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Chapter twelve-From Every Heart You Break

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Sorting troubles out.

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I'll try make this chapter longer(: Please R and R. It really helps me and gives me that extra push to carry on with this story..(: xx


Frank held me closer to his chest. I can tell that he's deep in bottomless, heavy thoughts. I can't exactly blame him, it was a lot to take in. I'm glad that I told him. Expressing bottled up emotions lifted tonnes of weights off my chest, it's like I can breath properly now, after 3 years of what seemed like unhealing pain being taken off just by talking to one amazing person.

I started feeling disappionted in myself, I should have waited a few more days before telling him about myself. He has way too much on his mind. I don't want to overload him with different positions. Mixed feelings must be jumping around his head, he started off lost and confused about Gerard, then happy and competely aware of what he always wanted just never knew, then worried and anxious about or friendship being in line, then relieved by my understanding, then having lost,confusion, worry and anxiety dumped on him yet again.. I'm surprised he's still here, comforting me and hasn't exploded already. It all seems too much for one person to handle.

The truth was, I didn't entirely know how I felt towards Gerard and Frank being together. I know rhat I should be happy, the two best people in my lives growing closer and closer. But it gave me the sense of unwantedness. Like I was the third wheel and wrecking there time with my 'bad timing'. I don't like how I'm going to have to watch my step and take the time to peer into the room to make sure i wasn't interupting anything.
Frank's the best friend anyone could wish for. The friend that i've been searching for. Only to have him taken away. I know that Frank isn't going to ignore me compelely. Just thinking about answering the door to Frank and him going to Gerard's room, not mine. That thought made me shudder. Frank looked down on my with tear stained cheeks and glassy eyes. He gave me a small smiled and i nudged my head back to his shoulder. He traced small circles over my back with his palms.

He hesitated when we heard a small knock on the door. Frank looked at me and I nodded. Frank got up and opened the door slightly, just to reveil his face to the person on the other side of the door. I folded me arms over my knees and rested my forhead on them, not being too keen on talking to Gerard at this very moment.
"I'll be in Gerard's room if you need me Mike,"
I closed my eyes tightly, biting my tounge to prevent myself from saying something I would regret like "Of course you will be"
"You'll be okay, Mikey" He said shutting the door behind him.
I kept my eyes closed tight as I heard Gerard slowly make his way across the room and closer to me.
He sat down infront of me, his legs crossed and I could feel his eyes boring into my curled up frame.
I wanted him to know that I was mad, but I wasn't one to hold a grudge. I wanted him to leave me alone, leave me to my crying and loneliness. Leave me to dwell in bad thoughts as I thought about how much of the crappy, pathetic excuss for a human being i was...

But something inside me wanted him to stay, knowing what I was going to do if I was left alone..


