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Embarrasing Pictures.

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Let the evilness continue.

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After school me and Mikey walked home, Gerard had gone to Gias,like I said I would, I spoke to Mikey for Emma.

'Hey mikes whats going on with you and Em then?' I asked him

'Nothing, why would it be' he replied.

'You know she likes you Mikes' I said taking a bite of my apple.

'Really?' He said getting excited.

'Yeah and i know you like her too, why don't you just ask her out'

'What do I say, what if she says no' he asked getting worried.

'Just make it simple, Emma do you wanna be my girlfried, and of course she won't Mikey! she likes you stupid'

'I think i'm gonna then' He said with a smile just as all the guys came crashing for the door.

'MIKEYYYYYYYY, Frank picked up a worm' Emma screamed throwing her arms around Mikey.

'Ew gross Frank' I said.

'Your looking I didn't bring it back and throw it at you Ari'

'You wouldn't dare Frankie!'

We sat watching Tv and then at 6pm Gerard walked through the door, his usual happy self.

I looked at Frank 'she hasn't told him'

'I know' he replied, shaking his head, we'd told the guys about our deal with Gia, I was gonna tell Gerard, just not right now, I needed more revenge.

'Hey Evs, I need to do my homework, can you help?' I asked her

'Yeah sure, mikes can we use your computer?' she asked him.

He nodded and we ran upstairs, I slammed Mikeys door shut and starting ranting, 'I fucking knew it, I knew she wouldn't tell him'

'What do we do now then!?'

'Well we could try another thing, see if this drives her to tell him, if not we're gonna have to do it' I said, 'Evs, go on the computer, and see if you can get into Gias system, or even Gerards'

I must give it to Evie, she was an actual computer geek.

'There ya go' She said presenting Gias documents on the screen.

'Im not even gonna ask how you did that'

She moved out the way and I sat in the chair, I clicked on the pictures folder.
Majority of them were of herself, then I saw one that made me laugh so hard, Gia in fluffly pink bunny pjamas that a 2 year old would wear

'Hey evs, this is hilarious!' Eva began to laugh too, I printed off 30 copies.

I text Emma and told her to come upstairs, she then bounced in the room.

'Whats with the grin?' we asked.

'IM WITH MIKEY' she yelled.

'Oh my god Im so happy for you!' Evie replied.

'Anyway Em, Ev, Meet at school half 7 tomorrow? Before anyone gets there, and bring a roll of sticky tape each! This should be good' I said and stuffed the pictures into my bag before going back downstairs.

Emma ran over and jumped on Mikey as he kissed her, it was adorable.

Rays P.O.V

I watched Mikey and Emma. It was cute. I wanted something like that. Then I looked at Evie, I'd been thinking about this so much, I really liked her, but I didn't want it to ruin our friendship. She kissed me back the other night then, obviously she'd probably say yeah. So I decided to ask her.

'Hey Evie, wanna go for a walk?' I asked.

'Sure Toro!' She said jumping up and sliding her coat on, we left Gerards and walked down the street.

'Mikey and Em are cute aint they' I said trying to make conversation.

'Very!, im so happy for them' She said.

'Me too'

'Think you'll get with anyone Em?' I was hoping she'd wouldn't say yes unless it was about me.

'I dunno, maybe'

'Who do you like then?' I asked her, probably seeming more interested than I should have.

'Well he's about 6ft1, got some crazy fro' I giggled, she turned to look at me.

'Eva, do you wanna be my girlfriend?' I asked, hoping I'd get a yes.

'Of course!' She hugged me. She smelt so nice.

My Girlfriend is beautiful, Wow, It felt so nice being able to say that.

I took her hand and she walked back to Gerards

Franks P.O.V

'So Frank, How goods my little picture plan' Ari asked me.

'Yes Ari, for the 1 billionth time, its fucking brilliant' I replied.

'Sorry Frank, Im just extremely excited about this! Im so evil' She said.

Just then Ray and Eva walked back in, holding hands.

Emma looked at them, 'oooh welll?' she asked nodding towards their hands.

'Me and Ray' Evie started.

'We're togeter' Ray continued.

'YAYYYYYYYYY' Emma shouted jumping off Mikey and running over to hug her best friend.

I looked down at my lap.

Ari turned to face me, 'whats up frank?' she asked.

'I feel left out' was all I said. She smiled and nodded 'I know.

Everyone was getting together and it was cute, but I hadn't had anything like this, ever really, and I guess I just wanted it too.
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