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Chapter thirteen-Blinded by the Silence of a Thousand Broken Hearts

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uh ohh.. everything was just starting to go so well..

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Loud footsteps above me awoke me from my well needed sleep. I frowned as the hurried feet stomped on the floor over mine, now I remember the one reason my room wasn't perfect, every movement that was made upstairs sounded twice as loud down here.
I groaned and rolled over in my bed, lying on my stomach i looked at my bedside-table clock.
8.37 it read. I forced myself out of bed and trudged up the stairs. I stumbled down the hall towards the kitchen. Mikey bolted down the stairs half-dressed, roughly brushing past me. Because of my early morning absent mindedness, his passing nearly knocked me right off my feet.
"Calm down Mikey!" I called grogerly after him as he closed the bathroom door behind him. I shook my head, Mikey was so fussy in the mornings, he would seemingly transfeer to his own world where he couldn't see or hear anyone around him, and his one focus was to get to school on time.
I sat at the kitchen table with my head held in my hands.
"Good sleep, hon?" My Mom pushed a cup of coffee towards me.
"Well, it was, untill Mikey RUDELY woke me up" I said loud enough for mikey to hear.
"You needed to get up anyway, Mikey was doing you a favour" she hit my arm playfully.
I heard Mikey's laugh come from the bathroom and i frowned at my mom.
"Why would I need to get up early?"
"Just to get back into the routine of school."
Mom had enrolled me at the same school that Mikey and Frank go to, and for the first time in my life, i was looking forward to school. I guess it was the 'new school, new people, new impresions' feeling, but mostly it was because I would be at the same school as Frankie.
I smiled as Frank raided my mind, leaving traces of goosebumps and shivers.
The school said that I could start next week, so that I could 'settle' and get 'more prepared' for my new education. Mom wasn't too happy about that though, because that would mean that I would have to stay home alone. She gave me the big talk on not to answer the phone or door, talking to me like I was 7. After reminding her that I was 10 years older than she was treating me, she pulled me into another hug, I've seemed to have lost track in the amount she gives me each day. I can't complain, I've missed her more than she really knows.

Mikey came running from the bathroom, still in only skinnyjeans but this time with his hiar straightened.
"Jeez, Mikes, you worry so much about your hair, I don't think you notice that you need a shirt on to go to school"
He poked his tounge out before running up the stairs, two at a time and closing his door. The kitchen seemed to fall silent for a matter of seconds before he came running back down again, this time fully clothed.
"Bye Mikes" I smiled at him.
He looked at me and hugged me.
"Thanks Gee, for everything."
My smile traveled further across my face.
"Love you, bro"
He gave my one last quick smile before leaving through the front door. I watched him walk down the road from the kitchen window until he was completly out of view.
"You wouldn't believe how much he's missed you, Gerard" I forgot my Mom was in the room, her voice making me jump.
"Not as much as I missed him, I'm sure of it."
She smiled, before getting up from the chair and picking up her handbag.
"So, my number is on the coffee table in the lounge, so is the emergency numbers, work numbers everything you need, also I left you $20 just incase you need food that the kitchen doesn't have, try not to leave the house for too long, the key is in the door, lock it behind you if you leave, I'll be home at 7, Mikey'll be home by about 3.30 or 4, he has to walk an-"
"Bye Mom" I stopped her rambling of continuously repeated instructions and kissed her on the cheek.
"Alright, see you tonight" She closed the door behind her.

I don't really know what to do. The whole house to myself..
I took out my phone and found Frankie's name.

I'm Lonely.. Gxx
I flopped down on the couch.
sorry, you still gotta wait till 3.30, im sure you live ;) Fxx
I frowned down at my phone and placed it on the coffee table next to Mom's long list of unessisary numbers.
I flicked the tv on, only kiddie shows flickered across the screen as I changed each channel. I turned it off, annoyed.
My head lulled back onto the couch pillow and I slowly closed my eyes.
My Frankie came into mind, istantly reviving me from my bad mood. I let a small sidesmile leave my lips as I fell into a Frank-filled dream...


