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Part 1 Chapter 1 - Leon, Demi-Chaos of Form

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The first demi-Chaos confronts the hero of our story. A battle to end all battles (at least until the next one).

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 1 - Leon, Demi-Chaos of Form

[N] Since the dawn of the New Age, or Second Age, mankind had only existed on few planets, Tenalias being one of them, far away from Leon's prison in space and time. It was here that they could live a peaceful life, for Jelos feared that Leon might seek the First Age humans out and kill them to finish what he started. Sometime during the 15th century, the Tenalians were killed in genocide, which was, ironically enough, the "expiration date" on Leon's cell. Few escaped to tell the tale, but none mentioned their family's death. At the beginning, one planet stood alone for its population of humans: Earth. It was here that the legend was born again. James Cerosa was the newest Annihilator of Light. I had known Nebula well, being Jelos' aid and all, and he was a truly noble warrior. Upon observing Cerosa, I saw the same things in him. While most Annihilators were killed upon gaining their powers, Cerosa did not die...he was the true Annihilator reborn. The current date is March 27, 2013, but...he is still alive!? How is it possible? A human does not live that long...oh, but he and his brother did. James and Maximus were far more advanced than most people, possessing knowledge that I've never even tried fathoming. In due time, you'll see why I'm surprised...

[OD] Tenalias - A planet of memories, inhabited by the humans of the First Age, during the time when the gods and the humans interacted and functioned as one. Only few escaped the genocide of their people, and those that did died shortly afterward...

[CD] Tenalians - A group of humans from the First Age. They are the remaining ones, possessing advanced knowledge and technology. Unfortunately, their genocide was complete in the year 1487. Few survived, and the ones that died were killed later by unknown causes.

[S] Overlooking a rainforest, rain falls and several plants, trees, and flowers bloom. All kinds of birds and animals roam the rainforest, and the ruins of an ancient civilization remain. Tenalias, planet of memories, is flourishing, even without its people to be there. From the dense clouds, lightning flashes in the night, and a ship is revealed to be traveling the surface.

[OD] Aeros 5 - An advanced space craft that was built by Maximus Cerosa. It has automated weapon systems, hyperdrive, a dark star powered engine, and can go speeds up to one light year a second. Its outside hull is made of black kachin armor, imbedded with a symbol, "CI", or Cerosa Industries. Its form is sleek and smooth, as well as reflective, with twin engines in the rear end. These engines unleash mana constantly to propel it forward.

[A] As the ship nears an opening, lightning flashes to confirm the landing spot. It slowly hovers to the ground, only slightly blowing on the trees and causing them to sway. With the engines of the Aeros powering down, a small walkway lowers out from underneath the hulking ship. Two men suddenly walk out of the ship casually, the light from the Aeros' inside shining against them. The first one, tall with brown bowl-cut hair, spoke.

??? (looking around) - How close are we to the site...?

[A] The second one was shorter by an inch, clad in a strange chain-mail/casual clothes-like armor, with blond hair.

??? - Three hundred meters, approx.

??? - We got hella close, didn't we?

??? (slightly depressed) - I'm not walking that far this know as much as I do how I hate waiting for new discoveries.

[CD] James Cerosa - Age: 21. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: August 12, 1493. Physical Description: 6' 4", 214.7 lbs., brown hair in bowl-cut style with strands of red-dye in increments of each hair, green eyes, Annihilator symbol on forehead, memorycraft alchemy symbol on arm. Clothing: Red mage silk robe with black patterns etched into the fabric, red cape with black Annihilator symbol, black loose-fitting pants and black armor constructed with oricalcum for defense, boots with kachin plating, a CTIPS, and a CUTD. Type of Magic User: Mage. Occupation: Annihilator of Light.

[CD] Maximus Cerosa - Age: 21. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: September 27, 1492. Physical Description: 6' 3", 202.1 lbs., brown hair reaching down to mid-neck, green eyes, two alchemy symbols on his hands, memorycraft alchemy symbol on arm. Clothing: Black and red oricalcum-plated armor, boots with kachin plating, several storage pockets for assorted technology, a black vest, a CTIPS, and a CUTD. Type of Magic User: Alchemist. Occupation: Scientist for Earth.

James - And yet you could've parked it farther ahead?

Max (angry) - We can't damage the ruins, you dumbass! Don't you know that by now?

James - Whatever...

