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Part 1 Chapter 2 - Annihilator of Darkness, Pt. 1

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James Cerosa stops on Daemon Prime, only to get captured and challenged by another powerful magic user. Introducing ULEP!

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 2 - Annihilator of Darkness, Pt. 1

[N] Magic had survived intact for many centuries, and still lives on to this day. Magic users come in all types, shapes, and sizes, whether it be animal or human...mages, like James Cerosa, and alchemists, like Maximus Cerosa, have been the highest levels thus far. Most people have no idea that the difference between mages of Annihilation and Chaos is not far apart. Leon, though being only a demi-Chaos, is quite similar to all of the other Chaos. His fate, however, will be much more different than their's.

[CD] Magic User - A being who practices magic, choosing from one of many different types as they ascend from being a magician. The Annihilators are a huge exception to the rules, and are mages once their Awakening has passed.

[CD] Mage - The highest level of magic users, which has gone through the magician training stages and mastered all forms of magic and weapon-using. They can form energy into destructive bursts without the usual delay time of other magic users. Upon becoming an Annihilator or demi-Chaos, they receive mage powers as well, making training unnecessary. This is because the original Chaos and Annihilators were mages, created by the gods as their guardians.

[CD] Alchemist - A mid- to high-level magic user that deconstructs and reconfigures matter into other materials for use using complex circles of runes and symbols. Alchemy is very dangerous and usually creates something unintended, so all alchemists should carry a weapon and know how to use it incase transmutations don't go as planned.

[OD] Annihilation - The power of creation, opposite of Chaos. This makes up one half of Order.

[OD] Chaos - The power of destruction, opposite of Annihilation. This makes up one half of Order.

[OD] Order - A system of balance between the universal forces, consisting of Annihilation and Chaos. Without one side, Order cannot exist, and neither can the universe as a whole. Otherwise, it'd rip itself apart.

[S] In an room with metallic-blue walls, James Cerosa sits at one end of a desk, his various weapons and gadgets spread out on the table, while another man sits at the other end, inspecting everything he owns. His communicator, watch, two guns, and two knives are laid out before the man. James is currently relaxed, though bound by shackles.

[CD] Marius Centrion - Age: Unknown. Birthplace: Unknown. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: Unknown. Physical Description: 6' 6", 253.5 lbs., bald, hazel eyes, black skin, several tattoos on his body. Clothing: Black uniform with a red overcoat, black jeans, and kachin-plated shoes. Type of Magic User: Summoner. Occupation: Leader of Criminal Authorities (ULEP).

Marius (inspecting the guns) - Hmmm...(to James) what are these?

James (eyes close, relaxing in his chair) - They're my penumbras. Don't pull the trigger, you'll blow up the entire complex...

[OD] Penumbra Guns - Dual handguns that James uses. They can be modified for various use, and can be modified fast for combat. Usually, energy bullets are fired, but regulars can be used. Made from oricalcum.

Marius - Surely you don't think I'd fall for that...I'm not stupid.

James - You look like it to me...

[A] Another man, carrying a large gun that looked like an AK-47 stood behind James and poked the head of it at James' neck. He didn't budge...Marius now seemed interested in the knives.

James - Don't hold them like that...I could rush over and stab it through your heart.

Marius (annoyed) - Then if you could, do it.

James (silent for a second) - ...Penumbra knives.

[OD] Penumbra Knives - These pulse with a radiant aura, giving them a boost in attack power and speed. They're light and versatile, making them perfect for close-quarters combat. Made from oricalcum.

Marius (holding up his watch) - And this?

James - Let's say it's something I need to bust outta here. And before you ask, the next one's a translator device. Absolutely worthless other than that.

[A] Marius rested his head in his hands, which he cradled underneath it and made them stand on the table by his elbows.

Marius - Let's make this quick, then, shall we? You know why you're here, and so does everyone else. What the hell made you think it was a good idea to trespass on ULEP property?

James - Nothing...just thought I'd have some fun.

Marius - Yet you killed no one?

James - After two nights ago, I'm not interested in seeing blood again.

