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Christmas...oh the joy

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Gee had been sleeping with me for the past few days, well since I cut myself. Shit, I sat up it was christmas today.
"Gee wake up wake up." I jumped on top of him. I knew Gee wasn't a morning person, well not until he had his morning coffee. Him and Mikey together had drank more coffee than I had in my lifetime, I wasn't complaining though. Gee always smelt like coffee and it was so nice.

"Gerard Arthur Way wake your ass up now! It's christmas." with this he sat bolt upright and I fell off the bed landing on my ass. Gerard started laughing and I couldn't help but blush. I stuck my middle finger up at him and he gave me one back. I loved him so much, why was I such a coward.

"Yeah c'mon Frankie get your ass up from the floor, and let's go open presents...oh and Frankie my parents always leave us presents so I need to go and get them." I nodded and walked up the stairs behind Gee. Mikey was already sat there on the floor, eyes wide open. He looked so much like a 5 year old it made me giggle.

I went and sat next to him on the floor and his eyes turned to me.
"Heyy Mikes, you excited?" he nodded and Gee came back into the lounge with about 10 presents.
"Frank there's more can you come and help me?"
"Yeah." I followed Gee, to the downstairs cupboard where they were obviously kept. I carried about 15 presents and so did Gee. There was fuck loads.

We all sat down and I suddenly got excited, my present for Gee was under the tree and the little present I got for Mikey. Don't ask how but the delivery man had manage to bring Mikey's in all this snow.

"Right Mikey, you and me have 20 presents each, Frank you have 2." I smiled I didn't care that I didn't have many at least I had 2, and one of them was from Gee hopefully.

Mikey and Gee opened up all their presents, we were going to do eachothers last. Gee had about a million band t-shirts and a couple wern't his size so he had given them to me. I had thanked him, and given him a hug. This wasn't unusual for us now, it felt natural like I belonged there.

"Right lets open eachothers now." I came out of my own littlw world amnd smiled. We all had 2 each and for some reason, we all had big cheesy grins on our faces. I looked at the tags quickly, I was going to open Mikeys first, it was a new lip-rings and nose rings. They wer all different colors and I could help but smile. I gave him a quick hug and went and put them in a egg cup with hot salty water so they were sterile.

I had gotten Mikey a remote control mystery van, as I had picked up that he liked Scooby doo. He thanked me and Gee opened his up from Mikey, it was Iron Maiden CD. Gee's face lit up and I suddenly felt my heart drop. Mine was crap compared to that. I looked at the tag it said:
To Frankie, Merry Christmas Love Gee xo
My heart sprinted when i read the love and I smiled. I think Gee was blushing, but I had written love on his too. It was a risk I was willing to take.

I opened up his, and it was some new guitar picks and a guitar strap. It was amazing and a grin lit up my face.
"Thank you Gee bear." shit I hadn't meant to call him Gee bear, it just sort of slipped out.
"It's alright sugar."

Mikey had got lots of DVD's from Gee and he seemed extremely happy. It was time for Gee to open up mine now I found out that my palms had gone all clammy and I was sweaing. Way to play it cool Frank. I looekd away as he ripped off the paper and I heard a gasp, the next hting I knew arms were around me. I smiled.

"Thank you so much." I'd gotten him some rare misfit converse, they had cost me a lot but it was worth it. I also made him a CD with some guitar pieces I had been working on.

"It's okay Gee." I laughed and suddenly the phone went off, it was around 3pm, yeah we got up late okay. Well we had been opening presents for about 45 minutes, plus the coffee Gee had to have.

"Hello Mikey Way here." I wondered who was on the end of the phone maybe they're parents. My parents wouldn't call me, they didn't care.
"Yeah he is here, Gee it's for you. Some girl named Beth." I gulped I had a feeling in my stomach this wouldn't be good. I sat on the couch and brought my knees up to my chest. I then rested my chin on them and closed my eyes.

"Heyy Beth, what do you want?" I was a bit annoyed she had called me on christmas day, I was hoping it would just be me, Mikey and Frankie.
"Well do you know the christmas dance, do you want to go with me?" I needed someone to go with and it's not like I was breaking anyones heart if I went with her.
"Sure Beth, when is it?"
"The first week back on the Friday, see you then love you bye." with that she hug up and I put the phone back.

I didn't like Beth at all and Frankie was sitting on the couch at the moment it looked like he was praying or something.
"Well Gee what did she want?" I had to thell the truth I couldn't not to Mikey and more so Frank.
"Well lets just say I have a date for that christmas dance." I put on the best fake smile I could but Mikey looked at me dissaprovingly, maybe she could be the one to get me at least bi, and make me not feel for Frank. Who am I kidding that feeling will never go, maybe just cover it up,
"I'm going to go sit in your room Gee." I nodded and Frank walked downstairs his feet heavy on each step. Mikey looked at me and followed Frank down. I wondered what was floating his boat. I ignored it and sat heavily on the couch and turned on Kerrang! they had best rock videos on. Well maybe this could make me feel better.
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