[A] A sound slightly startled James. It sounded like rustling coming from the bushes and trees. They heard faint whispers, many kinds. James walked over to a nearby tree and looked up while Maximus pushed a button on his wristwatch to turn a group of lights on in a cryptic pattern on the shell of the Aeros. This apparently scared whatever made the noise. Lightning flashed again. James looked over at another tree, and found a bird staring at him, but also...talking with another bird.

Bird 1 (female voice) - Shhhh...maybe he won't notice us...

Bird 2 (female voice) - What are you, insane?

James (suddenly, yelling from a distance) - Excuse me!

Bird 2 (startled) - Bwak...!!!

James - You two, in the tree! We need some help finding the lost city around here! Can you help us!?

Bird 1 (to the other) - Maybe he means someone else...

James (now at the base of the tree) - No, I meant you two...

Bird 2 - (partial silence for a second) You...can understand us?

[OD] Cerosa Universal Translator Device (CUTD) - A special earpiece built by Maximus Cerosa. It's capable of interfacing with any language in the universe, even unknown ones, and transforming it into a language understood by the wearer.

Max (walking up behind James) - You know, this is pretty god damn useless. They're just birds...besides, we have these things for a reason (points at his watch).

[OD] Cerosa Technological Interfacing Portable System (CTIPS) - A special watch built by Maximus Cerosa. It covers many needs, including the housing of several different outfits (holographically enabled and combined with energy to make physical), accessing the Aeros 5 database, as well as many other features.

Bird 1 - Watch it, human! We know way more than you about this place!

Max (snickers) - Yeah...what-the-f**k-ever...

James - Sorry for my brother's rude behavior. We're searching for a previously inhabited city near here. Can you show it to us?

Bird 2 - Think we should?

Bird 1 - I don't know...

Max - Look, we don't have a lot of time, so if you can't help...

Bird 2 - Hold on, a sec...(to the other) we might as well do it. I mean, what harm could it be?

Bird 1 - ...


[S] Both James and Max run through the forest, observing the various rocks and plants that they pass. They follow both of the birds, while Maximus looks down at his watch nervously?

Max (as he runs) - Are you sure we're going the right way!?

Bird 1 (flying) - Positive!

[A] James, with the most ease, jumped off a large stone he came to and did a one-handed stand on a branch in the lower canopy, shooting forward closely after touching it. It was acrobatic, to say the least. Finally, they came to a large opening, and the brothers both could've sworn they felt something nearby.

James (grimly) - It's him...

Max - No doubt...

[A] Feeling highly threatened after feeling another pulse of energy from somewhere, James let out a great ball of mana from his right hand, which hit a tree and toppled it over. Both of the avians stopped their flying immediately, and landed on a nearby branch.

[AD] Energy Blast - One of the most basic magic user attacks. The process starts with forming a ball of mana, then controlling it so that it explodes on contact with a source other than the creator of it. For most, being able to create energy blasts is a sign of progress, which can determine whether they're ready to move up from a magician to another level.

[OD] Mana (Ethereal Energy) - The very existence of magic itself, it gives all people the power to use magic if they learn to control it properly. All things have mana in some form that construct them. Without mana, nothing could exist, or so it's speculated.

Bird 1 - ...What's wrong with you!?

James - Sorry, but something's...or I should say someone's following us.

Bird 2 - ...?

Max - Please keep going and don't worry about it. He's gone now.

[A] As they left, James knew that he was still there...

??? (voice from nowhere) - Ahhhh, how they evade me even to this day.'s of no concern...

[A] A large solid mass of black appeared from behind a large rock, it being too dark to see clearly. It vanished and sank to the ground, and a snake was found in its place...


[S] Inside the large forest, a large forgotten city loomed. Steel and concrete was broken, large building were completely demolished, and even more disturbing were the large claw marks that seemed to be on every structure that they passed. Both toucan-like birds perched themselves on a destroyed traffic light.

James - This is as far as we needed...thank you.

Birds (at the same time) - No prob.

[A] Both of them flew off to the top of a lumbering set of pillar-like towers that seemed to surround the two brothers.

Max - Why'd Leon follow us this time...?

James - Let's just hurry this up.

[A] Both of them walked forward, through many tunnels and eventually to a place in the ruins where symbols of ancient power were carved into the walls. Nothing of any use, apparently, as they kept walking, until they reached a large fountain area, surrounded by several arched structures that cradled the massive area. Passing through a large wall that separated the city from this site, it appeared to be sitting right on the edge of a cliff, which is probably why the wall was put up: to keep people from falling to their death. In this fountain, they found several symbols, just like the ones in the grand halls they passed. One of these, however, attracted attention. A message, written in blood, laced with alchemy, and guarded by the skeletal remains of a Tenalian.