Marius - Very well then...I've been ordered to withhold punishment until a more...suitable time. Until then, expect nothing less than life here.

James - You obviously have no idea who I am, do you?

Marius - Oh, I know you...and trust me, Johnathan will want your death under his hands, if not as painful as possible.

James (sighs) - You'll only make things more complicated...


[S] A door opened, revealing light into a dark cell, where James was thrown in by two guards. The door closed, but not before the guards tossed his CUTD in with him. The room had a single bed attached to the wall, supported from underneath by a few metal bars; a sink; a bathroom; and a small window, which almost nothing could fit through (because of incredibly thick iron bars). James got up and walked over to the bed, plopping backwards and looking up at the ceiling.

James (thoughts) - now I'm in. Now what?

[A] Images of several things he could do were echoing in his mind.

James (thoughts) - ULEP certainly hasn't gotten any smarter. And yet...I'm still quite screwed. I wonder if the Aquaform'll get to him...

[CD] Universal Law Enforcement Patrol (ULEP) - A universally known branch of the universal government that deals with keeping law and order throughout the galaxies. Though not all devoted to eliminating magic users (as many have thought), they do hold a close grudge against the Annihilators, specifically James Cerosa, and most of the highest members are the ones whose lives have been ruined the most by him. Most efforts against magic users are only controlling them and keeping them in check.

[A] James looked down to carefully inspect his shackles. They were completely covered in alchemy and runes, likely to restrict magic flow. No weapon they were made of an unknown metal. Likely no way he'd break through that, he thought after trying to shatter them against the wall.

[OD] Rune - A magical symbol consisting of several lines. When enchanted with mana, they create effects depending on how the symbol is structured. When combined with other symbols, it makes even more devastating things happen. These are used in the art of runecraft.

[A] James shifted to one side on the bed, and was met with a peculiar lump against him. He got up and felt the bed. Nothing. It then hit him that they hadn't found his scribe. The shackles were nothing that restrained his hands or arms, just simple bands around his wrists that kept him from using anything magical, other than the natural alchemy symbol on his arm. Still wouldn't do any good. He took out the Scribe of Memory and placed it on the bedside, observing it.

James (thoughts) - Why'd Leon want this damned thing...? So what, it shows memories. Big, god damn deal...(pause)'s to keep it from me!


[S] On the outskirts of a large industrial city, the Aeros 5 was parked on a sewer exit pipe (a very large one), or I should say above it on a flat surface at the top. Max looked out a set of binoculars in the distance, observing the hovercars that flew around. Smoke flew out from large vents from the city's underground complexes. Either that or steam...large buildings of all gray, dull, and boring colors spired over every other, trying to be the tallest. Apparently, none of this was what Max was looking for.

Max (looking at distant objects) - Come on...I know it's here somewhere.

[A] Ignoring all of this, he looked down at the still-polluted water and saw something strange: it appeared to be a clear water moving across the grimy surface of the water. It was a pure blue, and slowly crept up along the wall.

Max - Aha!

[A] Jumping down to meet it, the water quickly formed into James, except its eyes were stale and dark.

[OD] Aquaform - Forbidden alchemy of Water. Add at least ten milliliters of water onto the symbol and mix with a drop of blood to create a temporary copy of the blood donor, able to speak, think, and act according to its blood's owner. Its form is translucent and water-like near the chest area, distinguishing it as a copy. In some cases, the Aquaform possesses no physical description, only that of a mass of water.

Max - What news from my brother do you bring?

Aquaform (in a creepy voice) - James Cerosa has instructed deliver the following message...(now in James' voice)'s as I've feared. The entire planet is infested with ULEP soldiers. They patrol the streets, control the industry, and run everything else. They're in complete control, as far as I can tell...I released the Aquaform after observing some of the things at the main base. It serves as a high-tech security detention center for criminals such as ourselves (if you'd call us criminals). The base is at least five hundred meters in radius (circular-shaped), and several things impede my progress out. They've taken all of my weapons (save the Raem), bound me with mana seals, and even have the gun turrets and searchers locked onto my genetic signature. As of now, I can't use alchemy, but I could if you brought me a Send them with the Aquaform, I'll get them. Please, don't try rescuing me. Get the parts and fuel we need. I'll be out soon. Until then, I guess...oh, by the way. Send me some sort of plan for escape. Turrets, soldiers, searchers, and other mana-based security measures restrict me, so I could use some help. The prison's in the heart of the city. Oh, and I've sent you the ULEP blueprints you wanted. Give 'em hell!