I sat across from my little brother, watching his back heave up and down sharply. I was so ashamed in myself, treating Mikey like shit when really, if it wasn't for him I would probably be dead in the gutter by now.
I shook my head at myself. My selfish being haunted me like a raincloud.
I took a long breath in and slowly reached over to gentally touch Mikey's shoulder. He cringed and inched away slightly, still keeping his eyes well hidden.
A terrible feeling arose inside of me. My awful wellbeing suddenly being clear and open for everyone to see.
I pulled my self so i was sitting next to Mikey.
He didn't respond.
"Mikey, please. Don't be sad."
He reluctantly lifted his head from his arms and looked into my eyes.
"Mikey, I-I'm sorry"
He continued to look at me, tears rolling down his face leaving traces of my mistakes.
He bit his lip and looked down.
I stood up, "Here" I said reaching my hand out for him to clasp.
He looked up and blinked before streatching his hand out to take mine.
I hoisted him to his feet, we stood opposite one another in silence. The occasional tear dripping down Mikey's cheek as we gazed at each other for what felt like hours.
Mikey swallowed before speaking.
"I-I don't like being m-mad at you, Gerard."
"I don't like you being mad at me either" I let a small, soft smile creep across my lips.
He looked down again as another silence filled the room. Being clueless on what to do or say, i just continued watching him. He shuffled his feet from side to side, something he has done ever since he was a kid in awkward situations.
"Y-You're not..." He tripped over his own words "I mean.. You're gunna.. stay.. s-stay with me, right?"
I was taken back from his words. Did he really think I was going to leave? I would never leave, not like this.
"Mikey," I shook my head as he peered from underneith his hair "I would never leave you again, you have nothing to worry about. I'll always be with you, even when i'm dead."
Mikey lifted his head up and let a small form of a smile last a few seconds on his mouth.
"Y-You don't know.. how much i-it hurts, Gee" He frowned "When we a-argue."
"Mikey, I never mean to hurt you.. You know that"
I gave a small nod, another tear slipping.
"Come here." I said and he stepped toward me, thought he was about 2 inches taller, i brushed the tear from his cheek and hugged him tightly, never wanting to let go.
"I know it's a lot of change and different, but we'll all just have to grow used to it" as much as he hated hearing it, he knew that it was true, we're way too far down the track to turn back now...


I sat on Gerard's bed, leaning against his bed post with my knees to my chest. I felt slightly worried about leaving Mikey. What if he and Gerard have another fight? I don't know how much more pressure would push Mikey over the edge.
I couldn't hear any yelling so i supose that that's one good sign. I played with my lip ring as i thought about today.. The fact that something so perfect can turn to complete shit caused a frown across my face.

I tried to block Mikey from my head, trying to forget what i was expecting him to say when we were in his room. I still like Gerard, so so much that it's unbelievable. But my fondness towards Mikey was starting to develope. I bit my lip in fury. I was disgusted in myself, being a little slut. It's not like I can keep my distance between me and Mikey, it'll make him on the edge of falling and having no one there to catch him.
I let out a frustrated groan and threw one of Gee's pillows across the room, knocking down a few sketches that were pinned on the wall. I was too angry, at myself mostly.
Breathing heavily and letting rage run through me, filling my veins. I pushed my hands through my hair and closed my eyes, taking slow breaths to calm myself down. I stood in the center of Gerard's room and couldn't help feel lost. I feel like I should have stayed up there with Mikey, I could tell how unstable he had become. I'm sure it's nothing Gerard can't handle, it is his brother afterall. Even so, I turned on my heel and sprinted up the stairs and ripped open Gerard's door. The rest of the house was just as silent as Gerard's room.
I bolted up the stairs and down the short hallway and stopped when I reached Mikey's door. I thought better than to barge right in so I knocked gentally on the door, like Gee had done before.
"Come in." I heard Gerard's mufled voice.
I slowly opened the door wide and smiled. Mikey and Gee were held in a tight lock, both the brother's resting their heads on eachothers shoulders. Mikey had his back to the door but I could see that he was no longer crying, his back rising slowly and calmly. Gerard was facing my and smiled.
"Got lonely did you, Frankie?" He said.
I nodded and Mikey let go of Gerard to turn to me.
"You all alright?" I asked consernly.
"Yeah" Mikey nodded and looked at Gee.
"Are you?"
"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be" I lied. I don't want to make a big issue over myself.
"Frank Iero, you truely are the shittiest liar ever."
"I'm not lying!" I said defensivly.
"We heard you trash Gee's room" Mikey said. Uh oh.
"I didn't trash it" I mumbled.
"Well you threw something."
"Only a pillow.."
"Why" Gerard suddenly pitched in, looking serious.
"I don't know.. I was annoyed"
"Why?" He said again.
"Well not annoyed, more frustraighted, you can understand that right? I've got a lot on my mind.."
Mikey ducked his head, he must have not told Gerard about what he told me.
Gerard looked from Mikey to me then back again. He shook his head, making his hair fall slightly over his eyes and smiled his sweet smile again.
"Lets go downstairs"