School passed insanely slow as I tapped my pen impatiently on the desk.
Mr McKee drooled on about the different methods of producing solutions. Like I would ever need to learn how to make water in life . Science was truely the worst torture.
I scribbled on my notes book, it was closed, as it has been the whole lesson. Scribbling Gee's name into it like a lovey-dovey teenage girl. I smiled at how cheesy I was being, but I couldn't help myself, he was all that was on my mind. Well, him and Mikey. Mikey sat beside me, silently snoozing with his arms lying on his desk, preforming a sort of pillow for his head. I smiled at him before my thoughts drowned me again. I shook my head and pulled my focus to the clock above the whiteboard, 4 more minutes untill freedom. Then I could see Gerard again. Armys of butterflies erupted in my gut again.
"Mr Iero, would you kindly lead Mr Way back to earth" said Mr McKee's monotone voice. I blinked and nudged Mikey.
"No.." I heard Mikey mumble as he repositioned himself in his arms. All eyes turned onto our little coner desks at the back of the room.
"Mikes, dude, wake up, everyone staring" I whispered, pushing his shoulder lightly.
"No, I don't know why I did that." I frowned at Mikey, sleeptalking.. again.
"Mikey, fucking wake up" He pushed him a little harder this time.
"Sorry, Frankie.." He said, a little too loudly, still asleep.
I started going a little red.
"Mikey!" I pushed him hard and he toppled out of his seat.
"What the fuck." He looked around confused "Frank?"
"Mr. Way, please stay in your seat and I will see you after class."
I bit my lip as Mikey rose from the hard, ground and onto his chair.
"Now as I was saying..." Mr McKee continued, unaware that no one was paying any attention.
"Sorry, man." I said softly.
"It's fine." He smiled slightly at me.
The bell went and the class was noised with chairs scrapingbackwards.
"Mr Way I will see you now."
"Want me to wait?"
"Nah, you just go on to my house, I'll be there soon."

I walked out of the school's prison like gates and out to the cold New Jersey streets.
Pulling my hoodie up over my head to keep me warm, I walked quickly towards Mikey's house. It only took me about 10inutes before I got to his front door, usually it takes Mikey and I a good half hour to get here.. I shook my head at myself before opening the front door, feeling a little surprised that it was open, Donna usually is very over-protective of Mikey so I imagined her to be the same for Gee.
"Gerard?" I called. No reply.
I walked into the kitchen to get myself a can of coke when I heard faint mumbling. I froze, cocking my head to try and seek the dorection of the noise.
"Mmmm" I smiled as I heard Gee's small moan coming from the lounge.
I sprinted into the room and saw him, sprawled out on the couch. I smiled, he looked so sweet when he sleeps.
I knelt next to the couch and hesitated before deciding to wake him, I missed him and needed to see his hazel eyes that I have been craving all day.
"Gee.." I gentally pushed him, feeling deja vu sweep over me as i tried to wake Gerard the same way I had tried to wake Mikey. I shook Mikey from my head and did something that I could never do to mikey that would help me have only Gee in my mind.

I stood up and leaned over Gee. Taking in his scent before crashing my lips onto his. He reacted quickly, jolting up from his sleep before realising it was me, then melting into the kiss.
He pulled me so I was half lying on him, half with my legs hanging off the side of the couch. He moved his mouth in perfect sync with mine. Slowly dragging his tounge across my lip, playing with my lip ring. He slowly pulled me fully ontop of him and rolled me over so he was on top. He removed his lips from mine and down my jaw to my neck, nibbling softly. I twined my hands in his hair, feeling the moment get more and more passionate...

The front door suddenly whammed open.Ipushed Gerard off me, maybe a little to forcefully. He flew back and off the couch. I looked up at the door as Mikey walked in, angry.
"Fucken teachers" He mumbled and looked up at us, both of us breathing heavily, our hair in tangles of mess but Gerard sitting about a meter away from me, looking startled and slightly confused.
"Well, at least you made the effort" Mikey sighed and rolled his eyes.
"What did Mr McKee say?" I asked, changing the subject.
He paused and looked at me properly for the first time since he walked in.
"Nothing, just rambled on about respect blah blah blah"
"What did you do?" asked Gerard.
"Slept all through science" Mikey said, turning his attention to his older brother.
Gerard nodded and smiled, "That's my brother" He got up and highfived Mikey, making him giggle.
Mikey looked at me and then Gerard. Slowly, he looked down at his doc martens
"I- I'll be in my room."
"No, Mikes. Stay with us." I tried.
"Homework." He said, before shooting upstairs quickly and closing his door.