[A] Max, pondering this for a second, came to a conclusion. Telling the Aquaform to wait, he ran into the ship up the ramp real quick and fetched three tablets of stone, each inscribed with a mysterious alchemy symbol.

Max - Take them to James.

[A] The form, with a salute, swallowed them into its water-based body under its robe, and vanished into a puddle again.


[S] In a dark room, Marius stood in front of a large monitor, which was the only light source in there, other than several other computers behind him. Another man was on-screen.

??? - How's our captive doing?

Marius (unsure) - I'm not trusting him. He still seems cocky since he got here. I think he has something planned...

??? - Of course he does...he always does. Soon, he'll likely find a way out. Until that time, you must keep him there.

Marius - Understood.

[A] The monitor turned off, and Marius walked over to another set of computers, where one had an image of Cerosa, writing in a journal in his cell.


[S] James, having bargained for a leather-bound notebook, wrote in it in Tenalian text, so as not to raise suspicions from the soldiers that were spying on him (he knew that there was a camera nearby in the corner of the room). This included various alchemy symbols, all sketched, but should be able to work if he could get the seals off of him. One of his messages, underneath a group of symbols, read: Should I escape, I'll make sure to use these beforehand.

[A] A knock came on his metal door, and a security guard, clad in the same black police uniform they all wore, was there to greet him after opening the door.

Guard - Your presence is requested by the master...


[S] In the mess hall, several other magic users (by several, I mean thousands) were gathered, packed in tight. Everyone was eating the food, which seemed horribly unappetizing to Cerosa. After his talk with Marius, he wouldn't be so hungry. One of the other men noticed him not eating. He seemed kind: a guise which never fooled James. He was an alchemist, and James paid almost no attention to him.

Man - Why aren't you eating? It's not good if you rot here...

James - I have no intention of staying. If I could get my crap, I'd be outta here in no time.

Man - That's a actually expect to escape? I've tried for's not possible.

[A] James simply looked away at the windows. The darkness outside was blended together with the torrential downpour of rain and the banging of thunder. He felt drawn to the outside somehow. Something was coming...he waited for a few seconds, then noticed several puddles on the floor. Most looked like they were that of the inmates who came in from outside. One, however, had an alchemy symbol inside it, as well as three stones he could see also had alchemy on them. It slid over in his direction, underneath the long table, and he dismissed it (touched its alchemy symbol and made it fade), and picked up the stones, hiding them under his robe. Marius, looking down from a camera, could've sworn he saw him bend down for something...


[S] Back in the cell, James took out the alchemy symbols, and saw a note written on paper attached to one. It was from Max: I've brought the Sunbursts you wanted. They've been magically set to go off at exactly twelve three days from now. That's if you have sunlight to go along with it! Don't waste them, and kick some ass!

[OD] Sunburst - Forbidden alchemy of Light. By constructing this seal and applying sunlight, it becomes a bomb that detonates in a few seconds. The explosion is based on how much light it receives, and is tremendous even if little light is present.


[S] Early in the morning three days later, at about nine thirty, James went around the entire complex, searching for places to put the Sunbursts. Other magic users watched him as they played games, such as basketball in the courtyards, to pass the time. Watched him carefully, yes, but paid no mind to him. Even the security cameras could pick up what he was doing. At one end, next to the gigantic gateway leading into the facility, he put the first one (likely so that everyone else could escape, and to destroy some of the magically-enchanted gun turrets that guarded it. The next one went in front of the building where his guns, knives, and watch were stored. The last went next to the biggest spire-like building in the middle of the base (that's where Marius was). Now, he waited...

