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Chapter nine-Until You Pick Me Off the Ground

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Mikey finds Gee and Frank..

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Gerard dropped my to the ground and turned to face Mikey. Blood rushed to my head as I ducked slightly behind Gee, trying to become as invisable as possible.
"God dammit, Mikey"
"What, it's not my fault" He squeaked.
No one knew what to do.. A screaming silence over took the whole house as Gerard and I watched Mikey as he chewed his bottom lip.
"So.. Frank.." I looked up at Mikey. "You're gay?"
"Um" I said, suddenly feeling shy, "Y-Yeah, I guess I am"
"For Gerard?"
"Wow.. Jeez, can't say I saw that one coming.. I mean, I knew Gerard liked you and all just th-"
"Mikey!" Gerard cut in "Shouldn't you go back to bed?" He asked suggestivly.
"I don't see why, this is my house" He replied smartly.
"Alright, alright. Just keep your pants on." He winked
"Shut the fuck up!" Gerard said.
Mikey giggled and ran upstairs.

Gerard sighed and turned to face me.
"Will he be alright?" I whispered, feeling suprised that Gee and Mikey's Mom wasn't woken by Mikey and Gerard's loud voices.
"Mikey? Yeah, of course. He's not homophobic or anything, he took it really good when I told him I was."
I looked up into his eyes, the lights were on now so i could clearly see his hazel-green eyes glisten. I smirked at him.
"You liked me?"
"Oh," he ducked his head, scarlet gentally tinting his pale cheeks. "um, yeah. Since i first saw you actually.." He trailed off.
An oversized grin spread wide over my lips.
"Me too.."
"Yeah, well I found out i was gay a when I got back from my house, the time Mikey.. interupted us"
Gee laughed, "He's making a bad habit of that"
"He is" I smiled. "But I have liked you since i first saw you, I just never let myself believe that I was gay, i never thought I would, till you came around" I looked up at him.
He smiled and took me in his arms again, wrapping them around my hips. I pulled my hands around his neck and we slowly backed towards Gee's basement door, switching the ligth off on the way. The house turned a faded grey color, a dim light starting to enlighten the house from the rising sun outside. He took my hand and lead the way down his stairs. I had closed the door behind me, causing the room to darken dramatically, the small window in his room not being in reaching distance of the red sky. He turned and walked towards me, making my walk backwards towards his bed. Once my foot hit the hard wood of his bed i sat down. He gentally pushed me back onto the blood red bed spread and leaned over me. His hands supporting himself from lying completely ontop on me on either sides of my neck. I spun my hands around his neck and he ducked his head down, kissing my lips a lot more passionatly then before. It felt so right, I don't remember why I was wasting my time with all those girls before. I rolled ontop of him and sat on his lap as he sat up, out lips never leaving each other.

My mind was a million miles away, my heart took control of my entire self. I glided my tounge over Gee's lower lip and he opened his mouth welcomely. My tounge explored his and danced with his. he tasted like how i imagined Gerard would taste like, the taste becoming addicting to my tastebuds. Coffee, smoke and overall Gerard flavour over taking my mouth. I slowly moved my hands from his neck down past his shoulders and to the hem of his tshirt, tugging it up.
"Frankie, stop." I heard Gerard whisper qucikly and worryingly and pull his shirt down.
"Something wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong ... just we're moving too fast. I don't want you to feel like you're being forced to do anything."
"Gee, I want you"
"You have me already." He smiled and locked his eyes to mine deeply, still hugging me tightly so i wouldn't fall off his lap. "Frankie, we have all the time in the world, why rush?"
I sighed, "You're right"
He lifted me off his lap and wrapped my legs around his waist once again. He pulled back the bed spreads and lay me down on them. He came climbed over me and tucked his arm under my neck, holding me in a loving hug. I fell asleep feeling safe and wanted.

But the feeling of gerard's suddden panic bothered me,

Why was he frightened?

Was something in his rocky past still haunting him?..

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