmer, like the pain didn’t matter. He lowered himself closer to me so his chest was touching my back as he began to move in and out of me. My body felt tingly as he plunged deeper and deeper inside of me, so deep. Oh!
I screamed out as pleasure overwhelmed my body. My skin was hot and breaking out into a sweat, smacking hard against Bert’s body. I couldn’t control myself; I had never felt anything like this. My hands fisted the blanket I was laying on, trying to steady myself.
“Oh god Bert! Uhhhh don’t fucking stop!” I managed to moan out.
He knelt down, placing his lips on my shoulder and bit down… hard. He grunted, mostly just breathing heavy with the occasional outburst of my name. I wish I could see his face at the moment, contorted in pleasure and such. My body trembled as I climbed closer and closer to climax.
“Oh Bert, I’m so close! Harder!” I bit my lip.
He obeyed my requests and thrust harder into me, as I couldn’t last another second. I came first, followed by Bert only two seconds after. We both screamed the other’s name as heat and release radiated through our bodies. I was left out of breath and energy and could no longer hold myself up; I fully lied down as Bert removed himself from me.
We lie there next to each other, our legs intertwined, arms wrapped around one another, and my head in the crook of his neck. “You’re amazing.” I managed to finally say.
He chuckled. “So are you.”
He kissed me once more before closing his eyes. I stared at him and couldn’t help but begin to think of Frank and how I wished with every ounce of my soul that it could have been him laying here next to me. But I shooed the thought away and closed my eyes too as I tried to finally be happy.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know it kind of sounds like the end but trust me, IT'S NOT. So don't freak out or anything, I'm far from finished. And sorry it took me so long to update, I feel really bad about it :( Comment and rate! Love you guys! :) I'll try to update soon.
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