Marius (looking down from a window as everyone heads back in) - I don't like this at all...

Soldier - He's definitely got something planned...

Marius (grinning) - Well, we'll find out soon, won't we? Make everyone report to their stations early. Guard every area, and patrol the outside. We're not letting anyone leave...


[S]!!! The Sunbursts activated, sending a tremendous amount of mana through the base. The explosion took out at least a hundred meters of diameter of the base. James' cell, positioned next to the building where Marius stood watch, opened up suddenly from power failure (automated door) and he ran for it. The lack of light made it easy for the other escapees to dispatch any soldiers they encountered. James went one way, the other magic users went another.

James - Where is it...I know it's somewhere.

[A] Reaching the outside, he saw the gaping hole in the side of the building. Rushing in, he saw his crap sitting on the table, as if waiting for him...the entire five days spent there had been nothing but strange. Marius had conversed with him several times, obviously learning from him. Something was odd about everything else, too. Guards paid almost no attention to him. Instead of killing him right there, Centrion had spared him several times. And his presence was always welcomed by Marius, as if he wanted something from him. A fight perhaps? No clue as to his motives. He knew something that James didn't know. But what...? No time to think. He picked up the penumbra knives first, slashing straight through the metal seals. Next, the watch, which he welcomed with all ease as he pressed a button. Small strands of mana came from his CTIPS, transforming his wardrobe into that of his robe and armored clothing underneath. He finally ended by slipping the penumbra items under his mage silk robe.


[S] All of the prisoners, magic users or not, flowed from the opening in the gate. The armory, which was blown wide open, was seeing adequate withdrawals of weapons and magic equipment taken when they had been captured. Daemon Prime was slowly being overrun with them, but not without resistance of ULEP police soldiers. Their guns, firing off a combination of metal and mana bullets, killed many, and any remaining turrets fired large shells that exploded with shrapnel, also killing many. Among them, there were only nine mages, total. The base, while big, could only hold about two million men, and ironically only nine were trained well enough to do serious damage. Many sorcerers, wizards, alchemists, and element benders, however, were bursting out, retaliating in any way possible. By viewing this, it became obvious that they were only escaping for the purpose of escape, not to go on killing sprees.

[CD] Element Bender - A low-level magic user that can control their practiced element (fire, water, earth, wind, light, and darkness) to a limited degree. This is the first step to becoming a high level mage.

[CD] Sorcerer - A mid-level magic user that can cast spells without a wand, but uses a spellbook to do the work. Usually, the book is what holds the magic. But on rare cases, the user is the one who projects the spell. In some of these cases, the user has mastered their element and required no physical object to regulate their power other than themselves.

[CD] Wizard - A mid-level magic user capable of using a wand and incantations said aloud to cast devastating spells. Depending on the user's overall mana quantity, the spell will have greater effect through the wand.

[A] James, coming out from the base, witness the escape of everyone, plus the mowing down of many through, and the arrival of, the strangest looking tanks he'd ever seen. As he walked ahead, he caught immediate attention from several guards, each one ready to rip his throat out, should the need arise. He met each of them with a stab to the chest from his Raem. With multiple Soul Grenades and metacalibur slashes, he destroyed almost everything in sight, save the magic users.

James (being cheered on) - God damn, is this all they're good for!?

[A] Though being praised, he felt immense mana coming from somewhere. He couldn't place it...until he saw an enormous shadow hovering over him. A large leviathan-like creature (much like the Sky Swallowers of Magic: the Gathering) was quickly free-falling, and he had limited time to dodge.

James (quickly running) - Everyone outta the way!!! Get the f**k outta here!!!

[A] A few seconds later, boom. A large crash into the ground created a shockwave, sending dust from the surrounding area flying, and parked hovercars everywhere were destroyed.

Marius (from nearby James) - No one leaves here until I say it!!!?

[A] James, his face buried in the ground, looked up to see Marius walking over to him, only to then see his foot connect with his face, slinging him around.

Marius - You didn't think I expected this? What a dumb ass...

