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Time for the truth.

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We had left it for a few days and Gia certainly didn't show any intention of telling Gee.
We were all sat in Franks living room, listening to the recording on Evies cell.

'So whose gonna do it?' I asked.

'You should Ari, your his cousin' Evie said.

'Nah, I haven't known what Gias like as long as you guys'

'Mikey should' Frank said.

I nodded in agreement, 'your the closest person to him Mikes'

'But' Mikey began.

'No buts mikes, please do it' Emma said.

'Fine, but your all gonna be there when I do it' Mikey said.

Just then Gerard came in, 'Sorry I'm late guys, the man in the shop took ages to serve me' he said throwing bags of food at us.

'Gee sit down' Ray started.

Gerard looked at all of us and without questionning he sat on the couch.

'Gerard I know you probably won't believe us or you'll hate us but we need to show you this' Mikey said as Evie handed the phone to him.

Mikey pressed play and Gia's confessions started.

Gerards face gradually changed from confusion to sadness. When it was over we all awaited his reply.

'Thanks for telling me, I knew it wouldn't last forever' He said.

I sat on the couch and put my arm around him. I could hear him sniffing, most likely trying to fight back tears.

'I know what I've gotta do' He said standing up and walking for the door.

As soon as he left we all sighed, 'That wasn't too bad' Ray said.

'Atleast he believed us' Evie piped in.

'I hope he rips that bitch to shreds' Frank exclaimed punching his fist into his palm.

'Me too' I said and walked upto my room.

When I sat in my room I heard footsteps come up the stairs, I expected it to be one of the girls, but It was Frank.

He walked over and sat next to me.

'I can't believe we just had to tell him that, he looked so heartbroken' I said.

'I know Ari, but he'll just get screwed over even more if we didn't tell him' He replied.

'Thats true, I hope hes okay' I said.

'Its Gerard, he'll be fine, plus I know someone who likes him'

I looked up and Frank with questionning eyes.

'Well I was in Geography with that Becca, and she knows what Gias done so we were speaking about it, and she feels bad for Gee and thinks he's really nice and I goes 'you think our Gerard is hoooooooooot' and she laughed and just blushed sooo' Frank said, laughing as he finished his little story.

'Bless, thats what Gerard needs, someone nice like her' I said.

Frank suddenly grabbed my hand, 'Ari I like you, please just give me a chance'

'Woah Frank, But what if it wrecks our friendship, I'd hate that'

'No, it won't if it doesn't work we'll go back to how we are, i promise, but please, I really do like you' I said.

'I like you too, I just don't want to be hurt, its happened so many times before, the dissapointment, the hurting, I don't think I could go through it again' I said, I'd been let down by so many people, I felt better off on my own.

'I promise I won't hurt you Ari, please can we give it a try?' He asked with the cutest puppy dog eyes ever.

'Okay then Frankie' was all I managed to get out, I was lost, in his gorgeous hazel eyes.
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