[AD] Alchemy - The arts of deconstructing and reconstructing matter into the form of your choice. By drawing circles with special symbols, you can create varying effects. Alchemy works on the principals of equivalent exchange, where something of equal value must be given up in exchange for something else.

James (looking around, bewildered) - I've never seen this place before...

Max (again looking at his watch) - According to the scans, this is it.

James - I can feel the souls of the dead trapped here...this is definitely the place.

[A] His focus now shifted to the skeleton, his robe still remaining on it, blood-soaked and full of cuts and claw marks. This bloody alchemy symbol he sat next to had a message written in the arcane language, also scripted in blood.

[OD] Tenalian Text - A complicated system of writing that can hold memories. Only memorycraft users can unleash them.

[AD] Memorycraft - A type of alchemy, known as the art of projecting memories and reading them wherever they can be found. Tenalians are the only ones known to have knowledge of this art.

James - It feels...wanting.

Max - Damn straight it's a message for us.

James - Us?

Max - Who else could it be for!?

[A] Silent, both of them looked down at it again, and moved their hands closer.

Max - Ready?

James (nodding) - Ready. One...

Max - Two...

Both - Three!

[A] They touched the message, and a red glow emanated from their arms and the text. Suddenly, darkness...


[S] In the dark, they stood in an abyss, unfazed by the intense mana they felt around them. A voice came from nowhere, and they suddenly found themselves overlooking the city, only completely reformed.

Voice - It was the day from hell, as my people struggled to figure out our destiny as the dead. We had no clue what would happen, and found no solitude in the fact that the gods seemed to have abandoned us...

[A] A large explosion rocked the entire planet, flowing out from the center of the metropolitan, destroying almost everything. Fires burned, and people died left and right.

Voice - The demi-Chaos, Leon, had invaded our planet, and began to silence us, once and for all. Few of us escaped through experimental rockets we had developed. Our technology was of little use against him, and our fate was sealed.

[CD] Demi-Chaos - A Chaos that has been infused into the soul of a human, giving them extraordinary strength and skills. All demi-Chaos can spawn minions that have the same powers as them, but to a lesser degree.

Voice - Using his arcane magic, he slew us, slowly becoming stronger on the blood of my children, and regaining his lost powers from the First Age. It was then, that I knew, he would become even stronger, should he gain our most guarded treasure. I hid it, and when I refused to tell him where it was, he killed me. But with this bond, only the true Annihilators can find and break the seal. Use it well, great ones, for nothing good will come if you lose it to Leon. Not even a real Chaos can survive his wrath, should he come to possess it...

[AD] Magic - The very basis on which life is founded. It can be used for several purposes, and is stemmed from mana, which exists on all planets, giving magic its use.

[CD] Annihilator - One of the six incarnates of Jelos, which each has their own power based on their element.

[CD] Chaos - One of the six incarnates of Valrin, which each has their own power based on their element.

Voice - Perhaps, in time, our loss will be revived. Our sanctity replenished. Until then, may Jelos and Valrin guide you...


[S] They awoke from their experience to find that the blood message had faded from the side of the ruined fountain. The fountain, it seemed, had a blue mana pulsating through it now, and a slight aura of an unknown object could be seen from within.

[OD] Aura - A special signature of mana that laces everyone, and everything (depending on if it possesses magical traits), around their body. Each person's aura is different in color and amount of energy released. The aura can sometimes determine how strong a person is, mana-wise.

[A] James, attracted by the strange glow, stepped into the shallow water, and slowly walked forward. The architect was huge, with over five tiers of watery levels, plus a top "chalice" on the highest level. Max followed close behind, and a flight of stairs magically raised up to let them climb higher. Water flowed from off the top of the stairs, soaking them still, but clearing out. The two of them finally reached the top level, when the chalice stopped its covering of water, revealing a stone that also possessed a strong aura.

James (amazed, subdued) - What is that?

[A] Inside a magical cage, it seemed, sat the oracle. It glowed in holy power, and called to James.

[OD] Scribe of Memory - A stone that is engraved in Tenalian text. Some contain small stories and tales, while others can tell so much as everything in the universe.

Max (pulling James by his robe) - Don't touch it!!!

James - What the hell's wrong with you!?

Max - Look, I'm interested in it, and I know you are too. But that doesn't make it a good idea to take!

James - But...that guy said...

Max - I don't give a s**t what he said! Back away from it!

??? - Hello boys...