[A] By raising his hand, he made a large spiritual wall made of bones rise from the ground ghost-like and block the way, turning solid.

James (getting up) - A summoner? Boy, they've got good tastes...

[CD] Summoner - A low- to high-level magic user that summons up creatures of all sorts to obey their command. Use of summoning circle is required, and cannot be done while under extreme stress. Under rare circumstances, summoning circles are unnecessary.

Marius (smiling malevolently) - ULEP's best, might I add...

[A] James picked up his Raem quickly after he noticed that he wasn't carrying them anymore. He got into a fighting stance, expecting a response, and got one.

Marius - I was hoping it would come to this...

[A] From his side, a pulled out a whip and a pair of dark sunglasses, slapping them on to his face, and slashing the whip to get it ready.

James (still in stance) - So, this is what you wanted, is it?

Marius - I've always wanted to combat a mage, much less a legendary Annihilator.

James (running at him) - Let's hope you get a real fight!!

[A] A few slices from his sword at close-range didn't seem to do much. Marius just dodged it and responded by a series of punches and kicks, which also missed. After getting some distance, he decided to lash out with his whip a few times. The end of it, upon hitting the soil, made it explode, but James was constantly jumping to avoid this, responding back with his own metacalibur, this time a good seven slices in one swing. The other magic users, instead of helping, tried to flee and climb over the wall, regardless of the spikes from the bones (which actually served as step ladders for them). Finally, the whip caught hold of James arm, and Marius tried to pull him closer. Making a few hand gestures when Cerosa pulled back, he created a small circle underneath James, who quickly leapt his side when he felt vibrations. I huge sandworm came out, but only for a second, and then went back down.

James (clenching his teeth) - like games, huh? How's this for a game!?

[A] Planting both of his swords into the ground, metacalibur rippled along it in a wave that hit the wall (ineffective in knocking it down) and came to Centrion, who jumped fairly high to avoid it.

James (smiling) - Gotcha...Rapid Soul Grenade!!!

[MD] Rapid Soul Grenade (James) - An upgraded version of the Soul Grenade, firing off multiple blasts in quick succession.

[A] With no way to dodge them in the air, Cerosa aimed at about where he would land, only a little upward so he didn't have time to dash away. Several blasts from a soul he held came out and made great explosions along the body of the man. The whip let go of his arm, and when the smoke cleared, Marius was still there, kneeling on the ground in pain. James took no time in sending a soul in after him at full speed to bash him back. And again. And again. Finally stopping the onslaught, it gave Marius a chance to make another hand sign, making several red globes appear that rushed out and hit James a few times. Responding with several jumps to dodge them as they hit the ground and a few Soul Grenades, they were no more. Marius regained ground and made another leviathan come out, this time traveling from a large alchemy/summoning circle suspended in mid-air in front of Marius. James, this time, charged a Soul Grenade, firing it straight on into the beast, tearing it apart. Marius, taking this opportunity, ran right to James and tried to punch him into submission. Some kicks and fists landed, but James figured out his pattern and used his swords to block. Catching him when off guard, he slipped a penumbra knife from his robe (through the sleeve) and a gun into his right and left hands respectively. The knife he held to his throat, the gun to the side of his head. Marius' eyes widened, and he didn't move.

James (serious) - It's over...give up and I might let you live.

[A] Nope. Instead, he speedily crouched down and low-kicked James, knocking him off his legs. Responding with a handstand/backflip, he regained footing.

James - Soul Grenade!!!

[A] The blast was met with a bone wall, this time. This summon tore down the previous wall, letting everyone who hadn't already gotten over into the city. The denizens of the city screamed, but no harm was brought. Many of them want over to see the heated battle on the street/court that was before them. Stone was busted with stabs and explosive energy blasts from the ULEP forces. Reinforcements, should they have been called, weren't arriving...

Marius (tired, breathing heavily) - Why won't you die...?

[A] Another sign, this time making a wall of fire and lightning jet up, distracting James enough for Marius to sneak up on him and get him with another leviathan, followed by a jet of fire/electricity, and a crack from his whip, which sent a shockwave of mana along the ground. Because everyone was watching them, James couldn't just move and let the attack go through...