Mikey and I followed Gee downstairs into the lounge and we all jumped onto the couch, it was a bit of a tight fit, but we didn't mind.
Gee turned the tv on and put on a random scary movie... again
I sat between the two brothers as we watched the movie, me being scared shitless and them giggling at my reactions. I had my knees pulled to my chest, hiding my face behind them every few minutes.
Gee paused the movie but i stayed hidden.
"Frankie.." He laughed.
"What" I said, thought barely being heard because my voice is tucked away behind my legs.
"The movie's paused, dude" I heard Mikey chuckle.
I slowly lifted my head and they laughed.
"I'm just pausing it to get us some drinks, want one?" Gee asked me.
"Yeah, sure" I watched Gee get up and leave the lounge, leaving the only sound to be glasses clanking together as he prepared our drinks.
I turned my eyes from watching Gee leave the room to Mikey. He locked eyes with mine and gave me a small but meaningfull smile.
"You really like him, don't you Frank?"
I slowly nodded and he let out a small quick sigh.
"Guess I'll just have to get used to it then.."
I paused, staring into his hazel amlmond eyes.
"Mikey, if you have any problems with it.. I-I mean.. I want you to be happy and if m-me and Gerard being together doesn't make you happy... then I won't go out with him." The words pained me as I spoke them, I didn't want to lose Gerard, but if it meant losing Mikey I couldn't go through with it. Me and Gee would just have to work something out where we would just stay friends because I couldn't lose Gee completely, it would kill me..
"N-No" he shook his head. "I can't do that Frank, it's your life."
"It's your life too! Look, Mikes, I can see how it may be a bit uncomfortable to start with but we'll all just have to.. become used to it"
He sighed and let out a small laugh
"You sound just like Gerard." He smiled "And I know, i'll just need.. some time."
I nodded and then Gee came through the door, clutching three glasses of coke.

5 hours later
I looked at the clock on Gerard's side table, 4:17 it read. I rolled back to face Gerard.
"I need to go home.."
"No" He whined.
"My parents are crazy about lateness, trust me, you'll never see me again if i'm not home soon."
Gee pulled an adoreable sad face that i had to be tough about.
"Not gunna work on me" I winked at him at jumped off his bed.
Mikey had gone to his friend Bob's house and Gee's Mom was at the supermarket.
"Pleaaaase" He begged.
"How about I come over straight after school?"
He kept his face saddened, but nodded once.
I laughed, he swung his legs over the side of the bed so he was sitting on it.
"I'll see you tomorrow, I promise." I moved closer to him and bent down to kiss him. His hands clasped around my neck and mine on his thighs, supporting me from leaning too far into him.
Gee moved his hands to my waist and pulled me closer. I sat on his lap with my knees on either side of his thighs, making my hands rise up to his hair and gentally tug on it. He started to lay down when I pulled away.
"Bye GeeGee" I winked and walked up his stairs.
"Fucking tease you are, Iero!" I heard him yell after me.
I laughed and left his room.
His Mom was home now.
"Frank, i thought Mikey went to Bob's"
"Y-Yeah, he did."
"And he left you here?"
"I was with Gerard."
She looked at me sispicously before speaking again.
"Alright, are you leaving? You're welcome to stay for dinner."
"It's fine, Ms Way, Mom wants me home."
"Frank, I've told you before, call me Donna"
"Right, sorry" I smiled.
"Come by whenever you want, honey"
"Thanks" I gave her a small wave as I strolled out the front door.
I started my path back to a most likely angry Mother. But I didn't care.

Maybe things will work out after all..

Hi, sorry if this chapter isn't very good.. I had a little trouble with time to write it. It'll get better soon though(: Again, I would love any ideas or what you would like to see happen next! Thank you for reading and commenting!! This is my first story ever so it makes it all worth while(: xx
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