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Coffee & Chats.

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Beccas P.O.V

Me and Gerard walked down the block until we reached the coffee shop, it was a nice little shop, quiet most of the time. I still couldn't believe what Gia had done to Gerard, I felt bad because I'd knew about it all along.

'So what you want? Ill get it' Gerard said.

'Hot Chocolate please' I replied and went to take a seat at the table in the corner.

A few minutes later, Gerard came over with our drinks and placed mine infront of me before taking a seat opposite.

'So how you been?' He said as he stirred his coffee.

'Alright, not had much to do, I was always with Gia, and now i'm not' I replied.

'Your always welcome to come hang out with us lot yano' he said.

'Thanks, i'll bear it in mind' It was nice of him to offer, I did genuinely like them lot, they was more like me, seemed like they had more in common, I watched Gerard as he sipped his coffee, he could do so much better than Gia. He was very attractive. Obviously I'd noticed this before, but more so now.

'So what happened with you and Gia?' He asked me.

'Well, I knew what she'd done to you, before any of you lot did, so sorry about not telling you. But I just thought she was pathetic for doing it, she hurts so many people and couldn't give two fucks about anyone but herself, so I told her it was best if we didn't speak anymore, and I didn't want anything to do with her if she was just gonna carry on being a complete arsehole'

'Wow, so shes in New York now?'

'Yeah, Jeros moved down there to, hes got a new teaching job, a different school to where she goes, so they can be together' I said, Gerard somewhat didn't look suprised at that.

'We're having a little get together tonight round Franks, you should come' Gerard said to me, I hesistated, I didn't just want to invade on their group.

'I dunno, I don't wanna be a nuisance and invade' I replied.

'No, I want you to come, here write down your address' He said handing me a scrap of paper.

I scribbled it down and handed it back to him, 'I'll pick you up at 7' He said as he finished the remainder of his coffee and standing up.

'Gotta go, band practice, see you later' he said as he sharply exited the coffee shop.

He was lovely, why does he want me to go to Franks house though? All I am to him was Gia's friend who doesn't talk.
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