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"Shall we go rescue them?"

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Delilah stepped out of the small cab that she had caught from the airport a few towns over and smiled at the sight of her hometown. Memories flooded back to her and she inhaled deeply, taking in the familiar smells of the pizza place, Angilo’s, and the underlying scent of horses. It was all so sweet and beautiful to her eyes, and she found herself giggling uncontrollably. She grabbed her bags and strode down the street, head held high and hair messy from the two-day trip. She waved at a few people she recognized, and got a few confused waves in return- did she really look that different?

As she walked to the outskirts of town, she closed her eyes. She wanted to save the best sight for last, and she knew every pothole in the road as it was. She walked the quartermile and felt the road begin to drop into a steep hill beneath her feet. She dropped her bags, took a deep breath, and opened her eyes wide.

Before her lay a huge apple orchard. Off to the side, as if added as an afterthought, was a huge fenced-in field and a horse stable. She could see a few of the horses, including the old nag, Sam, milling around in the field, and the sight sent a surge of joy through her. She looked down upon the acres of trees, naming them off as she searched the rows for any disturbances- Uglies, Honeycrisp, Gala, Fuji, and many others, including her favorite, the Red Delicious. Seeing the trees unharmed was a great thing, but it was nothing compared to the sight waiting for her at the end of the long road.

“Uncle Mulich,” she breathed, her jaw dropping. He was leaning on his walking stick until he spotted her, and he leaned it against the wall and held out his arms. Delilah took off, leaving her designer suitcases in the dirt and tearing down the road at breakneck speed. She ran like no girl should ever run in a miniskirt, flying down the steep slope like she had when she was a young girl. She leapt into Mulich’s arms, tears of happiness and longing pouring down her face. She hadn’t seen her Uncle in over a year, and the Indian gentleman was just as happy to see her as she was him, crying with her as he held her and rocked her.

“Now,” he said, holding her back at arms length and grabbing his walking stick. “Let me take a good look at you, my dear. My. How you’ve grown! And your outfit is… very different. Very pretty. Since when did my dear niece begin to care about looking pretty? Nonetheless, you look magnificent my dear. Come, let us go inside. I will send Joshua out to get your suitcases, if you don’t mind having him handle your things…”

Delilah gasped. “Josh is here?”

Mulich smiled. “Very much so! In fact, here he comes now.”

Mulich stepped to the side, a knowing grin on his face, and winked at Delilah. Standing in the doorway where Mulich had been just a second before, was Delilah’s adopted cousin, Joshua Delhi. Josh smiled wide and tackled his cousin to the dirt, wrapping her in a huge hug. They both began to laugh, holding each other tight. Josh had always been like a brother to Delilah, and being separated from him had been like a hell on earth for her.

After the family had had it’s reunion, Mulich smiled a wise smile and nodded up the road, where the two bags rested in the middle of the dirt road.

“Shall we go rescue them?” Mulich asked the two children, earning a white grin from Josh and a laugh from Delilah. Together, the family started up the hill- the blonde in the miniskirt, the old Indian gentleman, and the tall tan boy with the dark black hair.
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