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Unexpected meetings

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An hour after Gerard stormed out, he returned.
He looked upset, but not as bad as I thought he would. We all looked at him.

'Its over guys' was all he said before he walked down to the basement.

I followed him down, everybody else stayed upstairs.

'Gee, you okay?' I asked as I walked over to him.

He hugged me, 'Thanks for telling me Ari, it means a lot'

'Its okay gee, I couldn't bear to see you get hurt'

'I knew she was too good to be true' He said as he burried his head into my shoulder.

'C'mon lets go for pizza' I suggested, taking his hand.

'You know how to cheer me up Ari' He said as he followed me back upstairs.

We told everybody what we were doing and all climbed into Gerard and Rays car, Evie, Mikey and Emma in Rays, Me and Frank in Gerards.

'You guys together yet then?' Gerard asked as we drove.

Frank grabbed my hand, 'yeah we are'

'Take care of her Frank, shes my cousin remember' Gerard said.

'Of course I will Gerard, I promise' Frank replied as he smiled at me.

Gerards P.O.V

Its been 3 months since I split up with Gia, and I actually don't regret it one bit. I'm happier than ever infact. Its the summer holiday now so thats even better.

I was walking down the street, so engaged in my music that I didn't realise I was about to knock someone over. I walked straight into a girl and she dropped to the floor.

'Oh shit, im sorry' I said giving her my hand to help her up.

'Its okay Gerard, don't mention it' She replied, she knew my name, I looked at her then realised why.

'Becca?' I said, she looked different. Her cropped short hair was growing out and was down to her chin. She had a hoody on with her hood up so it was hard to recognise her without looking straight at her.

'Yeah, hey' She said as she picked herself up.

'Wheres Gia?' I asked, they was always together, it was strange to see Becca on her own.

'I don't speak to her anymore, I told her I didn't wanna know her anymore after what she did to you, she's a bitch, I couldn't care less about her, she's moved to New York now with her parents, her mom got a new job, she'll fit in there just right with all the other stuck up bitches' Becca said.

'Wow, that was unexpected, hey, erm you wanna go grab a coffee or something? thats where i was heading anyway' I suggested.

Becca looked at me, slightly hesitating for a second, 'yeah sure' she finally replied.
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