I felt guilty, so did Gee.
"Well, he sure as hell hates being behind on homework" Gee told me, breaking the long slience.
I shook my head
"I had most classes with him today.. We didn't get homework."
Gerard groaned and slapped his palm to his face.
"Why does this have to be so fucking difficult" he said softly, sitting on the couch next to me.
I leaned to the side and lazily let me head rest on his shoulder.
"We'll work it out, I really don't want to lose you though, Gee" I linked my hand with his and rested them on his knee. He stroaked my hair with his other hand and kissed the top of my head.
"You won't, I don't care what happens."
I turned my head to look at his face and grinned.
Nothing can compare to where Gerard sends me.
"What are you smiling about?" He cooed in my ear.
"Gee" I giggled as he nibbled my ear. "Honestly, I don't know how I lived without you, everytime that i'm around you I see the best of me inside your eyes"
He ducked his head down and lightly kissed my forehead, not wanting to get carried away with Mikey being in the house.

We sat together for half an hour longer, just talking.
"Frankie, I think I should go see Mikes."
I nodded and he got off the couch.
"Stay there, I'll be back." He smiled and left.
I sat in silence for about 20 minutes before I heard yelling.
Panic jolted inside me
"No. Not agian" I said to myself and leaped off the couch. I ran to Mikey's door and pounded friercly at it. They didn't hear me, they just continued srguing.
I ripped the door open to see the two brothers standing next to Mikey's bed, yelling.
"Gerard, stop!" I ran between them, being insanely shorter than both of them. They acted as though I wasn't there. I couldn't make out what they were saying but I knew that it was too much. I pushed the Brothers away from each other, instantly silencing them. Mikey looked at me thenstormed out his door and slammed it behind him. I watched him go before turning to face Gerard, shanking my head.
"You need to stop doing that!" I yelled at him
Gerard sat down on Mikey's bed and hid his face in his palms.
I swalloewd as he wepted into his own hands. I was pulled inbetween the both of them. I needed to go after Mikey but I couldn't leave Gerard.
"Gee" I sat next to him.
"I fucking hate myself" He groaned from gritted teeth.
"No, Gee. Don't everything'll be fine." I kissed his cheek. "I'm just going to find Mikey, you stay here." He didn't move but I knew that he heard. I closed the door behind me.

I ran down the stairs, taking quick looks in every room I passed. Knowing that I was wasting my time looking around the house for him, he was in the same place as always.

I ran down his street and through the gates of the cemetery at the end of his road. I looked up a large hill with a single old oak sitting upon it, the place where Mikey and I first met.
I ran up the hill, ignoring the sharp pain the it caused in my side. I didn't care, I would die for Mikey if need be.
I got to the top and walked to the tree. Mikey sat under it, his legs crossed and his face looking down, in his fingers he held a small blade of grass, twiddling it and weving it through. I fell to my knees infront of him, but he didn't look up. I could see his face pulled into a angry frown and his jaw clenched tight. I didn't know this Mikey, I've never really seen Mikey that mad, untill now.
He shook his head.
"What was it all about?
He ignored me and continued playing with the grass.
"Mikey" I repeated.
His eyes slowly rose and locked onto mine, his face remaining down.
I lifted his head up with my hand and he sharply jolted his face from my hand.
"Mikey" I pleaded "What is wrong, please just tell me"
"No" he said, shaking his head.
"Wby not, I could fix it or help you"
"It's nothing for you to worry about... You've done enough." He said harshy, slicing into my like a blade.
He got up, I found myself paralised and speechless.
"M-M.. Wa?" I managed to stutter.
He got up, looked down on my and marched down the hill. I watched him leave. Having a clear view of his whole street from the top of this hill i couldsee him walk to his house and into his backyard, through the back door and slamming it loudly.

The pain rose deep from somewhere behind my rib cage as I watched the person who knew me better than I did, who when my good days start to fade, stole the rain away.

Just like that...
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