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The Big Apple

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When three city girls- the queen bee, the insane one, and the outcast- get thrust into the same Texan orchard for a summer, life will never be the same.

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In New York City, there sits a large public high school. In this school there have been many students over the years, each belonging to their own groups and cliques, and keeping the social pecking order in line. If someone stepped out of line, the others would scream and bite and claw until order was restored, for they knew no other way for things to be. Each group was relatively happy, and most students went through their day-to-day lives in a peaceful, if slightly monotonous, manner.

In this school, there were three girls who were on opposite ends of the social spectrum. The first of these girls was queen bee. She was loved by everyone, or most everyone, and the teachers adored her. She was a good student, and she was the one that the guys wanted. People got jealous of her, but she had a built-in wall to block out their glares. In others eyes, she was perfect. Her name was Delilah.

The second of these girls was a very laid-back, don’t-mess-with-me kind of girl. She had a few good friends who were all as crazy as her, and she was very happy goofing off, thank you very much. She didn’t care for the ‘popular girls’ with their make-up and false smiles, though she guessed she was a bit of a hypocrite. She was often hiding something behind her smile, a secret that she was determined to make sure that no one found out. Her name was Thorn.

The last of these three girls was an outcast. She was the perfect student, the genius, the invisible nobody that hid in the corner and kept to herself. Most people didn’t know that she was quite a wonderful person. In fact, most people didn’t know she even existed. She carried her notebook with her everywhere, always jotting down the things that came to her mind, and keeping it close to her heart. Her notebooks were her life, as was the beautiful music she would make when no one was around. Her name was Serenity.

This is the story of how these three girls- the queen bee, the insane one, and the outcast- spend one fateful summer miles from their home. They may find love, they may find friendship, and they may find out that they were not the people they thought they were. One thing was for sure- when they returned to their home, The Big Apple would never be the same.
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