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Truth or Dare.

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Good old game of spin the bottle.

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It's 6pm and I'm frantically rushing around trying to find something to wear. This is the first time i'll spend time with Gerard and his friends without Gia being there. For some reason I was quite looking forward to it. I finally settled on a vest top tucked in a tight black lace skirt.
I quickly picked up a bottle of vodka and heading to the front window. I couldn't exactly go empty handed now could i. Around five minutes after Gerard pulled up outside. I slammed the front door shut and walked down to his car. I opened the door and slid in the passenger seat the side of him.

'Hey' he said, with a mischevious grin.

'Hi' I replied, while handing him the bottle of vodka, 'I couldn't come empty handed'

'Thanks' He said as he began to drive.

The car ride was pretty much silent apart from the radio on low. We pulled up at his house and I stepped out the car. I took a deep breath, i've never been to a 'get together' before, i've always been pretty introvert. I followed Gerard up his steps and through to door, everybody was already there in the living room, Ari and Frank, Emma and Mikey, Evie and Ray. They all welcomed me with a smile, 'well thats get this started then' Frank said as he put some music on the stereo and cracked open a can of beer.

Gerard walked into the kitchen and came back and handed me a drink, 'Thanks' I said.

It was all pretty relaxed, everyone was just chilling, drinking and talking.

'Lets play truth or dare' Emma suddenly shouted. Everybody seemed up for the idea, Frank grabbed his empty bottle and placed it on the floor, we all sat down and he spun it. It landed on Ray.

'Truth' He said.

'Have you bashed Evie yet' Frank squeeled, followed bya slap on the arm from Ari.

Evies face turned into the colour of beetroot. 'Yeah' Ray let out quietly.

'Knew it' Frank said as he span it again.

It landed on me.

'Dare' I said, I hated doing truth, I always get embarassing questions, I prefer to keep stuff to myself.

'Kiss Gerard' Frank said, he may aswell play by himself, he wasn't letting anybody else give out the dares.

I hesistated. Should I do it or not?
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