[A] They immediately stopped arguing and turned to one of the arches. There, laid back on the flat surface on the top, was a man, who looked similar to James in almost every way.

??? - I don't mean to contradict you, but if I were you I'd take that thing and run your asses off to get away from me...

James (glaring seriously at him) - Leon...!

[CD] Leon Paranai - The demi-Chaos of Form, he takes on the look of James, favoring his look mostly over his own true form. The only differences are that his skin is shaded in shadow, his robe is black with red engravings, his cape black with a red Chaos symbol, and the Chaos symbol can be seen on his forehead.

Leon (getting up) - In...the flesh.

Max - Why in the hell are you here?

Leon - For the same reason you are...I want that scribe.

[A] James seemed a little confused at the situation. The Scribe of Memory seemed holy, and yet satanic at the same time. Now that he slowly stopped to think about this, he understood Max's motives for not letting him touch it.

James - You want it? (reaching over, grabs it) Pry it from my cold dead hands!

Leon (suddenly smiling) - Fair enough...

[A] From out of nowhere came a loud thud of things falling into water. Both of them looked back, finding several black masses that had no face, but three red eyes in different alignments on their heads, each glowing sinisterly. There must be at least a hundred...the brothers stood back to back.

Maximus (extending katars from beneath his sleeves) - You take care of Leon...I'll handle these.

James (confirming) - Right.

[A] Leon seemed to laugh at this pathetic display. But nonetheless, he raised his right arm and extended it out to his side. A staff appeared from out of nowhere in a small gathering of particles. James crossed his arms, this time making a pair of long swords appear.

[OD] Arinya - Leon's scythe. Two sickle blades can be seen, one on top of the other. The scythe flows with immense power, and the stench of death and blood. Red runes lace the bottom shaft of the scythe.

[OD] Raem - James' long swords. One is colored with engravings of white and blue, and the other is black and red. Both are said to change form when great enemies are killed, and these sacred blades can bring down even the strongest of foes. This starting form is much weaker compared to other Annihilators' weapons.

[AD] Weapon Summoning - By storing a weapon inside a partial dimension tear around a person, they can collect the energy of the weapon and form it at any time they wish.

[A] James was the first to move. Jumping off both the fifth and fourth tier in a running jump, he kept doing so until slashing his black sword, unleashing five slashes of mana into the ground that traveled along and climbed the arch. Leon jumped into the air at the last minute, avoiding the blast, as it busted straight through the structure and over the cliff edge.

[AD] Metacalibur - One of the most basic magic user attacks. The art of mages transferring energy into a weapon, causing varying effects. By slashing the weapon, different types of attacks will come out which are completely up to the wielder.

[A] At the same time, Max slashed through the enemies, performed great acrobatic maneuvers over them, and drawing alchemy symbols on the ground that raised the metallic roots of the fountain, spiking the creatures and impaling them. Each one, however, climbed off the stalagmites in a gooey fashion, reforming their black bodies with ease. Back in the other fight, Leon waited on another arch while James ran towards him.

Leon - could try going a little faster...

[A] As he finished this, he suddenly realized a large blast coming his way, which he swiftly dodged by creating a hole in his body in the same fashion as his minions.

Leon - Well, well...I underestimated you that time...

[A] James finally stopped his rampage towards Leon, this time waiting for his move. Leon stretched his black arm incredibly long, holding it up high, and made it into a blade on one side. He ended by slamming it down into the ground ahead of him, cracking the watery complex in half. James rolled to the side to escape, but was also hit with a small shockwave of water, dust, and debris. Leon, again, stretched his arm out, this time in back of him, swung it around, and made his fist larger, sending it into an undulating course towards the Annihilator. He couldn't see if it hit, so he waited for the smoke to clear. Apparently, James had stepped back to avoid it completely. Maximus was still having troubles, but was starting to gain headway, clearing them out with intricate alchemy circles and metacalibur blasts.

Leon - If you're quite done, I'd like the stone.

[A] The stone...ah crap. James just remembers that he dropped it somewhere. Suddenly, he realized that it was right next to him. He picked it up and slipped it into his pant pocket under his robe.

James - Bite me, asshole.

[A] This sparked something inside of Leon. Now, extending his arm for another blast, he instead turned it into a spike and sent it near James. With this done, he formed his body into his stretched limb and transferred over to the other end. Raising his scythe, he angrily sliced downward, but it was blocked by James' swords. Almost immediately, a small amount of metacalibur, both red and black was spinning around both of them in a furious slashing battle. As Leon spun around, he was met in the face with James' palm, which started to glow with a small orb in it.

