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Lets make the peace.

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Cell Phones and Toilets.

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Aris P.O.V

Next day, we did our plan as we had said, school early and plaster the pictures everywhere.
Looked quite good if I must say so.

Just as we were done the bell went so me, Emm and Ev ran off to lesson, we didn't wanna get caught red handed.

Everybody walked into our lesson with total astonishment on there faces.

'Woah whoever dones this is badass' Jack, a boy with dark hair said.

Me and Emma giggled to ourselves. I was just waiting for the explosion from Gia. When we got our of class we saw all the pictures had been ripped down, 'All our hard work' I whispered sadly to Emma.

Just then Gia came storming down the corridor, shouting her head off, Becca running behind her, 'Gia wait up, just ignore it' Becca said.

Gia approached us 'It was you two wasnt it' she yelled

Emma stepped infront of me, 'Yeah cause we're fucking sad enough to sit around printing your pictures, i'd rather not look at your face anyway unless I had too'

Gia grabbed Emmas shoulder and started yelling at her, just then Gerard and Mikey walked in.

Mikey ran over 'Gia get the fuck off her' he yelled grabbing Emma out of Gias reach and hugging her. Gerard too came over 'Gia what do you think your doing?' He said.

'Well Gerard what the fuck do you expect me to do after someones done this to me!' she yelled and stormed off.

Becca went to follow, but Gerard grabbed her and said 'don't bother'

'Im going to find Evie' I said

I walked to the canteen to see Evie sitting with Ray. I went over and sat with them, 'woah thats kicked off big time' I said and explained what had happened.

'Cmon Im sick of the fucking idiot' Ev said and stood up grabbing my hand and dragging me off.

She took out her cell phone, set it to record and put it in her pocket. We went to the girls toilets, and none the less, found Gia reapplying her make-up.

'What the fuck do you want?' she asked.

Evie walked over to her and looked sympathetic 'Look Gia, I'm sorry about what we said yesterday, its your and Gerards relationship we shouldn't get involved'

'Yeah you shouldn't'

'And about the Alex and Jero thing, I won't tell Gerard, its up to you if you want to or not'

'Yeah well what Gerard doesn't know doesn't hurt him does it, They satisfy me much more than Gee anyway, I just can't find it in me to leave Gerard'

I bit my tongue, it was so hard to stand here and watch her say this about my cousin.

'Right so this is settled now?' Evie asked offering her hand.

'Yeah' Gia said and shook Evies hand.

Me and Ev walked out the toilets, Evie took her cell from her pocket and pressed save 'Bingo'

'Well done Evs You genuis' I replied high fiving her.

We went back to the canteen and joined everyone else on the table, plus Becca. Evie ran over to Ray and whispered in his ear, probably telling him about what had happened just.

I sat next to Frank, 'LEMME FUCKING GO GET HER' Emma yelled trying to break free from Mikeys grip.

'No babe, she ain't worth it' He said.

Gerard looked uncomfortable to say the least, I could feel I was just staring into space, so Frank nudged my leg and motioned for me to follow him, I didn't hesitate.

'Whats up?' He asked me.

'I feel so bad for Gee, we all hate Gia, and hes just stuck in the middle of it all'

'Yeah I know' Frank said, pulling me into a hug, 'Don't worry she'll get caught out in the end'

'Yeah and don't worry that'll be soon enough' I said as I rest my head on Franks shoulder.

He smelt so nice, he was so warm.

What Frank said last night about feeling the left out, I do too. But me and Frankie, I dunno if it would work. I think he's lovely, but I think it should just stop at friends.

Franks P.O.V

I hugged Ari tighter. I really do like her.
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