James (holding his hand out in front of him) - Soul Wall!!!

[MD] Soul Wall (James) - Forms a wall of souls that withstands attacks by other forces.

[A] Thousands of tiny souls flew from out of his body, as if summoned somehow. The giant flying beast stopped at the wall, disappearing into nothingness. Next, the helix of mana, which started to break the shield even more, and finally the shockwave. The wall crumbled, and Marius was right behind to punch James, who responded with a quick kick. Blood was flying everywhere.

James (thoughts) - First time I've faced a summoner...bad time to start...

[A] With several fists into his stomach, it was the last straw for James. He kneeled down, as if expecting some punishment from an omnipotent source. He clutched his ribs, knowing that at least one part of it was broken somehow.

Marius - This is the Annihilator of Light? How pathetic...

[A] Raising his hands high, he called forth lightning from a summoning circle, which he collected as mana into his hands. Putting it right at James' head, he fired it off, but James had enough time to jump and dodge it, creating an explosive white energy blast, hitting Marius' armor, stunning him for a second, with more energy blasts to follow. Then some soul bashes, and another "lance from god" (lightning blast) came from the summoner, this time hitting James' arm. This, however, seemed to get magically absorbed into James' robe, though he still felt some effects from it.

James (picking up both swords from the ground, making them disappear) - You know, I'm getting pretty pissed off at you!!

Marius - Heheheheheh...

[A] At that moment, instead of fighting back, Marius suddenly stopped, his eyes became wide, and he seemed deeply lost in thought. James took the opportunity to take out both of his guns and shoot him twice in the head. As he fell to the ground, more bullets of white and black energy followed, and blood squirted out everywhere. The people surrounding them fled, as if to get away from James, or something else...more bullets, and James walked over to the corpse, shooting him several more times to make sure he was dead. After an hour of escape and intense fighting, it was finally over...

James (thoughts, wiping sweat from his head) - It's over God it better be!

[A] A spotlight appeared above him, and a strange ship hovered, like a dropship, and many ULEP troops with it. More of them filtered in through the streets in the panic of people running. Hovercars marked with ULEP's logo arrived, and James felt too tired to fight them off.

James - Good God not now...

[A] Their guns all pointed at him, and at least ten thousand of them there, he had no chance. With what little mana he had left he scribed a small alchemy circle quickly into the ground with his sword (while they weren't noticing) and touched it, activating it. It made the ground it sat upon into a blinding light, which he used to make his escape.


[S] Trapped in one of Daemon Prime's capital cities and forced to hide in alleyways and jump from spire to spire on top of buildings (with the ground sometimes too dangerous to walk on, or risk being seen) high above the ground, he had to find Maximus. He had blood dripping from him everywhere. He could hardly walk, even. As night fell, the cool rain cleansed his body and cleaned the blood off of him. The spires were now too dangerous to walk on (several of them formed bridges from building to building), he crept to the darkness on the ground.

James (running) - Where the hell are you!?

[A] He ran behind a large dumpster to avoid being seen by an eye-like sentry drone looking for him. It seemed to have thought he was there for a second, but then left. He breathed a sigh of relief.

[OD] Searcher - ULEP technology. A large mechanical eye with a special security camera in it, that hovers above the ground by sending out a small stream of mana. It has enough intelligence to track a target with DNA recognizable searching and scanning.


[S] Marius, lying dead in a pool of blood on the stone-tiled ground, was examined by several ULEP doctors, who wore white lab coats and other things. Rain fell onto his body, and they obviously saw that he was dead. As they called for his corpse to be moved, a slight groan came from him.

Marius (quietly) - Arghhhh...aughhh...ehh...grahhh...

[A] He lifted himself up off the ground, to the amazement of the soldiers, and red mana poured from several summoning circles that went into his wounds and healed them.

Marius (angrily) -!!

[N] No, that man is not the Annihilator of Darkness. You may be surprised when you find out who is. Next time, meet a new Annihilator, in Pt. 2!
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