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"What could happen?"

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“What do you mean, I’m leaving?” Luna ‘Thorn’ Trivolta demanded, giving her mom the most evil look she could. She had finally begun to enjoy high school, and definitely did NOT want to leave her very hot, very single friend, Damien. Things were just starting to get a bit more serious between the two of them, and she was not about to let her mother ruin this chance for her. “Where am I going? Or would be going, if I was letting you take me from here. Which I most definitely am not.”

Thorn’s mother ignored her sarcasm and impudence and placed another pile of summer clothes into her suitcase. She sighed exasperatedly and tried to ignore her daughter, who was right on the brink of punching a hole in the wall. This worked for about thirty seconds, but when she turned back to the closet, she found her path blocked by Thorn, who was standing with her arms folded over her chest.


Michelle Trivolta was a businesswoman, and did not appreciate her daughter’s attitude, but for once, she didn’t point that out. She realized that her girl was not going to be pleased about moving from the place that had been home for years, even if it was only for a summer.

“A friend of mine, Mulich, has offered to take you to stay at his family’s orchard for the summer. His wife passed away earlier this month, and with his daughter in college, he is very lonely, and in need of help to run the place for the work season.”

“Where is this orchard located, Mrs. Trivolta?”

Michelle hated it when her daughter called her that, but continued to hold her composure. Pushing past her daughter, who reluctantly moved, she sighed again.

“Nallyville, Texas.”

“TEXAS?!” Thorn exclaimed, all but shouting. “You can’t be SERIOUS!”

“LUNA!” Michelle snapped, spinning around to face her daughter. “I understand that you’re upset. But you can’t act this way! You have to be a bit more mature. The plans are already made, and besides- it may help with your increasing delinquency these past few months.”

Thorn cringed at that. She hadn’t been trying to be a delinquent. She had had a few mishaps, yes, but the phone incident wasn’t entirely her fault. And she hadn’t been trying to break Old Leroy’s fence… she HAD repaired the damage, after all…

Thorn moaned in defeat, flopping face first onto her bed, which had been stripped of the sheets, and grabbing her stuffed bear. She had never let anyone know that she still slept with a teddy bear, but she did. She loved Teddy so much, and wouldn’t let anyone part her from him. Thorn felt the tears beginning, and fought them back, ashamed that she was making such a big deal. It was just four months, right? What could happen?
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