[OD] Soul - A collection of spiritual energy that ultimately forms who a person is. A soul is round and bright, and filled with particles of light of different colors that float around in strands. Souls are about half the size of a human's palm.

James - Soul Grenade!!!

[MD] Soul Grenade (James) - Pulsates energy through a soul near the hand, amplifying it into a destructive golden energy blast. More rapid than the Dark Blast.

[A] The blast tore straight through Leon's face, deforming it completely. It quickly reformed however, and Leon grabbed James by the neck, lifting him up with ease. Leon's body suddenly seemed to have a greater aura that James and Max could both feel. Leon's minions had return to him, giving him partial strength back.

Max (slamming his hands to the ground) - JAMES!!!

[A] Alchemy of great strength sent a wave of water with a toughness of concrete towards Leon, who didn't budge. It seemed to hurt James more. Leon responded by dismissing his scythe and using his open hand for an explosive energy blast. It sent Maximus flying and he landed hard.

Leon - I could kill you right now...

James - Then do it...

Leon - I...I will.

James (thoughts) - Oh, I get it. Human'll regret not killing me right now...

[A] Both of them stared open-eyed at each other's symbols on their heads. James had never seen it up so close, so his curiosity got the better of him. He gazed for a good few seconds before realizing the weight of his situation.

[OD] Annihilator Symbol - Circle with smaller circles inside, three lines cutting it into thirds, one on bottom, two on top. All Annihilators bear this mark.

[OD] Chaos Symbol - Circle with a square and triangle inside, three lines cutting it into thirds, one on top, two on bottom. All Chaos and demi-Chaos bear this mark.

James - Well...?

[A] Responding to his cue, Leon's entire chest molded into a wall of spikes slowly. He extended each at the same time, close range, tearing James' robe, but apparently not piercing skin. Leon gazed at, what he thought, was a black suit underneath, or rather armor meant to look harmless.

[OD] Mage Silk - A special type of fabric used primarily by mages or other types of magic users. Can destroy almost any type of metal that comes into contact with it.

[OD] Oricalcum - A godly metal that constructs Chaos weapons. Harder than kachin, its supply has completely run out, and only a few magic users, such as the Chaos, Annihilators, and a lucky few, possess a weapon from this material.

James (smiling) - Guess not even you can break through oricalcum...

[A] Leon was still bewildered, but managed to see what James was suddenly doing. Squirming around, he raised his boot to kick Leon in the face, detach his arm, and then slice it off of his own body to prevent possible ramifications.

Leon (rubbing his chin angrily) - Kachin...pah, what a pussy. And oricalcum armor? You really are weak as hell...

[OD] Kachin - The second hardest metal in the universe, usually the color black. It can withstand attacks and never wears, but it's also very heavy, and can't be enchanted with magical spells for extra defensive or offensive power.

James - Speak for can't seem to realize that you're at a disadvantage...

Leon (confused) - What the hell are you...(realizing) oh...

[A] Leon gazed at a smiling Maximus, who was currently constructing a complicated alchemy array around Leon. James, who had backed away in advance, touched the circle with Max, which turned the ground and water below them into mana that burst up in a pillar, engulfing the demi-Chaos, and causing him to cry in anguish. Both of them added to this with slices of metacalibur for good measure. Finally, the array ended, and a bunch of black chunks were the remainder of Leon. James and Max knew what this was, however. Almost immediately, Leon reformed into his human disguise, but was obviously damaged by this display.

Leon (sighing) - I can see when I'm beaten...two against one. Not really fair, is it?

[A] Turning his back to them, he quickly turned back around and swept his scythe, trying to get James' head, but was instead bombarded with several stabs from Max and James' weapons, each one seeming to leave its mark. Leon finally backed up towards a wall, extending both arms and grabbing large chunks of debris, hurling them at both of the brothers. They each contended with an onslaught as he repeated this, finally sneaking away and jumping off the cliff.


[S] Back on the Aeros, Maximus was piloting it through space, while James observed the rock. In the time that they'd spent after their brief encounter with Leon (other fights have been much longer, and much tougher), James and Max had already found the secrets the scribe contained. But that, perhaps, is for another time.

James - So where to next?

Max - Leon's become more aggressive, so we should probably see if Epona's ready to come back. On the way, we'll have to stop in Daemon Prime for fuel and provisions. That okay with you?

James (staring into space) - Yeah...(thoughts) four years since that certainly were lucky that you didn't have to see it...maybe it's for the best.'ll pay for everything!
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